Plant power presses increased output by 2 times in 2 years

In two years, the volume of production in the Altai plant — Plant power presses — has doubled. Mechanical presses are used in the company's machine tool industry worldwide.

So, in all Russian sockets for incandescent "bend" of the press is made of Altai, and in Korea they are engaged in the production of blanks parts for cars, "Kia", besides press Altai production minted coins in the mints GOZNAK Moscow and St. Petersburg. And this is only a small part of those industries that employ the Altai press.
"In 2012, the company allocated 43.5 million rubles for the investment project" Production of parts for the needs of Russian Railways. Phase I ", which will start production of new products for car building companies in Russia. Additionally this year, the factory will receive an additional 10 million. State support of machine-building enterprises in the province is on a competitive basis, and those who want to develop, invest in the development of production, that is, virtually any engineering enterprise "- says management consultant Altai Territory for Industry and Energy, Konstantin Sergeyev.
Note that the modernization of plant mechanical presses began in 2003. In 2009, the company has set its own autonomous gas boiler German production ("Wissmann") at a cost of about U.S. $ 1 million. Two boilers installed here, is fully heated, all industrial and office premises of the plant. Note that these boilers in Russia only three, but its acquisition of more than justified — to save on heating costs in the autumn and spring was 40%.
With this in 2011, "Plant power presses" produced products to 600,400,000 rubles (180.9% compared to 2010). Investments in fixed assets amounted to 20.3 million rubles. It is predicted that in 2012 the output will reach 700 million rubles (116.6% by 2011). In January-October, production totaled 532 million rubles (108.4% in 2011). Investments in fixed assets in 2012 are projected at 58 million rubles. The plant employs more than 570 people. The average salary — 14 481 thousand rubles.
"With the support of the regional administration, we have acquired a unique equipment: five manufacturing centers of the Japanese firm" Mazak ". They replaced us a machine shop. We were two of them. We have dismantled more than 50 old machines and in their place created a new production — for the needs of Russian Railways . to fully reach the level of modern manufacturing require about 10 years. We need to convert all production to fully compete with Germany, Japan and the United States — the world's producers of mechanical presses. Next year we expect to increment and the volume of production and the level of wages " — the director of "Plant power presses" Sergei Ferapontov.
In Russia today are working only two plants that produce mechanical presses, as in Soviet times, there were about 30. "The president said that Russia should be created 25 million new high-tech jobs. Such machines and create such places. Besides complete retooling — this is the way to attract young people to the production, personnel issues," — said Sergey Geraldovich.
It should be noted that government support of industry of the Altai Territory is on the departmental target program "Development of industrial production in the Altai Territory" for 2010-2012. As part of this program in 2012 through the enterprise edge equipment leasing fund acquired for 165 million rubles, received 12.5 million rubles to compensate for the interest rate on the loan.

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