Peaceful Misha Saakashvili is either in peace …

Peaceful Misha Saakashvili or is "the world" ...

Due to celebrate the third anniversary of the August 26 Russian recognition of independence of the Republic of South Ossetia, calling under the banners of up to 3 thousand people, the President of Georgia plans to hold a so-called "march Peace " which will be held from the Georgian village Odzisi to the South Ossetian city Leningori. With all of this in the upcoming march is not going to participate politicians and high ranking military officials, who issued orders to kill civilians and Russian peacekeepers. And for what? These people, according to the latest Georgian habit, planning to drive away on a "peace march" of refugees from South Ossetia, who came from Chechnya and other "interested" parties. Of course not come without a call for participants of the march by the management to ensure that they acted under the slogan "Bring back our homes" and "Georgia — united!" Adekvatnomyslyaschego In the eyes of the person to whom the emperor Saakashvili and his puppet masters, unfortunately, does not include, it all looks like a real cynicism. People who are themselves first 90 Ossetian villages plundered and the town, killing kids and ladies, grab them home now wish, that they returned them as loot. This is similar to how a thief, which taken out of the apartment all the values and was arrested by police after his release from prison comes to the owner of the apartment and asked to return the things that he used to have to steal. The situation is similar to the real absurdity.

Discussions about the unity of Georgia is also more like idiocy, as people with placards themselves once the unity destroyed and trampled boots. Whence came this "love of the world," the president of Georgia? The more it eats?

After a disastrous campaign of 2008, Saakashvili and his associates wanted to put himself and his country as victims of their own barbaric aggression neighbor. By the way, Georgian Favourite often applies specifically to such an epithet of. So here, "the bearded barbarians and vandals" attacked his tiny republic for peaceful erase from the face of the earth and all Georgians to land in Tbilisi own man. Allegedly, the only global society and valor of Georgian troops did not allow Russian fanatics come to the capital of Georgia. All of this initially caused an uproar in the middle of ordinary people, but now such a statement or simply left unattended, or cause an ironic smirk. Sam Michael, who has time to be trying to bring the West to the dilemma of "unity" Georgia, but the West after Misha was ruthlessly okolpachat in 2008, now looks at his words as a psychiatrist on all the tricks of their own patients. Only the United States, which produced the show under the title "restore constitutional order in the country of South Ossetia" have decided to support the little brother Misha's own smallest and endowed two republics (Abkhazia and South Ossetia) as captured by the Georgian region of the country. Well, you need to somehow keep the brand … It is seen that the Georgian authorities are generally excluded from their own lexicon such as the phrase "South Ossetia". They say, no it is not Ossetia, as part of Georgia under the title Samachablo. But the matter of lexical speeds — this thing last. Whatever you call Republic, though Saakashviliya or Mishlyandiya, it is from this back under the warm wing of Tbilisi, is unlikely to want to.

So how to come back after all that this suffering people came out for the last 20 years. But it turned out, indeed, almost everything.

At the end of the 80th Georgia has decided to recognize the seventy-year brotherly coexistence with other Russian occupation of the Russian Republics of Russia. By the way, it is curious how are the Georgians themselves to the fact that 30 years of Georgia "occupied" their own countryman, Comrade Stalin.

After coming to power in Georgia, Zviad Gamsakhurdia began an active campaign to oust Ossetians from areas of South Ossetia. In November 1989, the Emperor Gamsakhurdia decided to organize a "peace march" on Tskhinvali. The unusual thing is how history repeats itself, Gamsakhurdia "peacefully walked" in Ossetia, and now here Saakashvili wants to do the same. The only difference is that Gamsakhurdia was walking alone, and Misha sends to the border proplachennyh people dressed in civilian. Just after the hike itself Gamsakhurdia and began months of bloody war on the ground in South Ossetia. Only Russian peacekeepers failed to stop the conflict. The President Gamsakhurdia brought Georgia to the internal strife and war, civilian and committed suicide. We will not carry out any parallels with Misha Saakashvili, but the scenes between which more than 20 years of history, yet somehow very much like each other.

We must not forget that the provocations from the Georgian authorities and taken the time Eduard Shevardnadze. In general, the meaning is: at least some "independent" Georgian favorite napping and sees exactly how this Samachablo or in ruins, or over the developing Georgian flags. And every time specifically on one of these results focused all organized by the "peace march" in the direction of the Georgian-Ossetian border.

Saakashvili decided to organize some reason only one "peace march". After all, you can fully gain another group of "supporters of Georgian unity" and go marching on Abkhazia. Abkhazians are not less than the Ossetians were delighted "peace" initiative …

Many analysts are trying to understand why the "peace march" Saakashvili plans to specifically to Leningori. Most experts tend to believe that between Leningori and Tskhinvali area is very difficult, because the main Ossetian and Russian forces in the event of a "peaceful" events do not come right away. But the news of the impending event has already trickled down to the control of South Ossetia and to the Russian military units stationed in the country. Because on Friday the world society can not wait for brand new series from writers Saakashvili, Obama and other world leaders of political cinema. The main thing that in this time the situation has not reached the point, that Russian troops had the brakes on the outskirts of Tbilisi. If "peace marches", so to train both ways, does not it.

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