Our army. Spot check watch online

Our army.  Spot check watch online
The new film by Alexander Sladkova knows about some of the fascinating details Combat Training The armed forces of our country as an example of large-scale military activities conducted in Russia this year. Creator finds the answer to the question: how to make a man for the role in the war? And not just for the role, but to instill in him the spirit of a favorite? There are very many methods, techniques battle training. And its highest stage are teaching. This is the peak of all: loads, constraints jobs held liable for the acts. But still above teachings are declared at one point. The sudden inspection capabilities, Prof. properties and stage of readiness for war as individual fighters and all the armed forces in tselom.V picture applied previously classified footage from the elements Combat Training Union of Russian Airborne Troops, personnel from the personal archives of the creator.

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