Phantom of the suicide emerged on family photo

December 21, 2012 23:36

Syuel couple did not expect to see the pictures from the christening daughter phantom deceased father.

PHOTO: Facebook

Syuel Jamie and his wife living in south-east England, were shocked daughter's christening photos with Mia Bella Kennett. In family photos taken during the ceremony, they saw the image of the deceased's father 17 years ago.

In the photo between Jamie Syuel, father girl, and his wife, there is one more figure. First it said Jamie's mother Susan after pictures from the ceremony posted on the Web. According to her, shown in the photo as two peas similar to her late husband Terry Syuela, who committed suicide 17 years ago.

"I tried to convince myself that this is not Terry, but the evidence is too compelling: a ghost of the same oval face, hairstyle. They are also about the same height — about 172 sintimetrov "- Daily Mail quoted the widow. According to her, it can not be a photomontage, as her son admitted that he did not handle images before upload them to social networks.

"I'm sure that Terry was present at the christening, it is just like him. In a world of too many things that we can not explain, "- said Susan. She added that her late husband is also in the pictures found many friends of their family.

Church of St. Martin in the outskirts of the city — the oldest continuously operating parish church in the UK. Since 1668, when the church began to hold services here have not seen any ghosts.

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