Prostatitis: Treatment with comfort

In these days when it comes to health problems, more often referred to prostatitis. He devoted many publications in scientific, popular periodicals, and even entertainment, its study and treatment, practically all public and private hospitals offering services in the field of urology, constantly developing new medicines and non-drug methods. Is this problem is so great?

This question is difficult to answer in the affirmative. According to the large-scale epidemiological studies conducted in different countries, a chronic inflammation of the prostate (prostate) affects approximately 5-9% of all men (in their childbearing years, their share is much larger). And often it occurs with minimal symptoms, because of what the actual numbers may be even higher. In the U.S., the disease is associated with every hundredth visit to a doctor.

All this makes chronic prostatitis in first place among all urological diseases by frequency of occurrence in men up to 50 years. After this age, it is second only to benign prostatic hyperplasia (adenoma), and prostate cancer, the risk of which increases with prolonged inflammation of the prostate gland.

Thus, despite the large arsenal of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, chronic prostatitis tends to spread and "rejuvenation". And given the high rate of recurrence of the disease (50-80%), we can estimate the scale of the problem. Acute inflammation is relatively rare and is, in fact, a completely different disease.

According to the doctor — urologist clinic network "Health" David Harutyunyan, chronic prostatitis is characterized by inflammation of other organs in that it is not always associated with infection, and almost never — only with her. Moreover, in cases where the role of microorganisms in the development of the disease is confirmed, often it is a whole bouquet of chronic genital infections, and not a specific causativebody.

In addition to the infections are extremely important violations hormonal, psychological problems, stress, sedentary lifestyle, frequent exposure to cold, stagnant secretions in the ducts of the prostate (it is usually associated with irregular ejaculation as prostatic secretion is nothing else than the liquid portion sperm), pelvic nerve damage, irritation of the prostate urates urine, effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (especially stimulants), and even eating habits.

The inflammatory process in most cases starts gradually and develops long-term and gradually, because of what the long-term sick go to the doctor, compounding the damage prostate and not just her. In the process of drawing in neighboring structures, primarily the muscles of the pelvic floor — it is believed that with the development of the disease discomfort is more associated with their high tone than with the gland. Because of this chronic prostatitis, which has no clear link to specific infectious lesions, often manifested chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

Also may be involved in inflammation bladder, testicles, and their appendages, and other organs. Contrary to popular belief, the direct connection of chronic prostatitis with erectile dysfunction, impotence, or not. However, prostate inflammation and male chronic pelvic pain often experience pain and other discomfort during sexual intercourse. The symptoms of prostatitis in men are so strong that they begin to avoid sex, hence there is a common misconception.

Because of this complexity and comprehensiveness of the disease, treatment prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis, its diagnosis is a complicated and lengthy process that requires a doctor's considerable knowledge and experience, and from the patient — patience. In the course of doing research diagnosis of prostate, including tooling, the most common — is a prostate ultrasound that identify even hidden symptoms of prostatitis. Also perform a prostate secretion analysis, detection and investigation of infections to clarify the state of the organism as a whole. In some cases, necessary to consult a clinical psychologist and other professionals. Only at the end of diagnosis to start treatment.

Chronic prostatitis requires long-term treatment. Treatment of chronic prostatitis is always custom-fitted together long course of several drugs and non-drug methods such as massage of the prostate (Urological massage) and physiotherapy. Because these methods are executed mainly transrectal, that is, through the rectum, is the treatment of men do not like, up to the complete rejection of him.

However, at present, there are already methods to effectively "handle" the prostate through the perineum. One of these methods was the shock-wave therapy (SWT). Its essence lies in action on the affected organ infrasound, which is characterized by high amplitude energy in short duration pulses, that is, creates a periodic shock waves with a frequency of less than 16 per minute. With regard to the prostate is completely replace the traditional massage.

In Moscow, a method of treatment of prostatitis offers a network of health clinics, "Health". Of course, after spending the full amount of the diagnosis and determine the optimal treatment strategy, as UHT — only a part of the treatment process.

In the clinic network "health" has everything you need for comprehensive diagnosis, which allows you to choose the correct treatment strategy to each individual patient. In addition, all doctors clinics have enough experience to have their "tricks" in the development of therapies. Of course, a set of recommended drugs for prostate and physiotherapy techniques known, but in order to choose the most suitable for each patient, the specialist must possess a certain skill.

In addition, a network of clinics is strictly prohibited approach, which, unfortunately, practice some dishonest institutions: to eliminate the patient's symptoms will not cure disease all the way to the next exacerbation again to get fee treatment. But the result of incomplete for any reason, treatment is often relapse. Online clinics "Health" with secure and the most comfortable for the patient procedure.

All this makes it possible, on its own clinic network statistics "Health", to achieve a complete cure in 80-85% of men with chronic prostatitis, which is a great result not only in Russia but also in the world. The probability of success is higher, the earlier a patient appealed. Therefore it is necessary to consult a doctor if you experience any, even the unexpressed discomfort in the perineal and pelvic organs (ie are the initial manifestation of chronic prostatitis), and not to wait until the discomfort will result in severe pain, voiding dysfunction and loss of surrounding organs.

There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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