People are afraid of change: if only it was not worse

Many listeners Society Freedom pessimistic about the possibility of an honest vote count in today's political environment. Here's one view:

"On Lukashenko said on television, on the radio, people know about it. I propose to raise the question: who you are, Lukashenko? Offender or who? For what it's all doing? For his benefit or for the people? And people will respond. And all the Bug clear. So I know about him, he said, saying that the EU is not happy that so many voted for me, and I gave the command to the chairman of the Central Election Commission has lowered interest rates.

Another listener the same view:

"Whatever you do, get a 70% share of Lukashenko.

The leader of the "European Coalition" Statkevich agrees that fair elections in the current political system in Belarus can not take place:


"The biggest mystery in Belarus — is the real results of the election. Apparently they did not know anybody, because the election commission from the bottom serves up those percentages, they are ordered to file. Election turned into a ritual. Possible to speak and 70% and 90%.

I think that it was true, as Mr. Lukashenko. Officials tasked by one percent, and each of them thought, "What if the neighboring region will give more, and I would be the most disloyal?." And so it began a rivalry between the city, district and regional "vertical", who will give a greater percentage of the Head of State .

So it happened that caught up to 93%, which is quite an incredible figure. Mr. Lukashenko had to lose 10%. And how he got in fact, God knows. It seems to me that less than half. And in this election will get one-third of votes — the question. Yarmoshina draw a number, and it all goes well, if the Belarusian society will be silent and obedient to watch it. "

How should I act the opposition ahead of the presidential election campaign that the country held real elections and the democratic changes? The listener the freedom to express their thoughts:

"The authorities have not given permission to hold a rally on August 16. Chain of people were a few. Over the years, people have become accustomed to the conditions, people sympathize with the families and friends of friends, and see that nothing has changed. No one knows and does not know to be in the near future. Therefore, the square during the elections coming, too few people, because for these years people are used to the conditions of their existence, have found some niche and are afraid of change, that was not the worst. If there was a debate on television or radio between the incumbent president and those who want to run for the post, people might compare. And do not know who suggested that to improve the situation in the country. That's the question: making opposition during the harvest … And there are a lot of questions. "

But a more radical view of our listeners who remembered the last presidential campaign.

"I have my own opinion about the opposition. Here and in the calls for freedom often hear here is the opposition does not. Dear listeners, the opposition today — that's us, it's all of us who get 400-500 thousand "Lucas," all who are working and retired, are all those who are malnourished, nedaapranaetstsa, it is all the opposition — it is the majority. So it seems to me that today, Lukashenko has opposition, but not a leader, and today can only win the one who will fight for adsovvanne Lukashenko to participate in the elections. This will be true, because after 16 years of injustice he has no more right to govern the state and the people. 16 years, led, of which 10 years is illegal, is not recognized, it has not been recognized by the world. He ruined family Kazulins such respectable people. "

The leader of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Zenon Pozniak believes that the most correct tactics of the opposition in the course of this election should be ignored:

Zenon Pozniak

"The boycott is justified by several theses. First, is that Lukashenko does not have the right to participate in these elections. His candidacy would be criminals, but from the people will look like a recognition of this crime. Lukashenko does not have the right to participate in elections — is a mockery nation.

If such a situation occurred in Poland, none Pole would not go to the polls. But there's another level of national consciousness and political experience.

The second point of boycott — elections do not depend on the people who will vote. Created falsyfikatsyynaya machine, and no matter how people vote. They need to just come to the polls. After all, when one is not, then what kind of fraud? Then you will not say that the people supported me and I won elegantly. The lie is obvious. So, if this lie is clear to everybody, it consolidates the people as a protest against the deception, as a protest against the government. This is the first step towards the consolidation of the society. "

Abnormal weather conditions — a topic calls for freedom. Here is one of them.

"Surviving the now almost apocalypse (barbaric heat that enveloped us) you automatically start to respect our ancestors who worshiped nature. They paganism is something cosmic. And we have reached the point that they became kings of nature. Mankind pulls out of the ground all done a million tons of weapons and sits on it. come up with different ideologies, they can blow up everything. And now one of the country flooded with water, in others — a terrible dryness. Not so long ago on Russian television showed a new military aircraft, boasted that no counterparts elsewhere in the world. A occurred in the vast Russian powerful fire — 12 countries helped put it. And they do not have such a military "super", but there is help. With nature's probably how it should be: the love for love. And even garbage thrown to the banks lake — is our attitude to nature. So let's be a little heathen, then the cosmic mind of us would not give up. Thanks sanitary and fire services in Belarus! And we have to be disciplined and keep away from fire every tree, every bird's nests, each animal.

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