Opposition to coordinate the preparation of the elections

The Company participated in the session Anatoly Lebedko, Statkevich, Nyaklyayeu, Vladimir Kolos and a representative of the Belarusian Christian Democracy.

According to one of the participants, the chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko, at the round table "have decided to reduce the documents to a minimum."

"It will be said that we, the representatives of such and such structures, agree to create a joint structure to coordinate preparations for the campaign and will coordinate the nomination committee, naglyadanne, organizing international and domestic pressure to change the law, the mobilization of the people on the street for the sake of protest against electoral fraud. This specific activities to which we subscribe and give a sign to everyone. This will be very an important step, and we understand who we are connected by one chain and wants to work together. You can also lay out the position on a single candidate. "

The document will be prepared for the next round table meeting to be held on August 18. Then the document will present at the signature of anyone who has presidential ambitions, as well as leaders of political structures that are going to participate in the presidential campaign.


elections, candidates

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