Prospects wonder weapon

Prospects wonder weapon
The problem of creation of tools based on new physical principles are very topical. Slap technological progress allows you to create new types of weapons. Some of them can provide the country, as a developer and manufacturer of absolute and incontestable an advantage over all others, that, in fact, world domination. Humanity came very tightly to the limit when it becomes a reality. And particularly since there is a theoretical possibility to create «absolute weapon», its development is very secret. Accordingly, the discussion is very similar development is often blatant profiteering or outright misinformation, and from time to time simply unscientific obscurantism. According to Deputy Director of the Institute views Political and Military Analysis Alexander Khramchikhin, was likely due to a similar fall frisky educational level of the population, and even representatives of the municipal government of the country, which, moreover, exacerbated by clericalization.
«Natural» instrument: difficulties fatality
To a large extent on the role of the «absolute weapon» claim «natural» gun. Under this instrument is assumed that copies natural disasters, ie climatic and tectonic weapon (geophysical). It is very profitable in the sense that masquerades as a natural phenomenon, ie opponent does not think that it is kicked. With all this destruction can be fatal.
Problem, but that the appropriate natural phenomena still insufficiently explored, so you can successfully copy them artificially. In addition, for the initiation of tectonic and weather processes need cyclopean amount of energy, which, moreover, need some way to not only generate, and used inconspicuously for external observer. In the end, only hard to keep control of these processes in terms of their strength and direction. Because of this strike will be possible or not strong enough, or, conversely, very destructive and indiscriminate, ie fatal not only to the enemy, and for the world’s population as a whole, including the country, applying a similar instrument.
At this point, apparently, only the United States purely theoretically able to take over «natural» instrument based on the beliefs of its own scientific and technological potential. But the beginning of a significant reduction in military spending in totality with exceptional complexity puzzles push back its creation in «boundless future.» Present their capabilities in this field, including the unfortunate HAARP (High frequency Active Auroral Research Program) in Alaska, relates to the field of speculation and obscurantism, which in Russia is very mixed up on the anti-American paranoia that has come down to a state of collective psychosis. Obviously, some impact on the atmosphere can be completely at this for long (for example, perfectly recognizable Muscovites «cloud acceleration» of the capital in the days of big events), but at the moment this is not yet a weapon drawn.
Prospects wonder weapon
Electrical bombs can disable electrical components of all types of weapons and military equipment
Electric barrier network-centric Army
More exciting electric gun (more clear as microwave weapons, although full equivalents of these concepts are not), which here is synonymous with single effects of a nuclear weapon, not killing people (at least, directly) — an electrical pulse. In relation to the current situation increases the role of tools such as becoming a major, if not the only way to combat UAV (especially small) it can only provide reliable destruction of their communications and control systems. In addition, it will ensure that only truly reliable destruction of those «networks» on which the concept of network-centric warfare. Application of electric tools not only turn-centric army from one organism to the old set of people and «platforms», and dazzle and deafen themselves «platform» (Armored vehicles, aircraft, ships). Only submerged submarines remain immune from it. Sun exposed to such instruments are converted into the army since the 2nd World War, with all this, many of its components (for example, defense) are not able to work. Advantages of electric tools — in fact momentary action (energy delivered to the speed of light), a significant range of effects bolshennom supplies of energy. Moreover, it can immediately affect a significant number of targets, it does not need ammunition, it is not susceptible to weather conditions, with all this, as surprising as it sounds, completely eco-friendly.
The problem, as in the case of the «natural» instrument, the need to generate very high energy and ensuring implementation of selectivity. Very hard to make small autonomous electric pulse generator, which, in addition, it would provide a precise orientation. Yet, in this case, these prepyadstviya solved yet even simpler than initiate, for example, the direction of the earthquake. According to some reports, the U.S. and Russia have been made applicable standards such weapons. Moreover, Americans have experienced «E-bomb» (EMP bombs) in 2-wars against Iraq to defeat air defense systems and communications of the enemy. In general, vsepolnotsennym electric instrument such bombs could not be considered because of their disposability and overall limited implementation.
Variety of microwave weapons
A variety of microwave weapons can become an instrument of the above climate through its impact on the Earth’s ionosphere. In addition, it can theoretically be used as a means of defense: in the atmosphere through the creation of local plasma formations (plasmoids) capable of damaging the missile or its warhead. It is believed that for this, namely, all used the same HAARP, in Russia has been the topic of Radio Research Institute (NIIRP). However, so far there is no evidence that someone has embodied this idea. There are significant suspicions that it is simply unrealistic.
Another kind of microwave weapon is non-lethal weapon. Namely, not so long ago the media reported about the South American «pain ray», ie of weapons, created in man a very strong sense of pain (as from burning) that he is not able to stand and take flight. In general, this means police faster than combat.
Faster police, ie non-lethal, is also an acoustic instrument. First it infrasound generators, which is due to the very low frequency the human ear can not be heard, but very depressing effect on his psyche. In addition, in the U.S., a system of directional microwave irradiation generates in the human mind is very sonorous cry, too depressing effect on the psyche and even causing physiological effects.
Smart bacteria and nanorobots
As for the bio weapon, then there exists a formal possibility to circumvent the ban on him, creating bacteria without killing people. The United States has conducted experiments on the removal of microbes that deplete the fuel, with both liquid (for ground and aircraft) and rigid (rocket). Without killing such bacteria make impractical the use of weapons and equipment. In general, it is not a weapon based on new physical and chemical or on new biological principles.
Weapon that is formed on the basis of nanotechnology, is perhaps the most promising and more insecure. Here at the theoretical level can be to achieve complete stealth and very highest selectivity and accuracy of lesion without the need for significant amounts of energy and insignificant threat of uncontrolled development processes. Resist the use of autonomous nanorobots, penetrating into the human body or destructive technique is virtually impossible. Also virtually impossible to find where and by whom the blow. With all of this to make such a system appears to turn into a fully foreseeable future.
Tasks of the Russian Federation on the way to the brand new weapons
Create all kinds of tools outlined — it only complicated and not cheap. Yet, there is no hesitation that at some point it comes to the creation of the combat systems. Very revealing story rocket guns. Mention of it still exist in ancient texts, it is uniquely used already at an early Middle Ages, but for centuries remained a military exotic. Only in the 50s. The twentieth century. there is a breakthrough, after which no war without missiles became impossible.
Modern high-precision instrument can not be considered a weapon based on new physical principles, yet it has already significantly reduced the role of nuclear deterrence. Gun on his lower NFP even more. Ready for it was necessary to be «yesterday». Only problem is that it is not «Mistral» and «Iveco». Such an instrument we do not sell, no one ever. And buy the fundamental science that we will create it, too, will not work. Moreover, without that science even steal foreign technology would be stupid, they still will not learn. You can donate a nuclear weapon or Paraguay Mauritania, but they will not be of the nuclear powers, as it is not able to reproduce it. USSR in the 40s, actually, «borrowed» nuclear weapon in the U.S. (which are also «imported» because of his German scientists), but it came out just as the Russian science simultaneously «mastered» this technology.
In addition, even if the scientists will be able to make the technology, it should translate into more standard, and then bring to the series. And this is a question for the industry. Industry is still possible to purchase a certain extent, although very expensive, is more difficult to grow for her shots. But the hardest — is a science. Now it specifically our most narrow place. In this regard, the situation has worsened in comparison with Russian period. Because we do promising instrument will only difficult.

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