Orshantsy appeal to presidential candidates

Society Orshantsy collected signatures for a collective appeal to potential candidates who intend to run for the presidency. The appeal, in part:

"We, the residents of the city of Orsha, forcing you to turn to inaction and irresponsibility of the authorities, which can not ensure the preservation of the architectural monument of national importance. Summer of 2003, the urban utility from the monastery were completely removed the roof structure, after which it was transferred to the diocese of Vitebsk Belarusian Orthodox Church . since the construction of this monument is rapidly destroyed under the influence of precipitation, and the building is under the threat of total annihilation. "

The letter also mentioned that members of the public have already been treated in Vitebsk diocese, and to the executive committee, but it has not brought results. Only after an appeal to the prosecutor Orsha city executive committee demanded that the diocese until the end this year resumed on the roof of the building. But now the middle of August, and work on the conservation of the building has not begun.

In the executive committee also did not find the funds to restore this part of the historical heritage: in 2008 Orsha prepared for the celebration Dazhynak and restored many of the objects, the dilapidated building of the monastery temporarily covered with a camouflage net on top. After Dazhynak network removed. A crumbling monument almost in the center of the city of Orsha not add tourist and investment attractiveness. Thus, "This situation is another example of the irresponsible attitude of the current government to the architectural heritage of the city, "the statement says that Orsha activists suggest to convey to potential candidates during election meetings. One of them held in Orsha tomorrow. waiting for her on the Gregory Kastusiou and Yaroslav Romanchuk.

Ruins of the Basilian monastery in Orsha.


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