Problems with almonds

Problems with almonds.  Photo from

The existence of "tonsils" and "adenoids," many of us know from childhood. Speaking of them, usually mean, respectively, the palatine and pharyngeal tonsils (and their increase).

Tonsils are organs of the immune system. They first encounter pathogens, to the mouth or nose of the inhaled air, and provides (at least try) protection against contamination. However, as a result, the tonsils themselves often suffer from infections — inflamed (angina, adenoids, tonsillitis) and increase in size (adenoids I, II, III degree).

Adenoids, or more correctly — adenoid vegetation — razraschenie lymphoid tissue that forms the basis of pharyngeal tonsils. Most often it disease occurs in children between the ages of 3 and 7 years. Adenoids are fraught with many problems, from frequent colds and ear infections to hearing loss, speech disorders, problems with learning. It is therefore with a significant increase in the pharyngeal tonsils, doctors recommend their removal.

Acute inflammation of the tonsils — angina — Can occur in both children and adults. In suspected angina (severe sore throat, fever) should always consult a physician orENT doctor. It is important to correctly and timely diagnosis, because angina is a serious disease that can lead to complications, and become chronic (chronic tonsillitis).

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