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Ruslan Melnikov

As recognized by well-known science fiction writer from St. Petersburg Sviatoslav Loginov, during the creative process, he completely immersed in their fictional worlds and truly believes in there the aliens, witches, werewolves and other evil spirits. However, in real life, Mr. Loginov remains steadfast atheist, materialist and impenetrable hardened skeptic. Moreover, he had become famous and how implacable fighter against obscurantism. At the festival, fiction, "Don Kohn", held in Rostov, Mr. Loginov, in particular, spoke about the recent revelation of psychics.

— It happened when I began building his new one-bedroom apartment — says the writer. — Parquet it had to manually — brush — varnish. As a result, I inhaled noxious fumes that could not rise to his feet. Somehow I crawled on all fours to the open window and was stunned. Because the battery on this site … features. A short, green, with horns and spines with color slime. Looks up and smiles.

I'm sitting on the floor, I begin to think that in actual fact there is no hell, because it can not be. But there is such a thing as substance, which causes hallucinations.

A few years later, I accidentally let slip about the meeting with the devil in a conversation with an acquaintance psychic named Sergei. His last name, sorry, I will not name. Sergei immediately began to convince me that I live in a flying saucer landing site and in my apartment monstrous concentrated area of negative energy, which should be immediately destroyed.

— You have been extremely dangerous contact, — said Sergey.

— No, — I said — it was a glitch.

— Contact us! — Conviction sprayed saliva esoteric. — I'm surprised you even still alive. Well, then, from now on do not go near the place of occurrence of hell closer than three meters, he and others were not allowed. On Sunday, I will provide the best specialists of the Geographical Society.

For some reason, many of St. Petersburg's esoteric boasted membership in this organization.

On Sunday, my house really came an entire committee: Serge himself, his colleague, a psychic and a lady from the vine … knitting needle, vdet a piece of PVC insulation. "Vine" immediately began to spin terribly. Experts from the Geographical Society exchanged knowing glances and thoughtful nod. The lady, however, admitted that in fact their knitting, "vine", it rotates itself, but this is supposedly from the fact that she is available direct contact with the area of negative energy.

Then I offered to guests without my tips to find the concentration of negative energy, manifested in the form of a green imp. Experts have begun to look for. Had unsuccessfully. Both now and then glancing at me, waiting for the unwitting cues. They waited in vain. In the end, they found the deadly zone. Above my bed, which was the opposite of where "contact" with the jack-in-hand corner. I happily reported an error. And what do you think?

— This is the opening of a world scale! — They exclaimed delightedly. — Your area of negative energy not stationary! Contrary to all the laws it moves! But do not worry, we will still save you.

And they are two pairs of hands began to turn over extrasensory my "non-stationary region of negative energy." Then it rolled out into the corridor, at the same time found a few oblastyushek smaller. Dazzled all in one deadly com. Then Sergei friends sat on the floor cross-legged and began to destroy the pernicious power. As they tried, poor things! Both specialist Geographical Society flushed with exertion. Both of incredible tension shaking hands. Finally with a heavy groan, they stopped work. I was informed that completely destroy the deeper area of negative energy so far failed, but about three-quarters of it is already finished off. And most importantly — has lost its mobility. During the next session, guests have promised to finish it.

— Until then, I'll have to jump through it in the hallway? — I asked.

— No, — they said. — We are driving it in some inconspicuous corner of your apartment.

— Or maybe it is better to roll out onto the landing and throw in the garbage disposal? — I suggested.

— You can not! — Was the answer. — There for innocent people.

I'm barely holding back laughter, allowed them to push the surviving remnants of the negative energy under the sink, where I is the bin with a knowing look on his face heard the recommendation of experts. Both quite seriously advised me to spend less time under the sink. I thanked them and assured that he will not continue to sit in the bin. Finish off the negative energy of Sergei friends did not come. Probably offended.

However, he and Sergey is not so often zahazhivaet to visit me. One day, talking about their powerful abilities, Sergei said, though his ability to slow down or speed up any chemical reaction. Being a chemist by training, I asked:

— Show me!

— It will not work — chickened Sergei. — At the instant chemical reaction that I can not affect, because they do not have time to "catch", and for the longest time requires special tools, equipment, and chemicals.

I quickly gave him the desired response without any devices — at home. Of the medications are mixed phenolphthalein, a solution of potassium found and explained the esoteric principle of a simple experiment: If it gets phenolphthalein alkali liquid is colored in bright red, and a quarter of an hour phenolphthalein neutralized and re-formed, colorless substance. I solemnly red solution was poured into two glasses. One put in a cupboard, the other — to Sergei and I say:

— Do you — 15 minutes. You want — you slow down the response, you want — accelerated. If the liquid in the glasses does not discolor at the same time, I fall on my knees in front of you and shout "Hosanna."

Serge went to work. Over his glass he made unthinkable passes, blushed as cancer and again he passed his hands. Sergei was sweating so much that I had to follow, as if the sweat from his forehead is not dripped into the solution, thereby violating the purity of the experiment. Unfortunately, the liquid is lost in both beakers Numbers in the same time. Psychic left, promising, however, to gather strength and to repeat the experience.

At our next meeting I recalled the promise.

— I can not — waved his hands Sergei. — Today, I treated a woman falling from a hernia and took care of all her pain. Now the slightest stress threatens me with death.

Since then, I see Sergei rarely and only in a dying condition. Only once a psychic nearly punctured. He came to us, not expecting to find me at home. But that day I was unwell and rest up in the next room. Sergei was a cheerful, energetic and healthy.

— Spring! Drops! — Happily bouncing, he told my wife about their experiences. — I am full of energy and life! I walk down the street and passers-by to give away their power — here and use the …

And at that point I went to the guest. With two glasses prepared for the experience. Sergei instantly changed color, pale and bent, pozhuh and barely managed a feeble voice:

— And you know, I'm so tired today …

Revenge of Leo Tolstoy

Sviatoslav Loginov often accused of all mortal sins of the infamous article "Graphs and scribblers, or why I do not like Leo Tolstoy," where science fiction blames illustrious Count Lev Nikolayevich in the absence of literary talent. And, apparently, the constant attacks of fans Tolstoy once brought Mr. Loginov to a terrible nightmare.

— I was on a train on the second shelf, — says the author — and woke up in the night from a bad dream. The train stops. Dead silence. In the sky — the moon is round, like from a horror movie, and her ghostly light I see … Leo Tolstoy, who looks straight out of the window of the car. Hefty such a chump, crazy eyes, a huge beard … I awake forget about his atheistic beliefs, I understand that now I am called to task for an article on the graphs and scribblers, trying to squeeze out "Keep off me!" But breath catches …

And then cock in the night hear the train whistle, the car is moving from the spot. The terrible vision disappears, and the window floats station name — "Yasnaya Polyana". It so happened that during the overnight parking window of my compartment was in front of a bust of Tolstoy, installed on the platform.


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