PARIS AIR SHOW 2013. Sergei Bogdan explain the benefits of super-maneuverable — AVIATION WEEK

PARIS AIR SHOW 2013. Sergei Bogdan explain the benefits of super-maneuverable - AVIATION WEEK
Highest maneuverability demonstrated fighter Su-35S at the International Aerospace Exhibition in Paris, is rooted in the Russian concept, in which the melee and maneuverability at low speeds are necessary factors, said chief test pilot OKB. Dry Sergei Bogdan, now reports Aviation Week.
Plane, filled triaxial thrust vectoring and absolutely integrated flight control and power plant can do maneuvers, which is unmatched by any one fighter in the arsenal, including such as «bell», «Cobra» and, of course, a 360 hail actually in place, also flying at very low speeds for angle of attack is almost 90 degrees.
«Most of the fighters that are equipped with thrust vector control, such as Su-30MKI and MKM are able to do these exercises, but the Su-35S is different in that it has greater thrust engines when doing a maneuver» bell «, and therefore can be quiet a little longer» stand «upright, and may make sustained flight with a speed of only 120-140 km / h,» says Bogdan.
Emphasis on «maneuverability» contrary to many Western strategies of air combat, in which the focus is on maintaining the highest speed in order to avoid energy loss of the aircraft. Bogdan, but states that superagility factor in air combat can be significant.
«Classic dogfight begins at the highest speed, but if you missed the moment when the first could let the rocket crosses the fight at close range, and the highest maneuverability needed to avoid the danger of enemy fighters, and this phase of the battle may be over long. Performing the maneuver, the aircraft will fly at the lowest speed, but both of the opposing fighter must take as much as possible faster firing position. Maneuverability allows it for 3 seconds, and then hit the enemy, «says the chief pilot.
Yet, Bogdan stressed that «you must be careful when using this strategy. This is akin to that of a sniper can not shoot many times with the same site, which is not to reveal his position. «
As for the doctrine of an emphasis on preserving the highest speed, Bogdan said: «The theory of air combat is in continuous development. In the 1940-1950-ies values ​​were initially altitude, speed later, more maneuverability and firepower. Beginning with the third fighter and fourth generation values ​​speed steel, later height, then maneuverability. Maneuverability has become a new factor. This is a knife in the pocket of a soldier. «
Bogdan recalled the maneuver «Cobra» on the Su-27: frisky reset rate, which can disrupt the acquisition and tracking of aircraft Doppler radar opponent. This maneuver is further developed the Su-35s, when, after his execution fighter can fly in any direction (as we know, the engines of the Su-27 does not have deflected nozzle for thrust vector control — approx. «VP»).

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