Potential candidates for president met in Orsha

Activists Orsha interregional UDF coalition sent out invitations to all the politicians who have declared their intentions to run. But local forum came only three potential candidates, and several representatives of the political structures that have their nominees.

58 participants of the forum of the United Democratic Forces coalition that came in from Orsha Orsha, Chashniki, Tolochinsky, Beshenkovichi and Dubrovensky areas, first shared their impressions of the last local elections. By the way, in the Vitebsk region to get the local council managed unified democratic activist — Victor Mikhaseva, which is the fourth time he became a member of the city council in the town of Orsha Baran.

Then the gathering were potential candidates for the presidency: Yaroslav Romanchuk, Statkevich andGregory Kastusyou. And also created the BCD activist Taisa Kabanchuk that introduced certain provisions of the program of the party candidate Vital Rymasheuski, and representatives of the movement "For Freedom" Alexei Kavalets andAles Lahvinets— They arrived in Orsha on behalf of Milinkevich.

Questions to potential candidates.

Guests were asked dozens of questions: about the prospects of nuclear power plant in Belarus, the likely ways to improve the demographic situation in the country, the drug trade and the ban on abortion. But the most heated debate unfolded over the possibility of consolidating all the democratic forces in order to work on a single candidate: some said that such a candidate must be isolated from all comers, others have argued that a single opponent Alexander Lukashenko will be easier to win, and therefore need several candidates. Nominees from political parties and other organizations also expressed their unanimous opinion that if they're willing to help in the election to someone else, to choose a single candidate from the opposition, along with his entire team.

Still on the forum decided on the need to consolidate all the democratic forces on the eve of the presidential election.

"We support the idea of nominating a single candidate for presidency in Belarus, as only you can change the united will of the dictatorial regime in our country," — said in a resolution adopted at the inter-regional forum Orsha UDF coalition.


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