Power Machines continues reconstruction of Cheboksary HPP

In accordance with the agreement between the subsidiary of JSC "RusHydro" — JSC "Turboremont-WCC" and OJSC "Power Machines" number 16 Cheboksary hydroelectric power plant launched for the reconstruction of the mechanism of rotation of the blades of the impeller turbine.

"The goal of the reconstruction of the impeller — translation work of hydraulic propeller forced to Kaplan mode. This will greatly improve its technical and economic performance and increase the efficiency of hydroelectric power as a whole ", — said the director of the regional branch of" Turboremont-WCC "in Novocheboksarsk Sergey Zhuravlev.

Output in the reconstruction of hydroelectric number 16 carried out in stages. The case of the impeller turbine has already been delivered to the Leningrad Metal Plant (JSC "Power Machines"). For transportation of multi-ton design featured a unique special vehicle. Four blades of the impeller of the same unit, attached to the two railway platforms in accordance with the specifications of transportation of oversized cargo, delivered to the factory. The rest of the equipment will arrive at the Leningrad Metal Plant in the near future road and rail.

In 2008 and 2009 have been reconstructed turbines impellers number 7 and number 14. In June 2010, launched for the reconstruction of the hydraulic unit number 16, in September 2010 — hydraulic unit number 8.

According to the Head of Production and Technical Services Branch of JSC "RusHydro" — "Cheboksary HPP" Anton Dorofeeva, start two more hydroelectric reconstruction will be a successful continuation of the intensive care unit of water turbines. Reconstructed impellers with existing hydro-power modes will increase the available capacity of hydraulic units by an average of 7% and an increase in the range of regulatory power turbines will halve the vibration of the supporting structures of hydraulic units with frequent starts and stops, and, as a consequence, increase the service life of equipment units in the aggregate whole. In addition, the partially removed restrictions on the use of the automatic group control of active and reactive power, respectively Cheboksary HPP participation in the secondary frequency control becomes optimal.

Limitations of the repair site, on the one hand, and the tight schedule of the manufacturer of hydraulic turbines of OJSC "Power Machines", on the other hand, imposes additional responsibility on the staff of several organizations, the concerted action of which depends on the successful outcome of the reconstruction.

Before sending back to Cheboksary HPP reconstructed components and parts will be functional testing in the factory.

Cheboksary HPP hydro units are environmentally friendly design that avoids the leakage of engine oil into the water. In the 70-80s in the Volga-Kama basin began recruiting and commissioning of one of the largest not only in the USSR but also in the world of units swivel-blade type for the Cheboksary and Nizhnekamsk HPP. Feature of the turbines were not only their unique size, but also the principle of the crank mechanism to turn the blades, oil-free medium that was used in the design of rotor wheel for the first time in the world. Thus, to solve important environmental issue in the use of water resources such vital arteries of the country, such as the Volga and Kama.

Today 15 turbines cleaner performance Cheboksary HPP are in propeller mode with a fixed angle of the blades of the impeller. Prolonged operation of propeller turbines in the forced mode revealed a significant reduction in the efficiency of hydraulic units and reaffirmed the need for reconstruction.

Reconstruction of impellers Cheboksary HPP is part of a large-scale program of modernization and reconstruction of equipment (upgrade) of JSC "RusHydro" and aims not only to increase hydroelectric power, but also to improve the reliability and safe operation of the entire plant.

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