Over the weekend, again the heat

According to the forecasts of the National hydrometeorological, the day on August 14 is expected to air temperature of 33 degrees north-west, and 39 — on the south-east of the country. Mainly dry.

In Minsk on Saturday voblachnasts variable, no rain. Temperatures of 20-22 degrees at night, about thirty-fifth

In the following two days, August 15 and 16, in Belarus, the heat will continue. August 15 forecast a slight voblachnasts. In some areas of intermittent rain, thunderstorms. Wind east, southeast 4-9 m / s, with thunderstorms gusts up to 14 m / s. Temperatures of 18-25 degrees at night, 33-37, 38-39 on the east. August 16 is expected to partly voblachnasts. Partly intermittent rain, thunderstorms. Wind south-east, south 3-8 m / s, with gusts of thunderstorms up to 14 m / s. Temperatures of 19-25 degrees at night, from plus 30 to 39 on the west by the east of the country.

In Minsk, August 15 voblachnasts variable, without significant rainfall. Wind east, southeast 4-9 m / s. Temperatures of 20-22, about 35 degrees during the day.

Forecasters warned of "extreme fire danger" in the eastern districts of the Gomel and Mogilev regions on 14-16 August.

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