Paganism …

Paganism — Please accept this word is not in terms of religious dogma, but as a set of philosophical ideas of ancient ancestors, who did not know the word, but meant by it something more sacred, magical than we now impose, distorting the true meaning of Russian …

I write this article prompted the ignorance of our people, who does not know and does not want to know the history of his family (and the one who is not interested in the history of our species, and who consider themselves above it, plays community of peoples, acquiring in return name — freak). From this, the Company began to spread spiritual YAZA. And without understanding causes of the spread of the language, many have become easier to go to church and pay some money to the clergy, to ask for help to God, depicted on the icon in the temple, not to God residing in his soul, to join in harmony with his CONSCIENCE. Concept — GOD (Power) was transformed, from a feeling that same force in itself, has become a kind of otherworldly Force, and do not always identify with that with which it is necessary …

I do not mean to disrespect to the church and religion, and not trying to denigrate the modern dogma of add (which I hasten to blame many, read only the first line and the title of the article). Simply, I am YAZVEN to the heart, seeing as the people themselves, abandoning his own will, not wanting to set our sinful thoughts inward, wanting just to pay off their conscience …

To the reader a clear idea of the author, and he was with him in the same information field, then immediately bring decoding words highlighted in the form in which they are understood by our ancestors:
Forums — the ability to produce according to the deeds freely make a choice, as opposed to a different opinion, based on personal beliefs (in the spiritual sense is the choice of shares). The second meaning Forums — vacant or not treated land. From this root are words — parish, liberty and authority. The word of townships meant a large area directly under the Prince or his protege (and later, just as an administrative unit). In this case, the unlimited scope of some will (and, in her face and the power, because the two words are inextricably linked), most often seen in the people negatively: "Own Will — terrible Bondage," "Will ruin, plagues Bondage , "" Will Bol — the worst share "," our share — God's Will "," Free my little will — my Dolyushka bitter. "
ROD — the creator of the universe, the parent of all. Divided the world of life (Reveal) from the world of death (Navi). Truth from falsehood. Produced great ocean, from which emerged the World Duck, mother Chernobog. His breath spawned Svarog. Just the Slavs called — great grandfather, the Prado. In the name of Rhoda, in ancient Russia sacrifices cereals, bread, honey and cheese. "Rod sitting upon vzduse, hurling to the Earth and in the piles of children are born, and again the angels vdymayut Soul, or packs that meter from the person or from the judgment of God betrays Angel …". Hence — Birth, Childbirth (incarnation of something new from the depths of the universe). And those who are conceived by the birth family, called — The parents (seniors). With the family and parents connected and meaning — the motherland and the people of tribal communities revered Rodin, called — the people.
The people — the population of tribal communities. Rod has a root, since the nature and happening. From the same root is another word — freak (Originally set themselves above or one of the people who are turned away.) Such people are generally shunned by their communities and they became Rod — outcasts, they were given a warning to Narok (The order) that this path (Rock), they have chosen for themselves, based on their actions, and received his due punishment.
Narok — covenant mandate. From this word are the words: Russian — Rock, and an Arab — the Koran.
CONSCIENCE — light is tidings. Solar news Inner Spirit of Man (Chelo Age — Great brow). Conscience is his guide in the world Reveal, flashing his light Righteous (Rule Veda) of life. The man lost his conscience loses a ray of light — Dar, allowing him, without prejudice to the Spirit, to find the right (Rule) path in the World of Darkness, and thus, it becomes unconscionable (Bes Conscience stolen), that is, become demon possessed — a man lost Conscience (World news). Conscience — man's awareness of the concept of moral responsibility for their actions, in accordance with the phenomenon of internal understanding of good and evil (light and darkness).
TEMPLE (drevnerussk.) — home of the sun or the sun-filled house. Simply put, the original — it is flat circular area on the hill, imitating the sun's disk. Temple — a place of worship, where they prayed and sacrificed chorus, then a circle, symbolizing the circle of reincarnation most vital human soul.
Temple of (drevnerussk.) — very bright cottage.
YAZA — a disease, or ulcers.
IKE — wound.
YAZVEN — injured or to put it another way — hurt.
LANGUAGE — people, land, space odnoplemennym population speaking the same language praRoda.

Now let's talk about the concept of paganism (or rather tongues), but once again I want to clarify — that in ancient times (before Christ), the word is not mentioned in respect of any ritual or ritual acts, and already appeared in this era:
Tongues — the Gentiles, the people, to practice non-Christian faith. Hence the word Paganism — FOREIGN faith. This term is used only in Christian literature, and applies to all religions, except Judaism and sects: Christianity and Islam. Although the literal translation, the Russian word pagan means — speaking a different language.
We see this word from a philosophical perspective, not from a religious, as if his mind perceive our ancestors who can see God in you and be his children, and not slaves of God …

Paganism — mythological thinking person special plan, based on the deification of nature and the recognition of all living things on Earth. This is not a religion in the modern sense of the word (religion is built on the foundation of dogma), and outlook, leaves a person the freedom to choose where the choices one makes himself in the way of his life, changing its direction of motion in the case — this is the freedom of the will . YAZYCHESTO — a return to historical roots and traditional culture of the tribe (family), where at the center put respect for their ancestors, using their accumulated wisdom of past centuries (and not subservience to other people's dogma). Of old pagan cults were based on the recognition of the real force of nature, whereas the modern civilization is based on the theory that man is above nature, and stronger than her, and that he is capable to control the processes of the earth element. (Earth is not just to punish people for such errors.) In its recognition of one God, the Creator KIND, Paganism, however, is a "hierarchy of worldviews" aimed at self-improvement of the individual, where seemingly different views do not contradict each other in the same system. Such a system was pagan — Orthodoxy. It was not dead static knowledge, and worked on the development and improvement of the people, where the people were children of God-Rod, not its slaves. Thus, paganism was not only a religion, but also the magic of having a practical application to the everyday life of the people. This is not the easy way, and the path to excellence and the highest knowledge of the spirit. This is a universal way for everyone and for everyone, but not everyone would understand. And versatility is precisely in the fact that for those who are not ready for this Path, there was another religious component.

And now, as it were a dessert, let's understand the concept laid down in the word of God in the modern world, atrophied to determine the specific identity, which has lost the support of a deep sense of value (by the way, in early Christianity on this subject have been highly controversial, and even, at some time, conducted a brutal war with the icons and their fans, the so-called iconoclasm, because the worship of images, is equivalent to idolatry)
BOG — Soul Asylum or the Creator charge of Souls. Higher intelligence of the universe, has the absolute perfection. He who believes in God to man — the one who guided by God and has hope for refuge from adversity. Hence the sacred word — rich (God be kind to or living in God, more people are living in harmony with your soul.) Unfortunately, in recent years the word has lost its sacred meaning, suffering the profanity, and came to epitomize the only physical well-being, income, wealth of some creature comforts. Although in reality — "The rich are not the one who have, and those who believe." And the formula of life has not lost its true meaning, regardless of renaming the. This implies a different word with the same root — a miserable (Living without God or the one who turned away from God. Simply put — Soulless). Again, over time distorted semantic concept of the word. If in the original meaning of the word denotes a person leading a squalid unworthy life, not having children and a family, and living without a soul, then in Christian times, the word has lost its sacred Orthodox-washed. Wretched became known patients, freaks, people with disabilities and people are unable to feed themselves. Distort the meaning of the sacred and the phrase "God save you," turned into a banal "thank you" (although that word inherent desire of God's power, like, "Yeah Force be with you"), but with a modern twist, indicating clearly that — not the good wishes, not imaginary courtesy. And lately, the youth began to refuse, and from this wish, in response to "thank you", the wretched phrase — "Not at all." As if people do not want to advance to their souls have found their refuge in God or have his power. Though, and we need to decide in the very meaning of the word "GOD" in relation to his understanding of our ancient ancestors. The word "God", they meant not only store the Spirit (Soul), but also as a force at all (this is a force of nature, and the power of the spirit, and the force of power, and the power of will … but … the importance of diversity in one of the power). Hence Paganism and polytheism, where many deities were a diverse knowledge of the many forces. This was the achievement of the philosophical thoughts of our ancient ancestors.

ANCESTORS — dead ancestors. The cult of ancestors from time immemorial has been circulated among the Slavs and Rusov. Adoration of the founders Rod expressed in granting them the same things that were alive and their relatives. Ancestors sacrificed food, clothing, weapons, household items. With the Spirit of the Ancestors consulted priests and Vohvy when making critical decisions. Even Brownie was considered the embodiment of the Spirit of the Ancestors in the form of a certain entity lived in the house. The cult of ancestors of the beliefs were related to the degeneration of the soul after death, with subsequent return to life in the formation of one kind. And this relationship of kindred spirits in the chain of rebirth, is the spirit of the whole race, reinforced by faith in God, and reinforced the power of the genus its vitality. "I am dying, but this rye" — says the old Russian proverb, which determines the subsequent chain of spiritual connection dying, with their descendants.

Month in the sky dull mreet …

Month in the sky dull mreet.
RSA outskirts runs.
Sleeps buyava vargan
Navy is in the silence of the world …

Zhelya in Letnik becoming,
Dividing good and evil,
Tight zhalnik sprinkled
Where bylem all overgrown …

Kouri chirrs steppe horse.
Talan again left Ros.
Month in the sky dull mreet.
Perhaps all hope …

The value of some forgotten words:
Mreet — flashing.
RSA — winding path in the darkness.
Buyava — Cemetery.
Harp — flat area on the hill.
Navy World — the world of the dead, or the spirit world.
Zhelya — the goddess of sorrow and pity.
Letnik — south wind.
Tuga — sorrow.
Zhalnik — the grave of their ancestors.
Byle — weeds.
Kouri — wild.
Talan — fate, luck.
Maybe — a higher power or God's grace.

Yuri Ulyanov.

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