Prevention of dental caries in children

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Today, the most common dental caries is a disease of man. Caring parents should help their child to keep teeth healthy and save him from a toothache. For this it is necessary to pay much attention to the prevention of dental caries.

Let's try to adopt the results of the latest research in this area to at least reach the European index — an average of less than two seals to12-year-old age.

1. Start taking care of the prevention of dental caries in children can have during the mother's pregnancy and breast-feeding. Taking special tablets containing only 1 mg of fluorine, can achieve a double effect: On the one hand, fetal strong teeth formed on the other — the female organism loses fluorine. And plenty of calcium to lean on, that is, milk, cottage cheese and yogurt without scaring relatives uncontrolled eating crayons school.

2. After the child is born, it is important follow the hygiene. First of all, dear parents, we should not prematurely transfer their child to bacteria (Streptococcus mutans), which according to one theory, the cause cavities. Most often, these microbes migrate from the parent of the mouth with a spoon or lick the nipple. Do not do it — fallen pacifier correct rinse or boil, but do not lick. And then the mouth longer a child will remain free from caries.

3. To prevent the emergence or development of caries, it is necessary competently organize food family. The diet of the child must be present calcium from dairy products. It is not difficult because children yogurt, milk and yogurt are becoming more tasty and varied. In order to better able to absorb calcium, you need vitamin D, which is found in fish dishes and is formed by the action of sunlight. So often take a sun bath with your baby, go for a walk, strengthening not only the teeth, but also the friendship of the family. In addition to calcium fluoride caries prevention is needed, which is enriched toothpaste and some foods.

4. To all your efforts to prevent tooth decay in children is not crumbled, try give him less sweets— They are the main destroyers of the teeth. Harmful for teeth streptococci multiply in the enamel only in the presence of sugar, which, in fact, eat. By processing the sugar, the bacteria produce an acid that destroys tooth enamel. Conversely, as often as possible breast-fresh fruits and vegetables: they contain sugar and fruit acids are safe for teeth. Or so, as in Europe, look for children only candy with a safe sweetener xylitol.

5. The most reliable measure against dental caries in children is a traditional toothbrush with good toothpaste. Brushing your teeth must begin with the appearance of milk teeth — keep them healthy, you will provide your child the proper and timely germination of permanent teeth. The child is very important to cultivate skill daily brushing to it as soon as possible to realize and accept the responsibility for the health of their teeth.

6. Twice a year, the child must osmotrivat dentist. If during a routine doctor's visit showed the child begins caries, enamel to protect against destruction can be usedfluoride varnish (Ftorlak) or the compound of silver fluoride.The procedure is completely painless and takes less than one minute, and the effectiveness of this method for the prevention of dental caries is very high.

7. When the child's permanent teeth appear, it is advisable to put a special visit to the dentist to spend one more, very useful procedure — sealing grooves (fissures) of teeth. To do this procedure it is desirable for year and a half since the eruption of the molars. As a result, after ingestion by the chewing surfaces of the teeth will not accumulate plaque bacteria, destroying the enamel. During the procedure, the doctor cleans the teeth with a brush and paste, and then causes acidic material to the area of pits and grooves on the surface of teeth. After that, apply sealant to the tooth, which flows into the micropores of the enamel and firmly solidifies there under the influence of a special lamp. Sealant is not just seals tooth, but also for a long time saturates enamel fluoride ions, magnesium and calcium.

Thus, the multi-year program to save the child's teeth from tooth decay is built. You have done all that is necessary, and can rightly be proud of.

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