Prevention of hemorrhoids

Prevention of hemorrhoids.  Long sitting on the toilet leads to hemorrhoids.  Photo from

Note diet

Normal, balanced daily ration of the main components of a person must necessarily include a sufficient quantity of liquid (1,5 — 2 liters) and fibers of vegetable origin food (vegetables, bran, etc.). At the same time, and do not forget to watch for so that in the diet did not have the excess flour and dairy products. This is an essential prerequisite for optimal consistency of stool and normal evacuation of the bowels. As a result, significantly reduced mechanical stress on the rectum. Try not to abuse alcohol, and overly sharp and spicy dishes: regular excess of these foods in the diet is one of the factors causing development hemorrhoids.

Periodically turn in your diet foods that support gut flora, as well as its motor activity (eg bioactive dairy products). For the latter purpose is also perfectly suited rich in magnesium, sulfur and other trace elements mineral water.

Take care of hygiene defecation

Avoid any congestion during bowel movements — whether it unreasonably excessive straining or prolonged sitting on the potty chair. To resolve the first problem, it is useful notonly normalize their diet, as mentioned above, but also to accustom your body to defecate in particular, a convenient time of day — then rush to the bottom and the need for any "afterburner" this important biological process simply disappear. In order to cope with the second problem many of us sometimes just enough to give up the habit of reading in the bathroom.

Try, if possible, do not carry the "dry" and wet toilet perianal area after a bowel movement. Ideally, it might be cleaning the cool water. In cases where this is not possible, you should give preference to the toilet with wet soft cloth. Using a dry paper (especially — not intended for hygienic purposes) is permissible only in exceptional cases, with the need to respect the principle of mechanical schazheniya tissues. Avoid excessive pressure, in other words.

Normalize their locomotor activity

If your work is classified as "sedentary", will certainly take it a rule holding 5-10 minute breaks every hour spent sitting in a chair — office, car, or the director. Use these breaks for light exercise or even walk. Get into the habit of regular exercise the muscles of the abdomen and perineum. Even the very busy people may well be used for this purpose so-called isometric exercises (alternating tension and relaxation of the relevant muscles) — as for their implementation does not require any special requirements for the external environment.

However, an even better solution would be to maintain themselves in good general physical form — it is, in fact, is not useful only for the prevention of hemorrhoids.

Keep an eye on your health

In the human body, everything is interconnected, "failures" in the created system may ultimately contribute to thedevelopment hemorrhoids. Undiagnosed problems with the thyroid or pancreas, "unconscionable" a growing body weight, inadequate treatment of an intestinal disorder, which arose after eating the "street" hot dog — all these and hundreds of other causes may ultimately contribute to the development of hemorrhoids. And so to all who are seriously determined to avoid a meeting with the disease does not hurt to get a personal doctor is not readyonly treat existing disease, but also willing to give expert advice on healthy living.

Special attention should be paid to preventing hemorrhoids during pregnancy. In order to reduce venous stasis in the pelvic organs expectant mothers recommended daily gymnastics, hiking, rational diet with a lot of laxative products. It is undesirable to use too stiff supporting belts and ties. However, the recommendation about the tight belts and tires are not quite faironly against pregnant: to avoid wearing clothes that violate the blood flow in the pelvic area should warn everyone development at hemorrhoids.

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