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According to statistics of chronic prostatitis is not less than 30% of men older than 25 years. In this case, up to 40% of urological patients suffering prostatitis and working in the most socially active age (20-40 years), which is of great social importance. The disease no one has died, but the life it can greatly damage. Especially personal.

That is prostatitis, how to recognize it and how to cure we talked to Urologist Medical Center "Doctor Ozone" Tatiana Alexandrovna Filatova.

— Tatiana, chronic prostatitis — a disease of the elderly or young?

The main cause of this disease — getting into the prostate gland infection of the urethra. Therefore rostatitom most common in men younger, sexually active women who have many partners or relationships outside of marriage.

— Approximate age of these patients, twenty years? Thirty years?

Sometimes, even the eighteen-year. Imagine the following situation. A young man of sixteen years lost his virginity. The sex was unprotected — without a condom. After that he is sexually active two years, and then … comes to the doctor with chronic prostatitis. He does not yet have a full sexual experience, but already have the disease.

— Why did it happen?

At the time of first sexual intercourse is this young man was infected, then a long abstinence, which in and of itself generally negative impact on the prostate. The result — a prostatitis.

— It turns out that unprotected sex is fraught with prostatitis?

Including. Prostatitis — an inflammation of the prostate gland. If there is inflammation, so it is an infection caused. These include infections, sexually transmitted infections: mycoplasmosis, chlamydia, ureaplasma, a bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, etc. In addition, prostatitis can vyzvatuslovno pathogens: E. coli, staphylococcus, streptococcus. In this case, are important factors that lead to disease: hypothermia, irregular sexual life, stress, low immunity, hormonal disorders, chronic foci of infection in the body.

Quite often, prostatitis is caused by not one, but several kinds of agent. Say ureaplazmoy and Escherichia coli.

— Acute and chronic prostatitis — how do they differ?

Acute prostatitis respectively, is acute, accompanied temperature. In chronic temperature can not be.

In the presence of symptoms for more than three months, establish the diagnosis of chronic prostatitis.

— Tatiana, please tell us about the symptoms of prostatitis. On what grounds can a man understand what happened to him something not in order?

The majority of men suffering from prostatitis, the disease develops symptoms. In the initial stages, when there is no full clinical picture of the prostate can say the deterioration of health and general condition and weakness. The man is nervous, irritable, it increases sweating, depression appears, even to some extent reduced interest in life.

 — But these symptoms are suited to various diseases …

For prostatitis is characterized by pain in the perineum or the pubic bone above the vagina. It may radiate to the spermatic cord or the egg. However, the very first sign of the disease — after ejaculation there is pain in the abdomen. Ejaculation is perfected, the prostate has shrunk, but because it has inflamed — which leads to unpleasant sensations. In addition, there may be discomfort with urination, frequent urination.

— Can chronic prostatitis cause problems with sexual life?

Yes. The main cause of sexual dysfunction in this group of patients is to reduce the synthesis of testosterone so-called Leydig cells. Patients complain of a reduction in the frequency of sexual relations, reducing the number of morning erections, lack of pleasure in sex, lack of desire sexual contact, "effacement" orgasm, painful ejaculation.

Quite often, problems in the intimate sphere are the only sign of prostatitis. The pain syndrome may be absent, but the problems are in the intimate sphere. If an appointment comes a man who complains of reduced libido and dissatisfaction with sex life — it should be evaluated for prostatitis.

— But we are not talking about impotence and the deterioration of quality of sexual life?

Against the background of long-existing chronic prostatitis in fibrosis and sclerosis of the prostate impotence is not excluded.

— The prospects are not rosy. It turns out that the prostate can not be run in any case?

That's right. Especially as a specialist to recognize the disease is quite easy — just a rectal examination. By the way, the condition of the prostate gland (elastic — not elastic, resized or not, painful — painless, symmetrical — asymmetrical, whether or not the land sealing, etc.) urologist puts the preliminary diagnosis. If the prostate is altered sample is taken and its secret is sowing to determine the sensitivity of the pathogen to antibiotics.

— You said that the prostate may not occur, and yet so difficult to get a man to go to the doctor, especially if he has no pain …

In clinics now have started to create "man's classrooms," where a man, make an appointment with a therapist, must necessarily go through a rectal examination. I think this is very true, because it helps detect those prostatitis, which is not clinically manifest.

The earlier a man came to see the urologist, the sooner treatment is started prostatitis, the better. This will determine the outcome of the disease.

— Tatiana how to treat chronic prostatitis?

Today the media is quite common advertising preparations "of the prostate," and the men themselves prescribers. So — it has no relation to treatment.

Get rid of prostatitis can only The only way to pass a comprehensive treatment by a urologist.

— It is said that chronic prostatitis can not be disinfected.

It is not true. When properly selected treatment (including pathogen and the state of the prostate gland) achieved sustained remission for many years.

— How long is the treatment of chronic prostatitis? Years?

Much less. Anti-inflammatory treatment takes a month or two. It all depends on what kind of process — acute or chronic. When does the anti-inflammatory therapy, begins a course of rehabilitation therapy, which lasts about the same.

Clinic of modern ozone therapy "Doctor Ozone"

  • Treatment of prostatitis
  • Correcting erectile dysfunction
  • Treatment of premature ejaculation
  • All kinds of laboratory tests

— Your health center called "Doctor Ozone". Is the ozone in the treatment of chronic prostatitis?

On stage, we do not use antibiotics ozone, it gives a good result in the recovery period. It can also be applied when a man does not feel very good, but at the moment is not ready to receive treatment. Infusion of ozone his temporary support, will improve the condition.

— What can be done to prevent prostatitis?

Protect yourself and your health. To use condoms. To marry.

— And then the marriage?

For men living with a partner, the risk of prostatitis less due to the regularity of sexual life, vitality of sexual acts. Do unmarried men more risk factors: the use of prolonged intercourse, incomplete sexual acts, frequent change of sexual partners, the risk of infection with sexually transmitted diseases, periodic sexual abstinence.

But in any case, this is not a reason to disregard for their health. Remember, prostatitis can be cured, as long as it was engaged specialist.

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