Prevention of diseases of the teeth and gums

Prevention of diseases of the teeth and gums.  Photo from

There is an opinion, not necessarily that healthy teeth cleaned every day. This is not true. In fact, as early as 2 hours after a meal on the teeth begins to form soft plaque. If it is not removed within 12 hours, in situ plaque begins to form dental stone— Lime deposits. Dental stonecan lead to inflammation of the gums, increased tooth mobility, and bad breath. Moreover, it contributes to the development of caries.

The easiest way to keep your teeth and gums healthy throughout life — do not be lazy on a regular basis (2 times a day), brush your teeth, rinse your mouth with special fluids, use dental yarns (flossing). Oral hygiene is the most effective, if when selecting dental toothpaste, brushes, dental floss, rinse you talk to your dentist.

In addition to personal hygiene, you should regularly (at least twice a year) to visit the dentist for checkups and scaling. Do not put off a visit, even if you do not care. Any problems with your teeth and gums identified at an early stage of cure is much easier and cheaper.

Caries prevention should begin as early as childhood. Currently, dentists developed techniques to greatly reduce the risk of tooth decay in children. In particular, in Western Europe, this procedure is widely used as sealing grooves (fissures) teeth. Doing it is recommended for year and a half since the eruption of the permanent molars (back molars).

For the prevention and treatment of dental caries of deciduous teeth used silver teeth. This method is a more gentle effect compared to making the filling. Its drawback is that the silver-plated tooth colored in a dark color.

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