Otaru fleeing wolves sheep and goats removed from the rocks in the Altai Mountains

Rescuers in the Altai Republic, risking their lives, they took off from the steep cliffs towering flock of goats and sheep, which drove back the wolves, according to the site office.

In the Christmas holidays Altai rescuers search and rescue team were informed that two kilometers from the village of Little Yaloman wolves driven to rock the flock of goats and sheep, with a sheep they ate. Animals were on a high rocky slope at an altitude of 400 meters and could not get down.

"Before this place all day it was snowing, it was very slippery, sheep and goats were trapped in themselves they could not go down. Rescue team of five people went to the scene …. Overcoming Katun river crossing, they came to the aid of animals. Early in the morning … the guys up on the rock, the stations of climbing equipment, pulled trolley crossing. slope was very steep, besides because the assailant snow there was very slippery, it was necessary to take all precautions to avoid having to save each other. Then two guys came down the hill, the group distributed over the entire height Skalnik, "- said in a statement.

Animal Rescue Specialists recorded a loop of rope and carabiners with a troll carefully sent down. The operation took four hours.

"All animals were delivered intact to the ground. Boss was very happy sweet salvation of his flock, and sincerely thanked rescuers for their good work," — says the press office.

Earlier, the President of the Regional Committee for the protection of wildlife Rodion Bukachakov agency reported that one of the major issues for the Altai today is to regulate the number of wolves that literally threatens the remote areas of the country. Wolf numbers declining too slowly, in spite of the fact that it is a constant shooting. For each killed wolf hunters receive cash in the region planned to create special hunting teams to fight the wolves.

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