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How effectively do away with the bulge, cellulite and other problems figure? —These and other questions are answered MD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

About problem areas they know everything — that's why they are problematic. This area on the body, are more difficult to reduce the total volume. They are called "dietrezistentnye zone" because fat does not go out even in the most harsh and strict diets. Sometimes the person is a shortage of weight, and the problem areas is still there. Grown thin face, arms, legs, and hips in the volume does not decrease.

— And men the problem areas are located in the same place for women?

— Once these areas are called "dietrezistentnymi" means only one diet can not get rid of them. And with the help of sports?

In many cases, people who are overweight sports in general are contraindicated. The large mass of the body, and so is very heavy in the spine, plus exercise … But this can lead to problems with the joints, and, worst of all, with the heart.

The most problematic areas are located where the worst blood supply: the hips, buttocks, lower abdomen. When fat is broken down, its decay products should be rapidly excreted from the body. In areas with poor blood circulation to the conditions just are not there.

— And here we come to the main question: How could still get rid of the problem areas?

Nowadays, you can improve the blood supply to these areas with a hand massage. You can break the fat deposits on the unit using LPG or ultrasonic liposuction. But it's pretty traumatic methods: the decay products of adipose tissue directly into the blood, the liver and blood vessels lies heavy load on the elimination of toxins. You can lose in this way and 10 pounds, but not every body will withstand a similar impact. Therefore, the process of getting rid of body fat is best done slowly and gently.

Special techniques allow to strengthen the impact of splitting the outer body fat without affecting the internal fat of education necessary to protect the internal organs. Therefore the technique of "Golden needle" allows you to safely and effectively reduce body weight is in problem areas. Plus we help a person reduce and balance the diet enough to own their own body fat have been actively spent.

In addition to setting the Golden Needle, our program includes sessions of acupuncture. Needles are placed in a biologically active points on the body, including the problem of space. There is a harmonization of the internal organs, loss of appetite, begins active synthesis of collagen fibers in the skin. After thin needle is removed, at the injection site of the filament formed autofibrilnye connective tissue. Formed a network of fibers, which plays the role of the frame. And that, in turn, prepyatstvuyuet sposobstvuyuet sagging skin and increase its elasticity. Especially useful for the formation of such a framework with a decrease in volumes in the lower abdomen.

Physiologically, the body is absolutely normal to lose between 4 to 10 pounds per month until the weight reaches the normal boundaries. This is a healthy, normal weight loss.

Is it safe to speed up this process by using ozone therapy — injection of reactive oxygen species in the same active points where needles are placed. Help faster goodbye to problem areas under the force of the same and vakuumnorolikovomu massage LPG, combines massage and lymphatic drainage.

So we spend all the procedures in the complex, in order to ensure their patients 100% result!

Of course, because overweight — chronic relapsing disease. It can come back at any moment.

So do not pull on time, and seek qualified assistance as soon as you feel the need.

Source: Hospital ORIGITEYA ®

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