Professional replacement

This problem is familiar to many. Even those who successfully hide behind a restrained smile absence of a tooth, for example, the 4th or 5th of the top (the most common "loss"). "If it is not visible, then there is no problem" — they say. And wrong: the integrity of the dentition is reflected not only in the aesthetic appeal, but also on health.

If it so happens that tooth could not be saved, you must immediately consult a professional dentist-surgeon and establish a quality dental implant.

Dental implants— Modern efficient method to recover the lost teeth. Today, the creation of an implant — an artificial tooth root — use the latest medical technology, based on accurate calculations.

Professional dentists ON CLINIC implantation is performed painlessly and low-impact, individually selecting each implant, whereby the "new" tooth successfully survives and performs its function for many years.

Prior to implantation, each patient ON CLINIC is a compulsory examination by a dentist and passes the necessary tests.

What is the danger of losing a tooth?

Question, by no means, not only in the smile which has to hold back. With the loss of a tooth, the more a few, eventually deformed bones of the facial skeleton. This happens because of the regular non-uniform load distribution on the bone.

Additionally, diseases of the teeth and especially tooth loss adversely affects the operation of the entire digestive system, and may lead to development of diseases of the stomach or intestine.

The advantage of implantation ON CLINIC

Implants can be installed with any defects of teeth, single or multiple. When installing the implants will not be worn adjacent teeth, and, therefore, they are not injured in any way. Implantation can be performed in diseases of the gums, you can still access to the gum and its treatment.

And, of course, the aesthetic moment, which is also important: the implants look completely natural, no different from the "native" teeth. However, they do not cause discomfort sensations, do not require additional funds committed or special care.

What are dental implants?

Today's most effective to use are considered screw implants. Screw, because the root of a tooth "is replaced by" screw, and the crown of the tooth itself — its visible part — it looks absolutely natural. Screw implants can restore as any single tooth or several teeth at once. In case of need for implants, as well as in "its" teeth fixed bridge or crown.

Implants are made of hypoallergenic materials, so the process of healing takes place without complications.

In ON CLINIC uses the latest dental implants from leading manufacturers, such as a system of implants «Replace Select» (USA), «Miss» (Israel), «Osstem» (South Korea).

How does implantation in ON CLINIC

The procedure consists of three steps — installation of the implant into the jawbone, osseointegration — merging of the implant and the bone, and the formation of the tooth crown.

Implant healing process takes an average of 3 months (for the teeth of the lower jaw) and 6 months (for the teeth of the upper jaw). During this period, the patient uses temporary dentures, as well as regular visits to the dentist, which controls the healing process.

ON CLINIC — a professional approach to the restoration of teeth!


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