Rabid fox nibbled calf on pasture

In the Yaroslavl region revealed new cases of rabies.September 16, alarming news came from Nekrasovsky area where once was recorded case of rabies. The other day an inadequate fox went straight to the village Nekrasov and grappled on the street with a home dog. The dog was stronger and strangled cheat. But Fox still managed to bite the dog's nose, and, as it turned out, infect it with rabies.

On Wednesday, September 14, after the laboratory test was confirmed case of rabies in Bolsheselsky area. On the eve of the village Budakova locals noticed a fox run on the field. Redhead beast attacked a calf grazing and snapped his leg. Bull, standing on a leash, though fighting off foxes hooves, but to cope with it but could not. Run up to help host a calf and killed a fox with a stick.

Specialists recommend bull owner beat him for meat, while he has not yet developed a dangerous disease. Cure calf now unlikely. Also, now available in the rabies vaccine for cattle, but only for dogs and cats.

Currently in quarantine for rabies in the region covered 10 settlements. In Rybinsk, Yaroslavl, Borisoglebsk Bolsheselsky and Nekrasovskoe areas. It urgently impart all pets.

-Hosts domestic dogs, who had contact with wild animals, often do not know the basic rules of first aid to your pet. If you see a wound on the dog's body, they begin to lubricate it with iodine or green paint, wipe with alcohol. We can not do! — Explains the main expert veterinary inspection of the regional department of agriculture Svetlana Almakeeva. — It is necessary to rinse with wound dog with soap and immediately contact a veterinarian. This will help save pet lives.

All cases of contact with wild animals, or in the case of sudden death of the animal was reported: — Yaroslavl: (4852) 32-96-19, 31-43-42, 03/26/24, 24/07/90 — Rybinsk: (4855) 28-26-47. 28-27-52, 09/21/90, 21-81-05, — in Rostov: (48536) 6-39-77, in Pereslavl: (48535) 3-58-55

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