Psychotronic weapons: the development and application of

Psychotronic weapons: the development and application of

Psychotronics usually called science that studies the mechanisms of information links, regulation and control mentality, physiology and human energy. This science is based on the assertion that the basis for development of the human body are different kinds of information processes — planetary, of cosmic, cellular, bioplasmic, molecular, vacuum quantum.

In 1921 the structure of the Cheka was created a special committee on the impact of the distance on bio objects. And specifically the development of the department formed the basis of psychotropic and psychotronic technologies, which aroused great enthusiasm among many Russian scientists: Vernadsky, Pavlova, Dzerzhinsky, Kazhinsky. According to the candidate of technical sciences V.Slepuhi, at the beginnings of development of methods of cerebral effects in the USSR were D.Luni Dzerzhinsky and daughter Margarita Taurus. The focus of these techniques has been paid to the introduction of psychotropic drugs based on synthetic and natural drugs.

One of the most outstanding representatives of the scientific world, which was engaged neuvvyazkami effects on human brain, was Bernard Bernardovich Kazhinsky. In his youth, he underwent a very history of weird. When young scientist lived in the Caucasus, lived close friend of his who fell ill with typhoid fever. At one point, NIGHT MODE Kazhinsky heard the buzz, like silver spoon hits the edge of the glass. At first, he did not attach any importance to this, but when the subsequent day he went to see a friend, it turned out that he died, and left it at that particular time when silver Kazhinsky heard the buzz. Moreover, near the bed of the deceased, he saw the glass and the silver spoon in it. And as a scientist did not believe in superstitions, he decided to realize how he was able to hear this sound at fairly bolshennom distance. At this time, and he comes up with the idea that the human body — is essentially a large radio. Brain with all this makes a transmitter and a receiver. When a person thinks, it emits electrical waves that can be taken at a distance of another person. So Makar, views on the scientist, this is the essence of mind reading at a distance. To prove the correctness of their own conjectures Kazhinsky began to teach scientific papers on the physiology of the nervous system in animals and humans. In the base of their own arguments put Kazhinsky physics and mechanics A.Popov (inventor of radio), intending by means of medicine found in the human body (and if more precisely — in his nervous system) are the elements that would make similar radio transmitter and receiver functions. So, namely, he was able to imagine that the spiral nerve gyrus — is the self-inductance of the coil and cone Krause (nerve cells) — the antenna frame. Moreover, he also claimed that the body can find the elements that make the function of sensors, amplifiers, generators and capacitors.

In the 20s Kazhinsky moved to Moscow and has lectured on bio radio. His theory everywhere perceived with great enthusiasm and appreciation, and the lectures and reports always present a huge number of young people. In 1922 Kazhinsky spoke at the All-Russian Congress of the Association of Naturalists, at whose request the scientist received permission to work in the laboratory A.V.Leontovicha who specialized in the study of the physiology of nerve tissue.

With the active support of the chairman of the Association of Naturalists A.Modestova, during Kazhinsky own research has ascertained that the human nervous system is indeed very similar to the radio circuit. Soon he made a device that could pick up radio waves emitted by the brain, and which received the title of «electromagnetic microscope.» But to achieve high sensitivity apparatus scientist failed, so as knowledge in this area is not enough.

In the same year he proposed a scheme of a device that was able to reproduce the brain impulses, turning them into an audio signal, and transmit over long distances. Created his invention called «the brains behind the radio.» The results of research works have been placed in the press. This immediately caused a great resonance in the world — some zabugornyh Kazhinsky institutions invited to lecture. So Makarov in a whole year Russian scientist went to lecture in Europe and America. In 1924, the Presidium of the Academy RSSFR acknowledged the results of his research promising also allows practical experiments.

By the time such speculation began to appear and abroad. In European countries, sometimes conducted experiments designed to study the electrical radiation of the human body. For example, in Germany and Schoeman Zauerbrukom was recorded low-frequency electric field, which appeared while reducing muscle of humans and animals. In Italy, the ability to know the nature and transmission of thought at a distance of Milan took the doctor, psychiatrist Ferdinando Katstsamali, were in possession of expensive and sophisticated instruments. Moreover, under his writings of many radio engineers. According to the scientist himself, during the time of research (1923-1954 gg.) He was able to identify brain waves man who thought hard. The length of these waves reached about 10-100 meters, and the signal was still less massive than the stronger was loaded brain. Italian conducted his research in a specially equipped camera lead. It placed spiritually unhealthy, whose brain through hypnosis is adjusted to the highest degree of stress. Coffee background inside the premises, which grew uniformly, scientist determined using a special device that looked like a phone. According to the scientist, the noise in this device is constantly changing, and when emotions become more intense, they were transformed into a whistle and even to some extent resembled the sound of a violin. In this case, if the test subjects were in a state of depression, apathy or depression, the signals were very weak or does not appear.

Kazhinsky could not boast of conducting similar tests with crazy because neither confirm nor refute the conclusions of the Italian scientist could not. Coupled with the fact it is worth noting that he has participated in more exciting experiments that confirmed the ability of the transmission guess thoughts at a distance, in other words, the theory of «brain radio». Manage test was recognized trainer and zoopsychologists V.Durov, who headed «factory reflexes» — zoopsychological laboratories working in Moscow in the early 20-ies of the last century. By experiments on animals involved eminent psychologists and psychiatrists, namely V.Behterev. Durov managed to achieve specific results in the field of mental suggestion challenges the animals that they were often right.

Kazhinsky taking part in these experiments, in 1923 published a small booklet, which bore the title «Passing Thoughts». It created argued that the development of the theory of «brain radio» and the solution will be able to change the nature of telepathy human life. Later, before his death, in 1962, wrote her Kazhinsky one book — «Biological radio», which tried to explain the nature of this phenomenon by analyzing the practice of yogis radio insects and animals, as a kind of memory hysteresis «line of sight». It should be noted that the eyes on Kazhinsky «rays of view» of great enthusiasm. Scientist who was convinced that «electricity everywhere,» claimed that inside the retina occur elektroprotsessy who can catch the occiput. With all of this special role assigned epiphysis, pineal gland, which, in the views of the scientist, is a vestige of the third eye. A study of the structure have allowed his eyes to make the assumption that the eye not only sees, and exude able to place electrical waves, which at a distance can affect people, influencing their behavior, urging certain actions, causing certain emotions, thoughts and images .

Besides, Kazhinsky described experiments on eye irritation faltering, flickering and steady light, the results of which were taken note in the near future KGB torturing victims of their own light.

Fully understood that Kazhinsky inventions, namely, its «brain radio» interested in the security services. In 1928 he was summoned to the GPU, after visiting scientist Lubyanka are never beheld. But research in this direction were not terminated. Dealt with them in the 30s other scientists who had no serious moral framework so that even conducted several tests on prisoners. Later, the invention has been classified and sent to special archive to the best times.

At this time, more substantial results in the field of psychotronic technologies and management of people have gained in Germany. That was in 1933 created one of the most extraordinary official organizations of the Third Reich — «Ahnenerbe.» At the head of the organization was SS Colonel Wolfram von Sievers. First, in 1939 the organization «Ahnenerbe» was included in the SS, along with all the societies and institutions. Research Fellowship «Ahnenerbe» Germany squander enormous funds. In an organization there existed special reconnaissance, who collected disk imaging scientific schools all over the world in the field of psychotronic technology to the creation of a fundamentally new superweapon. First 40s Germany became the leading research center in the world in the study of the physiology of spare capacity and the human psyche. The country was the world’s Institute of Psychology. In addition, he worked in Germany created the concept of psychological self-hypnotist psychiatrist Johannes Schultz.

The basis of its own system, formalized in 1932, auditory training, the purpose of which was to open and use the reserves of the human body, Schultz put guess French scientist Coue. Essence guesses Coue was in an unusual action words that are repeated many times. In addition, Schultz used the opening of the South American scientist Jacobson about specific psychophysical effects as Tibetan, Indian and Chinese teaching about the extraordinary psychological and physical paradoxes, acquired using a specially modified states of consciousness. His system Schultz called «the new system of self-hypnosis» or «autogenic training». At the end of the second World War, all the hidden development of Germany fell into the hands of favorites — engineering and rocket — the Yankees, physiological — in Russian Alliance.

And the Soviet Union and the United States want to get absolute control over in a human consciousness to be able to manage people, regardless of their desire and will. So Makar, the idea was formulated by the scientists, and they have begun to implement it. Russian security services saw in psychotronic weapons new trump card in political games. Slightly later, a project to create such psychotronic technology in the world has received the title of «non-lethal weapons.»

Americans meanwhile dismantled archives, which managed to find some information about the hidden research papers Gestapo and NKVD sonicated on prisoners, some medical reports and documentation techno. A group of American scientists managed Cameron Erwin, Dr. psychiatry. His career took off after dating A.Dallesom. Dulles wanted to have the equipment by means of which could have an effect on the human psyche, to establish full control over consciousness, to control the behavior and physical condition of the enemy. Soon Cameron offered him some project that received the title of «Clean the brain.»

Catchy, but Russian Union has developed a similar program that has received the title of «Radioson.» Russian project was based on «Brain Radio» Kazhinsky. Also found in spetsarhive drawings, Russian intelligence was able to recruit the 1st of scientists from laboratories Cameron, promising to pay a large gambling debt.

Development of equipment for the project «Radioson» occupy a special joint unit of the Ministry of Health made and the KGB.

Laboratory received a very exciting title — PEONY (in other words, mental studies special purpose). Appeared in the midst of two groups of scientists: Pioneers and PIONistov. Some advocated spraying hallucinogens and distribution of psychotropic substances in the rear, while others — insisted on the need for a massive radiator. In the end it turned out the last word for PIONistami who advocated emitter — a kind of modernized version of «brain radio», the outside is very similar to a radio transmitter-equipped antenna.

Tests were carried out under the latest equipment Novosibirsk on military training ground. During testing company soldier, consisting of 145 people, was asleep in an instant.

All documentation related to the project «Radioson» was in 1957, as a result of political intrigues, was transferred from the KGB archives in the Head of Intelligence. And particularly since that time all the information on psychotronic weapons, hidden recognized. In addition, all have been made, that the brain of weapons nobody even stuttered. In July 1958 came the cooperative order of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Internal Affairs, according to which anyone who knows about the impact of the brain or psychotronic weapons, isolate institutionalized with positive healing.

With regard to the South American project, it also was not successful. First experiments were carried out on the drunks and bloodless. But for more complex tests needed by healthy people. This required the volunteers. But the experience ended terrible fruits: a 10-ka quite healthy people were in a mental hospital after a week of tests. A week later, another 8 persons died. An investigation began as a result of which the project «Clean brain» was closed.

Psychotronic weapons: the development and application of

As for the real period of time, then it is assumed that the development of psychotronic weapons in the world are not conducted. But in reality, the situation is quite different. For example, a year earlier appeared on the Web a list of «non-lethal» weapons, the development of which is engaged in the Pentagon. Thus, this list is presented as a pre-existing instrument and promising development. The list of more than 100 pages of detailed description of all the properties of each type of weapon, the likely consequences in the event of its introduction. Presented in the middle of the list of tools — thermal rays, lasers, emitters of sound waves that are used to control weight, temporary paralysis of the enemy and the creation of the failures of the enemy equipment.

Psychotronic weapons development in America has been specially made in the Pentagon office — United Office for non-lethal weapons, which was established in 1996. The main task of management was announced to find methods to achieve victory over the enemy without explosions and shooting.

Note that the control does not budge once severely criticized for the fact that large funds are squandered on projects that have not been implemented. According to figures posted in 2009, 50 projects as developed by management, none were implemented. Yet, the organization exists to this day and as before … well funded


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