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Troubled skin called that for a number of reasons have any defects — rashes, spots, scars, scars, vascular blemishes, acne, etc. This problem does not spare anyone. You can have perfect skin, but when it comes time to hormonal changes, or you are experiencing stress at work, or there are more some issues — and you already are not happy in the mirror.

Skin problems can be temporary or may become obsessive nightmare. It depends on how old you are, what your health, what your skin type and many other factors. Most problematic skin types — it's dry sensitive and oily.

The main feature dry sensitive skin— It does not always tolerate the active ingredients contained in the high-performance cleaning products, contracts, even at the slightest contact with poor quality water, irritated by contact with tight clothing or men's beard, the weather and the climate. This produces redness, rash, irritation.

Oily skin has a yellowish olive green, greasy luster, it is a large pore with a poor blood supply, prone to late formation of wrinkles. This skin is most common in young women and girls, especially brunettes. The most common problems associated with oily skin — oily seborrhea and acne. The appearance of lesions commonly associated with hormonal processes in the body and is most commonly seen in adolescence and young adulthood.


Previously it was thought that the rash associated with certain types of food or dirty skin. Today, the main cause is considered impaired function of the sebaceous glands and the influence of psychological factors such as stress. In general, problem skin — It is not a disease but a combination of a number of problems: overactive sebaceous glands, the alternation of dry and oily skin areas, crater-deep pores and many others. The reason is the accumulation of bacteria rash, fats, desquamated dead cells in the hair follicles and pores. The most vulnerable to this large follicles are located on the face, chest and upper back.

In the most severe cases, you can talk about the "exit" on the surface of internal medicine — from the digestive system malfunctions, failure to hormonal levels. Additionally, a predisposition to certain skin problems can be incorporated in the gene. For instance, specialists, dermatologists believe that the tendency to the appearance of age spots is inherited.

A different story — it's an aging skin. With50-year-old age due to a decrease of hormonal activity of collagen slows down the update process, and women's skin begins to fade, reduced skin tone and elasticity. In this case it is necessary to withstand a variety of factors, which cause an increase in dryness of the skin, the skin barrier damage, decreased secretion of the sebaceous glands, reducing the levels of hyaluronic acid, slow cellular metabolism, damage to the elastic fibers of the dermis, etc.

Basically the same skin issues are determined by its type, and it is very individual thing. Accordingly, thetreatment is in each particular case. So if you can not call yourself the exact cause, and despite your best efforts, you can not achieve the desired clean and smooth skin — contactspecialist, beautician.

Treatments for problem skin

Beautician will help you navigate the variety of existing therapies and select the optimal procedure.

  • A variety of methods of rejuvenation to slow down the action of the age factor, or the adjustment of traces of their impact. Among them, such as wrinkles or Biogel Botox and mesotherapy technique, based on the introduction of the mesoderm (following the epidermal layer of the skin) of various medicines and homeopathic cocktails by injection. Today it is widely used in aesthetic medicine and dermatology for the treatment of cellulite, obesity, aging skin, varicose veins, swelling, stretch marks and scars.
  • To remove various tumors, such as acne, warts, moles, "spider veins", etc. use the method of electrocoagulation (diathermocoagulation) based on the cauterization of tissue electrical shock.
  • Quite popular now method Ozone therapy — treatment of the problem and to rejuvenate aging skin. Ozone therapy — massage with ozonated oil, the introduction of ozone-oxygen mixture subcutaneously and intradermally — reduces the "crow's feet", removes wrinkles, improves the complexion.
  • A whole group of methods under the general title "peeling" is intended to remove the horny layer of skin cells and protecting young growing cells. Exfoliation can also be part of the complex treatment of problem skin, especially in the case of teenage acne and stretch marks is still fresh.
  • For aging skin tightening and lifting procedure is carried out.
  • One of the most powerful factors in the effects of physical therapy — this ultrasound. Under the influence of ultrasonic vibration is activated cellular metabolism and lymphatic drainage. Accordingly, it is a very effective method of phonophoresis — method, based on a combination of ultrasound and special funds.
  • Treatment dry cold air, or cryotherapy — a technique that has been successfully used in cosmetology and dermatology, and is developing in two directions: cryotherapy (cryosurgery) and actually cryotherapy. Cryodestruction — is a cosmetic surgery (removal of warts, scars, tattoos, dark spots, keratitis) by local cooling to low temperatures. Cryotherapy — this cryomassage, wrinkles, strengthen hair roots — is based on a short-term cooling to low temperatures, which causes narrowing of the blood vessels with subsequent expansion not only acting, but also reserve capillaries, which greatly increases blood flow to the site of application, and therefore the exchange of substances.
  • A new direction in the treatment of problem skin is phytohormonal therapy. This method is aimed at correcting the hormonal imbalance, which is one of the major risk factors for problem skin.

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