Psychics detectives (30 — 31 issues) watch online

Psychics detectives (30 - 31 issues) watch online
"Psychics detectives" — resonant project Investigation of TV-3. Each issue of two psychics who work together to investigate the sonorous criminal case or magical stories. Along with these investigations is an expert in criminology. He uses his strength and resources, visit the place in which there was a tragic action, talking to witnesses and make their own conclusions. In the middle of a new project participants will have such famous figures as Hayal Alekperov, Ilona Cauldre Maya Dzidzishvili Gala Polishchuk and other more powerful psychics who have proven time and again really cool psychic presence capabilities.

Psychics-DETECTIVES 30 ISSUE 08.10.2013 TV-3

Psychics DETECTIVES-31 ISSUE 09.10.2013 TV-3

Mysticism, chernoknizhnichenstvo, hypnosis, psychics

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