Physicians: to live is harmful in any weather


During this period the abnormal physicians still recommend:

1) Drink plenty of water — this not only prevents dehydration, but also reduces the blood levels of platelets, which normally increases during the heat.

2) to abstain from alcohol, as in the heat is one of the main causes of injury in including and ponds. Alcohol also contributes to a hypertensive crisis, heart attacks and strokes.

3) Be careful with the foods that are perishable and difficult to digest, as they threaten to various problems with the gastrointestinal tract, up to severe poisoning.

4) is not carried away by drugs that lower blood pressure, to monitor the heart rhythm.

Belarusian specialists in the field of forensic expertise and labor, however, believe people, tend to ignore such advice. In practice, the third of the population does not adequately behave during extreme heat. Many physicians believe warnings prejudice and believe that nothing will happen, but, as usual, will carry.

The main enemy of your health — the man himself.

This also includes the heads of firms, in areas where the temperature exceeds performance standards. Instead of reducing the working day of their subordinates for 1-2 hours, they require the same labor indicators as in normal weather.

But most of the main enemy of your health — the man himself. It is no coincidence many calls to the ambulance service, according to Belarusian physicians associated with the effects of alcohol overdose. Over one-third increase in the number of appeals in connection with an intestinal infection. Number of applications to cardiovascular disease increased by 12%, and coronary heart disease — by 17.3%, according to ambulance staff in the Belarusian capital.

But the staff of the British Institute of Psychiatry have reason to believe that a heat wave affects not only the body but also the mind. According to statistics, in the hot days of a growing number of depression and even suicide. Thus, when the average daily temperature is above 18, the number of suicides increased by 20%.

Of course, the health problems are associated not only with the heat. Not less than the role played by various other weather anomalies, which annually in Belarus on hydrometeorological, recorded from 9 to 30. Among the anomalies, the most dangerous in terms of health — the following:

Excess moisture

This phenomenon is very common for Belarus. It is believed that the inhabitants of humid regions are twice as likely than the average in the world suffering from ear infections. In addition, moist environment promotes chastseyshym and more intense attack of gout, various diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Frequent thunderstorms

Sudden changes in atmospheric pressure before a storm often cause headaches and mlosts. And it is felt by not only meteazalezhnyya people. As evidenced by researchers at King's College London (UK), a decrease of ambient atmospheric pressure causes the cells of the brain dramatically readjust to a different mode of interaction, and this, in turn, provokes pain. Seizures may involve a breach of attention, reduced concentration, motor coordination impairment, etc.

Also hard to tolerate the period before the storm allergies and asthma. The Wind in the this time spread of allergenic pollen that enters the nasal passages and lungs.

Torrential rains

According to American scientists from the University of New Mexico, in countries with a rainy climate and survives the infection spreads rapidly, and this applies to various "exotic" diseases such as plague, which has recently been found even in the United States. The point is not only the features of plague sticks, but its main vectors — fleas. In rainy weather, they actively proliferate and flourish, and thus spread the infection.

Among the fans of moisture — and E. coli, which can be picked up by bathing in polluted or dirty pond fountain. Even caught in the rain in this sense is not necessarily harmless: the water from the sky, too, can be a different infection.

Strong wind

In the current heat many dream of a cool breeze.

Harmful to the health not only heat, but also other anamali weather.

However, the human body perceives it as a signal of danger. Chastsee heart rate, shallow comes to tone muscles, a person can even feel the excitement — because the body is preparing for a possible attack. As the British fizielyagi, windy weather, in addition, can cause narrowing or swelling of the blood vessels of the brain, which threatens severe bouts of headache. In turn, Canadian experts have concluded that the strong winds are twice as likely exacerbated migraine.

Extreme cold

If you nostalgically miss frosty winter, think that for many it is over … infarct. Despite the fact that the surge of cardiovascular problems doctors predict a torrid time on, it was cold most often lead to such tragic consequences.

Contribute to this by several factors. First, many are accustomed to warm up "folk remedies" — alcoholic beverages. At the same cold inevitably narrowed blood vessels, which increases the blood flow increases stress on the heart and leads to an increase in blood pressure. A disappointing result — heart attacks, arrhythmias and other serious heart problems.

Even without enthusiasm alcoholic cold — not a good thing for the faint of heart. To maintain body temperature at the proper level, the heart must work in emergency mode, but it can also cause a heart attack. Besides blood from cold necessarily thickened, which increases the risk of other diseases, including stroke.


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