Pashkevich on Youth Day — 40 basic units

Moscow court of Minsk fined an activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" by Mikhail Pashkevich to 1,400,000 rubles. Pashkevych convicted of organizing an unsanctioned rally in the International Youth Day, which is celebrated on August 12.

The group of democratic activists tried to convey to the Ministry of Education petition against the bureaucracy of the work with young people. The document is accepted, but the police arrested one of the participants — Mikhail Pashkevich. Despite pazapratsovny time today judges worked almost 21 hours, and to punish the "organizer". Here are the first impressions Mikhail Pashkevich on leaving the courtroom:

"My surgery, I wanted to do, in order to minimize possible losses, ended differently than intended. That is, I had to plead guilty and receive a minimum fine. But while the case was tried, the judge concluded, in fact, not a damn thing Pashkevych not repent, do not plead guilty. And if such a case, there is no minimum sentence. As a result — 40 basic units. Obviously, the judge considered that I was a little dissemble and, accordingly, it is necessary to punish me stronger.

The result — 400 1000000 thousand. The main point was that they were originally charged with the second paragraph of Article I of the Administrative Code 23.34, exactly what I was the organizer. Hence, such a result.

Sure, fine — it's a lot of money, but primarily campaign, I think, well, that took place. And well, that only took me rather than the other participants. I believe that this is not a bad thing. It would be worse if I did not give, and to hold our other volunteers. It would have been much worse. "


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