Repeated criminal case against writer slavyanista A.V.Trehlebova

Senior Investigator at the First Department investigation of particularly important cases sledstvenngo the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Krasnodar Territory Lt. Justice Badalov VE Having considered the reports of crime — committing Trehlebovym reports about the AV and globalization, IA crimes under Part 1 of the Criminal Code st.282.2 (KRSP № 31 dated 28.01.2013) found that the reason for criminal prosecution are sufficient proof that the AV Trehlebov and globalization, IA, approximately 7/21/2012 take part in the activities of an extremist group, which is characterized by stability of its membership, roles, coordination of its members, to arrange financing, in order to realize common criminal intent.

Repeated criminal case against writer slavyanista A.V.Trehlebova


Photo Copies of Criminal Cases


Photo Copies of Criminal Cases


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About svastichnyh symbols

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Gammatichesky cross Romanov

Gammatichesky cross Romanov

Gammatichesky cross over the temple

Gammatichesky Cross ("Swastika") is present on Orthodox icons in the image of the Temples, in the history of Russia (Saint Nicholas (II)) and other places.

The swastika as an ancient symbol


The swastika as an ancient symbol

The swastika as an ancient symbol

The swastika as an ancient symbol


Svastichnye symbols nations of the world


Photo Copies of Criminal Cases

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"The hatred and enmity towards the Jews?"






Antifa — RUSSIAN eradication programs and other Slavs

Read online Antifa

Extermination program of Russian and other Slavic — as antisocial elements generating fascism, for the reason that every Slav and a representative of any other white ethnicity — is a pathological natsionistom / fascist. The program is a strategic action against fascism, adopted by the anti-fascist Zionist Congress in the fight against fascism.

I. Retention of power.

1. Capturing media.
2. In power should have the name and appearance of local goyim (non-Jews).
3. Director may be goy, but at least one of his deputies to be one of us.
4. Prevent government workers.
5. Provide support staff control, distribution and suppression.
6. Mason, who left a mark on the use of drugs or in the operations, commits suicide or is removed.
7. Ensure the establishment and maintenance of the structure of social cleansing, decapitation goyim held as planned, regardless of the activity.

II. Ideology

1. Media, literature, and art used to show the benefits of capitalism over socialism.
2. From the point of approval of the existence of anti-Semitism can be suppressed by the goyim.
3. Disarmament of paganism, the introduction of religion to rally, like sheep to the principles of slavery, occupation and assimilation of the Slavs have to go with the increase.
4. Only act on behalf of the people and for the people, only good intentions and wishes — you can say all ..
5. Prevent the spread of Goiskoye cries, "Zuckerman in Birobidzhan," "Assassins, Jews to the answer," "Zionism, stand up — the court is," etc.
6. Prevent the dissemination of leaflets, appeals, appeals and applications gentiles: "the hat to the Russian armor." "Genocide can only stop genocide."

III. Denationalization

1. Continue mixing of races under the guise of internationalism.
2. Use all means to a comprehensive national depersonalization goyim.
3. Under the guise of nationalism and chauvinism to destroy all the nation.
4. Ensure universal organization and management Russophobia (destruction of the entire Russian by any means).
5. Prevent the spread of Slavic paganism, declare that religion fascist.
6. Attach Slavic religion of slaves, in Orthodoxy does not allow any liberties and freedom.
7. Do not give the goyim in the passport to establish column — "race" and for the elimination of the column "nationality."
8. Prevent the establishment of the status of the indigenous Russian population and others of heresy for the revival of their nation and culture
9. Prevent the creation of a center of Russian national culture.

IV. Elimination of freedom and activity goyim

1. To fill your spetspsihlechebnitsy, prisons, hospitals, special schools, disciplinary battalions spetsPTU.
2. Avoid creating intelligence schools goyim, not union goyim into the herd — to manage something, we will, and consolidating them in joint operations, providing them an invincible position, and put them into the hands of an ideological weapon, the creation of management science Jews, coordinating, advisory boards, methods of rapid exchange information from the notification method, yield out of our control of national organizations, fascism and nationalism in any form, gathering Gentiles telephone number or address of the Jews, the creation of methods of struggle against Zionism.
3. Distract the goyim to anything, change control agents, all our actions must be flexible and compelling, discredit and split the enemy, make him make up for us and be with us, behead, to fire on the headquarters, disrupt the enemy with people.
4. Hinder the creation of works against us, "What", "What to do", "map for directions", "Leaders of the Slavs", "How to attract people and fight for the audience."
5. CSO should not recognize members of secret societies or Zionists, or Jews or half-Jews or Jewish quarter, nothing to do with us, do not take into account what is said about suicides Russian

V. Inhibition of the development of the goyim

1. Necessary to support poverty and powerlessness Goiskoye cattle.
2. Arrested Development goyim ensure our environment and the management of development in the right direction.
3. The music, which has narcotic properties, often turn to the goyim, brainwash, difficult to find and establish control over certain musical sounds, erase deep informa ¬ tion.
4. Slave from the Goyim should be all: food, religion, ideology, science, attitude toward us, weapons, protective equipment, ways of being, the media, education, occupation, social status, housing and culture.
5. In cultureless cattle, sleepy, inactive and obese pigs turn Gentile slave food and its method of use. The blood of a goy should be acidic, not alkaline.
6. Create and maintain superior Goiskoye cattle, beat on the weak points and the key centers of the goyim, a rapid transition to a decisive stage in the mastery of the world and full submission goyim our international government.

VI. Destruction of the enemy as a humane form of assimilation, genocide

1.Iudaizm, Zionism, World Jewish nation and a world government is not organically accept the creation and existence of the Slavic family and now need to try and in a short time to assimilate a lot of other peoples Slavic girls.
2. Use sex as directed, and to strengthen the family of course we can, but only for debauchery of youth, spread of sexual perversions, increasing conflict and divorce on the grounds and in the amount of drawdown goev.
3. In no case did not allow the establishment of any benefit or remuneration for the production of the beautiful children and have a high degree of purity of the Slavic national couples.
4. To enhance the effect of assimilating should not abandon old ideas of castration of the goyim.

Vll. Bringing and maintaining the goyim in the atmosphere of poverty and powerlessness.

1.Sredny Russian should always be poor and powerless facing many inconveniences everywhere and everyday bureaucratic slingshots.
2. Widespread poverty should generate massive lack of culture, and it should generate a massive crime.
3. Delete the return of Russian equality, independence, freedom, mlrd.zolotom.

VIll. Mass mental debilitation of the goyim.

1. Greatly demoralized enemy when he sees that all that is going on around him, lying, sabotage and looting.
2. Education to the goyim must prepare a moral monster.
3. Action Scheme should be on a single plan, developed by the government.
4. Valuable soldering alcohol probably did not now. Interfere with a gradual reduction in degree of alcoholic beverages.

lX. Battle psychotropic medications that alter a person's psyche.

1. Causing blackouts for several hours or more.
2. Having purely narcotic properties.
3. Restricting certain classes of human interest.
4. Reinforcing the craving for alcohol.
5. Programmed to murder or suicide.
6. Male and female agents of sexual activity, leading to sexual perversions.

X. Methods slacked off enough mass goyim.

1. Departing from a residence on the floor pouring goyim mercury, leaving the baths do not have circumcision in doubles readability soapy water.
2. Weapons of mass destruction must be provided in the cooking shops, dining or just in places where the goyim.
3. Russia must turn to the process dump of the most developed countries.

XI. Reducing the number of non-Jews to a reasonable level disguised genocide secret unilateral war.

1. Continue the extermination of Slavic gentiles taking "a peculiar Russian demographic decline."
2. Continued reductions in the Slav goyim 3 times during the generation of the Judeo-Masonic receiving "benefits for single mothers."
3. Poor reception varies "aging of the nation", leaving alive only incapable of resistance.
4. If you work with the mind, from the Russian gentiles can be ended by 1992.

XII. Reducing the number of open forms of genocide gentiles.

1. Make it impossible to create large families of Russian.
2. Maintain a high infant mortality rate of the Slavs and the lack of it from the Jews.
3. Maintain a high mortality Slavic boys and girls.
4. Do not underestimate and overestimate the Russian period, allowed to marry.
5. Bydlovskih strongly pitting men and women and destroy their families.
6. Develop new laws (ekodemograficheskie war) to eliminate Goiskoye masses without military machine, with no material sam ¬ rat on her, hunger and impoverishment of slaves.
7. The unrest and use the army, the security forces and the law to clean up a small percentage reduction ¬ of the goyim.

XIII. Destroying enemy controlled medicine.

1. Maintain a sufficient number of pregnant teenagers, barren women from abortion, "casual" miscarriages, premature births ¬ ables, stillbirth, postpartum complications.
2. Sabotage must care for pregnant women, newly born cattle and women after pregnancy and prevent the establishment of real measures to protect mothers and children.
3. Inhibit preventive medicine and to do everything to the life expectancy of the goyim have been declining.
4. During treatment or tooth extraction should be dirty or essential substance.
5. During the time of any change of cancer pain ¬ tive health.
6. The use of drugs with the chemical composition of drugs and non-medicinal properties that previously irradiated, frost, etc., by ambulance staff and clinicians.
7. Typically, the duration poisoning in small doses.
8. During shooting fluorography, the strength and the time of exposure.

HIV.Deystviya through controlled media.

1. Stable orientation media Russophobia.
2. Announcement of patriotic and nationalist movements goyim fascist, nationalist, chauvinist, pogroms and conservative, defamation, name calling, slander.

XV. Widespread and routine mocking the enemy.

1. On Slavic gentiles can mock anyone and anything you like. In the position of artificial irresponsibility our names will always be kept secret.
2. Widespread actions led to a suicide, heart attacks, stroke, fainting, and other states of the enemy through rudeness, arrogance, bullying, humiliation, abuse and impunity we, other members of secret societies and shabez-goyim must be massive.

What kind of "law enforcement agencies fight fascism? Notice how long the site is in a zone «RU» — and no one shuts, no one is attracted to ….

So, what then is the "fascism"?

Why all these people have not planted? It is not we say and not Trehlebov:

Great about the Jews (before the second century)

Jews belong to a dark and repulsive force. Who knows how numerous this clique as they stick together and what power they may be due to its cohesion.

Marcus Cicero / 106-43's. BC. / Roman politician and orator

Hardly in all the land there is a place where no matter ruled Jews … Jewish tribe has managed to penetrate all of the state and it is not easy to find a place in the universe, which is not a tribe would have taken and subdued.

Strabo / 64-63 BC-23-24 AD / Greek philosopher, geographer, historian, traveler

Friends of Antiochus Epiphanes, the Syrian king State Selevkidov / rules in 175-163 years. BC / advised him to completely wipe out the Jews, "because of all the people, they are the only ones who do not want to approach with any other people and look at all like their enemies." After the expulsion from Egypt, "says Diodorus, they settled in Jerusalem and" educated Jewish people handed in their environment inherited hatred of the people. "

SIKUD Diodorus / 30 BC-20 AD / Greek historian and author, "World History"

This people / Jews / — plague. The customs of the people, so that criminal entrenched that are widely distributed in all countries, he was able to acquire such an impact that the losers dictate the legitimate winner.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca / 03.06 BC-65 AD / Roman Stoic philosopher, politician and writer of ancient Rome

And they set on for him by himself, and them by themselves, and the Egyptians, and dined with him in particular: because the Egyptians might not eat bread with the Jews, because it is an abomination to the Egyptians.

Genesis / hl. 43, 32 /

In the Psalms always returns the same motive, grieving the relationship with Jews: "We are become a reproach to our neighbors — a scorn and derision to those around us."

/ Ps. 79, 4 /

As long as the Assyrians, Medes and Persians owned East — Jews were the most despised part of their subordinates. Once the power has passed into the hands of the Macedonian king, Antiochus attempted to destroy the superstition and to introduce among them the Greek customs to re-educate the hideous people. Jews believe oskvernitelnym and despise all that is holy and we are doing what is in us disgusted.

Tacitus / about 55-about 120/rimsky historian "" History "" 5 is

Jews have always been behind the Christian persecutors. They traveled around the country, everywhere hating and undermining the foundations of the Christian faith.

MARI Justinian / 100-165/rimsky philosopher

Woe to this nation of the Jews, for he is nasty and treacherous, and in his heart, every wicked trick. Cursed be this diabolical and treacherous Jewish people, who lived only tricks. Today, they have only praise to rebuild their synagogue, which was destroyed by the Christians. This, of course, I will not do, for God forbids me.

Guntram / 525-593 / 561-593 King of Burgundy, Chronicles of Gregory of Tours / 540-594 /

It is incomprehensible to me that so far no one has cast these beasts, whose breath is like death. Do not destroy every wild beasts devouring people, even if they have a human face? Are Jews by anyone other than the people eaters?

MOHAMMED / about 570-632 / religious preacher, the great prophet, the founder of Islam. Koran

Because of their injustice, we forbade Jews something good that they used to be allowed, because they are far estranged from the religion of God, and engaged in usury, that they are forbidden, and illegally absorbed the property of others. You should never expose them to tire / Jews / cheats. They are liars, almost without exception.

Koran, 4th ch. Department of Sur.

Great about the Jews (from the 7th to the 18th century)Jews who live scattered around the world, but still cling to each other — cunning, full of hatred towards people and dangerous creatures that need to be treated like a venomous snake, as if to let her at least for a moment to lift her head, she certainly bite, and bite her, of course, death.

Abd al-Al-Jilani KVADIR / 1077-1166 / largest Sufi preacher, a Muslim scholar

My advice is not to destroy the Jews, and to punish them according to their own vices. Would not it be fairer to all — take from them all that they usurped by fraud? What they have, stolen their vile way, and so they still remain unpunished for their insolence, the stolen property they should be selected from them again. What I say, we all know. For it is not honest in arable farming, not legitimate military service, not by any good work they filled their barns with bread, their cellars — wine, your purse — money, their lockers — gold and silver, and much more by deception and secret stingy stolen goods thieves, and they become valuable for pennies.

Peter the Venerable of Monbuasse / I094-1156 / better known as Peter Cluny, scientist and writer, famous abbot of the monastery of Cluny.

Jews should not be allowed to have what they have gained through usury from others. It would be better if they did, so honestly make a living by doing nothing because they become more greedy.

ST. Thomas Aquinas / 1225-1274 / medieval Catholic philosopher

Expect honesty and truth of the Jews — the same thing that the alleged innocence of an old prostitute.

Manavi Al Mawlid / 1376 -? / Scholar of the Muslim world

It is clear that the rejection of the Jewish usury developed above and below. I favor legal means fencing people from exploitation of Jewish usury and fraud. Is it possible that foreign aliens ruled the world not because of its strength or courage sublime virtues, but only through their wretched money? Dare this people gratuitously gorging through the sweat of peasants and artisans?

Abbe TRITGAYM Wurzburg / 1462-1516 /

What a rip-off and peeling skin, soluble Yids, the poor, who can not continue to tolerate this … Have mercy on them, O God! Jewish moneylenders quickly take root even in small villages, and if they lend five florins, that require a deposit of six times. With the interest they charge interest and with all this interest again, so that the poor lose everything he had. All this is beyond all measure, and then it is impossible to tolerate.

Erasmus / 1466-1536 / Dutch scientist, humanist Renaissance

All cowardly sighs and their delectable / Jews / heart full of desire to ever do to us Gentiles, just as they did with the heathen in Persia at the time of Esther. Oh, how they love the book of Esther, which is so in tune with their bloodthirsty, vengeful and killing the aspirations and hopes! The sun never shone more bloodthirsty and vengeful people who fancy themselves because the people of God that I should kill and choke infidels. None of the other people in the sun is not as greedy as they are, that there will be greedy, as indicated by their cursed usury. They comfort themselves with the thought that when the Messiah comes, he will collect and share the gold and silver of the world between them. Should be disposed of their prayer books and books of the Talmud, which teaches them godlessness, lies, blasphemy. Young Jews and Jewesses be given hoes, axes, spades, spinning wheels, spindles, that they earn their bread in the sweat of their brow. Princes and legislators sit and snore their mouths open and allow the Jews to take, steal, rob, what they want out of their wallets and open chests. Yes, it is! They allow the Jewish usury all they have to suck and remove their skins. They turn themselves in begging for their very own money. Jews take our money and property owners made our own country.

MARTIN LUTHER / 1483-1546 / church reformer, founder of Lutheranism. "Luther's Works"

In all the countries where they were, the Jews always bring a lot of harm to the local population, and I do not have Hoch in my state of bad people. The Jews travel to Russia with the bid is not handsome, so that many of them dashing made that boiled zeli brought to Russia from Christianity and Christians averted.

JOHN IV / 1530-1584 / Russian tsar. From a letter to the Polish king Augustus Sigiemundu

Jews represent a tribe raznosyaschee so strong contagion, moral lepers, and so dangerous, that deserve to be destroyed before birth … The Jews — people are always low, creepy, evil, isolated, closed, to avoid all contact with other people, which he pursues a brutal contempt, incurring thereby totally deserved contempt on their part.

GIORDANO BRUNO / 1548-1600 / Italian philosopher, scientist and materialist philosopher. Works Spatstsio 1888, Volume 2, ctr.500.

They / Jews / English people gnaw bones.

JOHN AIDS / 1552-1629 / English historian and cartographer

The whole world is suffering from the usury of the Jews, their monopolies and swindles. They threw a lot of poor people into poverty, especially the peasants, workers and the poor. The chosen people of the nation are the real people of this country and the other members of immigrating, race or nation in a country should be regarded as a benefit only human visitors. Legal and legislative established by citizens of this country, but not a bunch of foreigners, who were equipped with the monstrous dose of laziness and poor vocabulary, driven by strong passions and a pair of hungry eyes.

Clement U111 / 1592-1605 /

Freed Moscow from the wicked Jews!

Kozma Minin /? — 1616 / / Kuzma Minich Zahara Sukhorukov / one of the organizers and leaders of the struggle for the liberation of the Russian people of the Russian state from the Polish-gentry invaders in the early seventeenth century

To me it is not clear why long had destroyed these bloodthirsty animals! Did not kill at once wild beasts devouring people, even if they were humanoid beasts? Did Jews fighters people?

Mirza Hassan Khan / 1649 -? / Scholar of the Muslim world

Evreinov … who continue to come to Moscow for concealment products, those evreyan embassy in order to send in order that evreyan with goods and products without been told not to miss.

Bogomolov / 1661-1682 / 1676 from the decree of the Russian Tsar

I prefer to see in my country, Muslims and pagans than Jews. The latter are liars and crooks. I eradicate evil, and not rasplozhayu, they will not get permission to settle and put his affairs, not for them I would Russia dwellings or trade, but about how he tried and near to me or bribe officials.

PETER THE GREAT 1 / 1672-1725 / Russian Emperor

Jews — nothing more than an ignorant, despised and barbarous people, who of old joins Dirty disgusting greed with superstition and insurmountable hatred to all the peoples among whom they are tolerant and by which they enriched. They are the most vicious and the most controversial of the small nations. Small Jewish nation dares to show a relentless hatred of the property of other people, they crawled when they are unsuccessful, and prosperity in vysokomernichayut Affairs.

JEAN FRANCOIS VOLTAIRE / 1694-1778 / French writer, thinker, philosopher and educator

In all countries where Jews have settled in large numbers, they have lowered their moral standard, commercial integrity, isolate themselves and can not be assimilated. They laughed at and tried to undermine the Christian religion. They established a state within a state, and in the case of opposition to them, seek to strangle the country to death financially. If we, by the Constitution, not to exclude them from / United States /, in less than two hundred years, they will rush in large numbers, will prevail, will swallow the country and change our form of government. If you do not exclude them, in less than two hundred years our descendants will be working in their fields in order to provide them with food, while the Jews will be rubbing their hands in exchange offices. I warn you, gentlemen, that if you do not exclude the Jews forever, your children will curse you in your graves.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN / 1706-1790 / American physicist and politician. From a speech in the discussion of the U.S. Constitution in 1787

Jews exist in different parts of Russia. From these haters of Christ, we can not expect anything good. Due to this fact, I am publishing the following order: all Jews, men and women, regardless of their status and wealth, and all their property should immediately get out of bounds. These enemies of Christ, I do not want to have any profit. As it was for our ancestors repeated edicts, most of our empire to the Jews living prohibited. But now we know who committed that these should Jews still in our Empire under different types of permit its continued, from whatever any other fruit, but tokmo, like a name from that of Christ the Savior to our loyal haters extreme damage should be expected. Inasmuch And our intention is obscene tained from all our loyal subjects of the Empire and of our happen which may occur the consequences are extremely thin to protect and avert, that so graciously commands: all of our Empire, such as the Great Russian, so then Little Russian cities, towns and villages, all male and female Jews, no matter who the rank and dignity may be, with the announcement of the decree, and all their possessions immediately sent abroad to continue the add no means in our Empire for nothing admit, is one of them wants to be a Christian faith Greek confession, then so is baptizing, they are allowed to live only in the state is no longer available.

Elizabeth Petrovna / 1709-1761 / Russian empress. Government decree of the Senate December 2, 1742

Rather one must add the pernicious harm the Jews, that is to say the Jews, well tell Judas traitors universally, so full izyasnenie give reasons for their expulsion from the Russian general definition of all Russian princes in 1113, not what readers might willingly false belief zhidah formed. Expelled them, Judas, from Russia for the great and evil murder killing poison the best people, Russian people. Dissemination otravnyh potions and deadly serious contagious diseases hitrokovarnymi sorts of ways, with the expansion, koi they are making a state affair. And since no conscience, no honor, no truth in the Jews, however, did not, then let them back in Russia — an act far worse treason. May I have that the state or republic, where many Jews exceedingly quickly to the decline or death will come, Inasmuch or Jews — the seeds of decay, neglect zlopagubnogo family traditions, good morals everywhere make. Especially dangerous are, natural-lenders bloodsuckers, assassins and conspirators for the everlasting Great Russia. Inasmuch as the Great Russian nation on earth most courageous, honest and hardworking, but the single-minded and open-hearted, that a considerable obstacle to the Understanding of the Jews and the secret of the Jesuits and the Freemasons. Immensely hospitality of the Russian people. Sim had once enjoyed, or may in the future use, if we or our descendants wise Decree 1742 consign to oblivion.

VNTatishchev / 1686-1750 / Russian historian and statesman. St. Petersburg, 1795

The rulers must not lose sight of the Jews, to prevent their entry into the wholesale trade, monitor the growth of their population and force them out of where else to plot nefarious deeds. There is nothing that infringes traders like the ill-profit that the Jews do.

FREDERICK THE GREAT 11 / 1712-1786 / King of Prussia

Henceforth, any Jew, no matter how he was called, should not be given the right to reside here without my written permission. I know no more harmful to the state of plague than this people, because of his skill by fraud, usury and money transactions to bring people to beggary and do all those things that disgust every honest man. Therefore, if possible, they will be moved and driven away.

Maria Theresa / 1717-1780 / Austrian Empress. Message from the office of the court in 1747

It is unfortunate that no State, older than that, do not afflict them like the plague society and the greatest enemies, the presence of which the "blessed with" America.

GEORGE WASHINGTON / 1732-1799 / first U.S. president. From the book "Maxims of Washington"

Jews showed animal hatred against the Roman Empire, they destroyed permanently violent killings and riots. Humanity shudders at pereskaeyvanii these heinous barbarity.

Edward Gibbon / 1737-1794 / English historian

Great about Jews (19th century)
In taverns, open the Pale Yids, the peasants are corrupted, deplete your life. Of 1650 pubs in 1548 belong to the Jews. Of 1297 tobacco shops in 1293 were also the property of the Jews.

GRDerzhavin / 1743-1816 / famous Russian poet, civil servant

Scattered everywhere, they form / Jews / people, a stranger in the land, where they find refuge.

Thomas Jefferson / 1743-1826 / third President of the United States of America

Cash in any state of a certain number of Jews as harmful to him, which in this case can not be guided by the general principles of the humane and the case here concerns the state question, therefore, is the responsibility of each State will set out how many of these aliens can be tolerated in a country without prejudice to the indigenous population.

Johann Gottfried Herder / 1744-1803 / German thinker and writer

They / Jews / have faith, blessing them for robbing foreigners.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe / 1749-1832 / German writer, philosopher and naturalist

They are the main troublemakers in the world … They are the vultures of humanity … They form a state within a state. Sure, they are not law-abiding citizens … The evil in them is not from individuals but from the fundamental nature of this people … The activities of the Jewish people from the time of Moses, because of all her disposition, was usury and extortion … The French government can not remain indifferent to the how low, lowered, capable of all sorts of crimes in the nation seizes his exclusive possession of the two great provinces of the old Eleasa. Jews have to consider, as a nation, not as a sect. This nation is a nation … I would like for some time to deprive them of the right to issue mortgage loans because it's too embarrassing for the French people to be this lower bound of the nation. Whole villages robbing Jews, they reintroduced slavery, these are real crows. The harm caused by the Jews, does not come from individuals, but from all of the people in general. This worms and locusts ravaging France.
I decided to fix the Jews, but I do not want them to have more than they have in my state. I do my best to show my contempt for this nefarious nations of the world.
The Jews are a nation capable of the most terrible crimes. I wanted to make them a nation of citizens, but they are unsuitable to anything except of second hand good. I was forced to declare a law against them for their usury and peasants of Alsace gave me their gratitude.
Philosophies Yid character will not change, they need exclusive special laws.
To the Jews regarded with disgust, but I must admit that they are really disgusting, they also despise, but that they are worthy of contempt.

Napoleon Bonaparte / 1769-1821 / Emperor of the French. From "Reflections" and speech-treatment to the State Council on 30 April and 7 May 1806.

Wandering Jew Ahasuerus — this personification of the Jewish people. Fatherland Jews are all the other Jews, so every Jew protects all Jews in the aggregate, more precisely its own altar and the home, and no other community in the world does not have the cohesion that we see the Jewish people. From this it is clear how pointless to grant Jews any right to participate in the affairs of government. Jews are the greatest virtuosos of lies.

Arthur Schopenhauer / 1788-1860 / The great German philosopher

The Russian government, though every man has the protection and mercy, but, however, must first of all to think about, that no one can resist the state order, the private and the public welfare. Even more so all should be designed to avoid adverse effects to the Christians of the close link between the contents of the Jews and the Christians directed. Amicable relationship between the Jews have the consequence that, as soon as they are admitted to a place, you will inevitably make the monopolists and supersede all other contenders. These things can be clearly seen in those provinces where they have their residence. All trade there in their hands and there is little farmers who have no means of debt in their hands were, and why they are ruining horribly land where residence … It can not go on any longer this situation, which states hostile relations of Jews to Christians and their places / Jews / to a position contrary to public order in the State.

Pavel Pestel / 1793-1826 / Colonel Decembrist

Jews are heavily exploited unhappy people, they are the real leeches, scattered around and suck the blood out of a population. The main reason for the ruin of the peasants are the Jews, who are second in importance after the landowners for his ability to exploit them unhappy population. They are all here: merchants, contractors, landlords taverns, millers, suppliers, craftsmen, etc. They are so clever in obmanyvanii people that provide money in advance for neposeyannye reduce the price of bread and crop prices before the field has not yet been removed. They are ordinary leeches that suck all and completely drain the area.

NICHOLAS 1 / 1796-1855 / Russian emperor. Of diary entries made during a trip to Belarus.

They are free now, these Jews, they gentlemen. Slapped a slap — that they are now on the throne of the world.

Jules Michelet / 1798-1874 / French historian

Jews form their own society and, subject to their own laws, they know how to bypass the laws of the country hosting them. When investigating the thefts, rare Jew is involved either as an accomplice or as an adopter. For the accumulation of wealth for them all good. In the war of 1812 the Jews were spies on both sides, thus betraying each.

Helmuth von Moltke / 1800-1891 / German general

France gradually climbs infamous Jewish soul — i'ame sordide de juif.

Victor Hugo / 1802-1885 / French writer

We have some strange heirs in 1789: the inheritance received is not us, and the Jews who came with us even worse than Esau with Jacob. They did not give us a lentil soup, but left himself and dish, intending it for the pork barrel. Liberty, equality and fraternity — we have only the words: freedom in our relative, equality lies in the fact that for a Jew who owns millions and billions, receives thousands of Frenchmen, starving, as for brotherhood, it's just Cain brotherhood.

EDWARD Drouhin Luis de / 1805-1881 / French politician

It would deprive the Jews of civil rights and to provide them with special laws.
ToART RICHARD LEPTSIUS / 1810-1884 / German professor, Egyptologist, linguist

Jew continues to monopolize money and frees up state or throat suffocates its release or its financial tension strings … He has equipped himself mechanism presses used to destroy the foundations of society. He is at the root of all … the company, which will destroy primarily thrones, altars, and then, finally, the public order.
In the hour of danger for the country, a Jew, opening and closing his purse, or able to support it or to contribute to its defeat.
The day will come when all the peoples among whom the Jews lived, the question of their polls exile, will be a matter of life or death, health or chronic disease, peaceful lives, or eternal social fever.

Franz Liszt / 1811-1886 / Hungarian pianist and composer

The present situation of the world is that the Jews are more than equal rights. They dominate and will dominate until the money saved power, before which all our aspirations are powerless and deed. Judaism is a devilish conscience of civilization. Jew speaks the language of the nation in which he lives from generation to generation, but he always says to him as a stranger. And our European art, and our civilization are foreign to Jews. In our language, our art Jew can only finish, add — too much for him to create a work of genuinely own words, the creation of their own activities. The first of the characteristic features of the Semitic pronunciation — that offends our ears, as something completely alien and uncomfortable — the Jewish way of making sounds reminiscent of creaking, squeaking, or nasal sniff … This way of speaking immediately evokes a feeling unbearably chaotic chatter. Cold indifference of this particular sob never rise to the heights of true sincere passion. Jew — a flexible demon decline of humanity.

Wilhelm Richard Wagner / 1813-1883 / German composer, conductor

We Jews do not have their homeland. They have something European, cosmopolitan. They are nomads. Press down one Jew from all sides hear a scream.

Otto von Bismarck SHENHAUZEN / 1815-1898 / first chancellor of German Empire

I do not believe that a Jew can be a good member of the House of Representatives, for he is a direct follower of the Talmud, the trends which are immoral, anti-social and anti-national. Jews directly and indirectly cause agitation and revolution. They contributed to the ruin and misery similar creations immoral and cunning tricks. Cause of hatred to them lies in the nature of Judaism, which unites its adherents on immoral grounds.

CHARLES NYUDIGEYT / 1816-1887 / English politician, a member of the House of Representatives. From the speech of March 22, 1858

Judaism — an effective enzyme cosmopolitanism and national decomposition.

Theodor Mommsen / 1817-1903 / German historian

Jews were not slow to take advantage of the warm hospitality nahlynuv from Germany and Austria entire flow within the dominion of Poland and western Russian lands. Having studied all the weaknesses of the Polish people, the aliens will soon seized the not only the entire trade and industry, but they managed to take hold and pockets, and the soul of the Polish gentry.
Jewish element — the most dangerous, the most harmful to the life and accomplishment of any state, for this element, as drevotochivy worm undermines foundations of the state, accounting for that status in statu. State taking of the Jewish tribe of the state, hoping to assimilate it with their indigenous people, sadly mistaken, because in this case it takes the back-breaking, labor of Sisyphus and like a man who swallowed a stone, thinks that his body will digest the stone. Jews are given to us from Poland and Russia, may be in the future, will not a little work, effort and trouble in the fight with the Jews, the current pernicious and detrimental to the Russian people.

S.M.SOLOVEV / 1820-1879 / Russian historian, academician, Rector of Moscow University

Well, what if it was not the Jews in Russia, three million, and Russian, and the Jews would have been 80 million — well, what would they have asked the Russian and as they looked down upon them? They gave them to catch up with them in the rights? Would not get directly to the slaves? Even worse, not stripped to the skin at all? Do not be beaten to the ground, before the final destruction, as they do with other people's nationalities in the old days, the ancient the story?
In the outskirts of our Ask the native population that drives the Jews and what motivated them for so many centuries. Get a unanimous answer: mercilessness, moved their many centuries alone us ruthlessness and lust fed alone with our sweat and blood.
Point to any other tribe from Russian aliens, which would, in its terrible impact could be in this sense a Jew. Not find this, and in this sense the Jews retain all its original character to other Russian aliens, and the reason, of course, the "status Institute Articles» / State of the State / him, the spirit which breathes this particular ruthlessness of that, that is not a Jew, This disrespect for every people and nation, and to every human being who is not a Jew.
Forty centuries to exist on the earth, that is, during the entire historical period of mankind, even in such a tight and indissoluble union, to lose so many times their territory, their political independence, laws, almost even faith to lose and every time again to connect again to revive the old idea, though in a different form again create itself and the laws, and almost belief — no, a hardy people, a remarkably strong and vibrant nation, so unprecedented in the world people could not exist without a "state within a state", which he kept always and everywhere during the worst millennial scattering and persecution of their …
Without going into the nature and depth of the subject, can be represented at least some signs of a "state within a state", at least at least outwardly. Signs are: alienation and otchudimost the degree of religious dogma, nesliyannost, the belief that there is only one in the world people's identity — a Jew, and the other is at least, but you still need to consider that as they did not exist.
"Get out of the people and put together their individual, and know that since you are one with God, the other to destroy, or reversible slaves or exploited. Believe in the victory over the world, believe that all things … And while you live, shun, and one operated, and wait … "
Here are the ideas of a "state within a state", and then, of course, are internal, and can be, and the mysterious laws protecting this idea … to attribute a "state within a state" only one persecuted and self-preservation — is not enough … The strongest civilization in the world was less than half of forty centuries and lost political power and tribal look. There is not one of self-preservation is the main reason, as an idea, the motive which impels and something global and profound, on what could be the human race is unable to utter his last words.

Fyodor Dostoevsky / 1821-1881 / "Diary of a Writer", March 1877

They are like people who violate any trade order, established by the State Treasury … should cast out …

ULYSSES SIMPSON GRANT / 1822-1885 / President of the United States

Liberalism is about Jews — is bondage to the Russian people.

Aksakov / 1823-1886 /, Russian writer and social activist

In eastern Europe, the Jew is like a cancer, slowly eats into the very body of another nation. Exploitation of other people — it is his goal. Selfishness and a lack of personal courage — his main characteristics, self-sacrifice and patriotism, taken together, are completely alien to him.
To the present day Jewish creeps everywhere, demanding equality, but equality does not really want it, for all its stores statutes: it requires the same guarantees enjoyed by all, and, in addition, requires exceptional laws for themselves. He wants to take advantage of nations, not as such, and not taking part in the performance of the national debt. For this in any case and can never go to any people. Represent the nation's military institutions, the sword and sword-based protected: they are peasants and soldiers. Jews are not contributing to their establishment. Here precisely lies the biggest misunderstanding that underlies all Jewish claims. Alien being tolerated, the country can be useful, but on the condition that he not possessed the land. Unfair to yourself, equal rights with the family, the house is not built like you, like birds, were arranged in another nest, like the snails, which are collected in a sink of another breed.
Anti-Semitism is not a "sign of lack of culture", but rather gifted and cultured people of all ages and all people who came into contact with the Jews, were staunch anti-Semites. Anti-Semitism has always been the hallmark of enlightened minds.

Ernst Renan / 1823-1892 / French historian and philosopher. From the book "The Antichrist"

If you could throw off the neck of the nation of the Jewish monopoly, without triggering a war with Great Britain — the problem of peace in South Africa would be solved.

PAUL KRUGER / 1825-1904 / Boer statesman, President of the Transvaal

This is foreign to the body in living organisms other nations of the disease, decay and death. Jews are alien to the peoples of Europe and how outsiders bring with them only the decomposition. With trichina and bacilli not negotiate and not to re-them, and try to destroy as soon as possible. I would have taken away from the Jews first of all what they are, namely — money.

Paul de Lagarde / 1827-1891 / German linguist and orientalist, Professor, University of Gottingen

They / Jews / all filled, all undermined, but for them the spirit of this age. They are the root of the revolutionary social movement and the regicide, they own the periodical press, in their hands the money market to them gets into monetary slavery mass of the people, they rule and the beginning of this science, is seeking to become a Christian. And for all that — just raising a question of them raised a chorus of voices in the name of supposed civilization and tolerance, ie indifference to faith.

KP Pobedonostsev / 1827-1907 / statesman RUSSIA, chief procurator of the Synod.

The emancipation of the Jews on the terms they offer, in the course of history would lead to a crisis, when Christians need to be emancipated.

Friedrich Hebbel / 1831-1863 / German poet

Jews represent a decaying, excitatory cosmopolitan element in the family of the other nations. They do not mix with the surrounding population, and are working hard to breakdown and destruction of beliefs, customs, way of life and economic well-being of this population. Due to his special talents, Jews often sought temporal power, but the same properties always pay their success in defeat.

ALBERT FREDERICK Everhard Schäffle / 1831-1903 / German economist and sociologist

I object to the admission of the Jews, because they are great money lenders around the world. They do not care whether they support good or bad deeds. Subsequently, the nations of the world are groaning from prohibitively heavy tax system and the national debt. They are always the greatest enemies of freedom.

Devonshire SPENCER COMPTON Cavendish, Lord Hartington / 1833-1908 / statesman and political figure UK Secretary of State. From the speech of July 12, 1856 in the House of Lords.

Hostility, fueled Yids from time immemorial to all other peoples, is international in nature and, therefore, the decision lies with the Yid question the responsibility of all states. Jews are not threatened by this or that people individually, and all of humanity.
Not just profiteering, but generally the audacity which distinguishes Jews in all fields, are for the folk elements with something unbearable, and in the future must become absolutely intolerable. Intellectual dullness, lack of any sense of justice, extreme arrogance, serving the most heinous forms — that combined together in zhidovstve …

Eugen Dühring / 1833-1921 / German philosopher, assistant professor at Berlin University.

Jews — a nation within a nation state within a state, a race in another race. They — the opposite of the German spirit.
/ Judaism / — Alien drop of blood in our national body: it is — a devastating force. We must cherish the characteristic features of our national spirit, the German spirit: hard work and devotion — our national heritage.

ADOLF plug / 1835-1909 / priest court of Emperor Wilhelm I and Wilhelm II, the founder of the Christian Social Workers' Party

Great about Jews (20th century)
This tribe has no fatherland, and wherever it may come, is trying to destroy the sense of patriotism, rastlevaya human minds. Jews seek to create a world republic, then they will be masters of the world. We are more afraid of everything the Jews and keep them to yourself. We see how they took possession of the United States and Europe. We can say that in their hands all the accumulated wealth of the world. War is largely dependent on the Jews, because of the accumulation of capital in their hands. They play the world markets, as balls. We saw it during the war. RUSSIA has been strong and the strong spirit until it was shattered Jews, Jews destroy Russia, they shook the stability of its patriotism. They destroyed and France and other European countries.

Okuma Shigenobu MOBUCHUM / 1838-1922 / Prime Minister of Japan

The damn race, having no more than their homeland, their ruler, the parasite lives of nations, pretending that recognizes their laws, but in reality only obedient to their god robbery, blood and hate, performing everywhere predatory mission of conquest, are appropriate under this god , to arrange in every nation, like a spider in the middle of their networks to trap their victims, suck the blood of all gorging through other people's lives!

Emile Zola / 1840-1902 / French writer. From the book «Nouvelle Campagne», 1896.

Jews' question has nothing to do with religious intolerance. Cancel a Jewish social laws — a crime. It defenseless people at the mercy is given to these wild animals.

ERNST Bruges / 1840-19? / Ostsee writer

One hundred years ago, a revolution, to embrace the whole human race, has opened its arms to the Jews, who immediately began to suck the juice out of all those who did not know how to deal with them. Napoleon understood the error of the revolution. He said: "We can not allow the Jews to the authorities, as it is the most despicable race in the world." And now is the realm of Jewish lords! Cashing all unrighteousness huge state, Jews today are striving to seize governmental power in their hands …
Jews deprived our country its characteristic halo honesty … As Jews who participate in our public affairs, then by looking at their actions, inadvertently pose a question: are they tools of a mysterious power? Jews are the instrument of social corruption, I do not desire their death, not even require their exile, and I only wish that they do not provide power, and were not allowed to senior positions.
Jews — the special people and if they are French or Austrian nationals, only to exploit France or Austria. They did not hesitate to declare publicly their formidable solidarity, so that they form an association, far more powerful than the Jesuits and the Freemasons. It is time the government restrain their Jewish sympathies and preferences before have Jews by Christians. All branches of management are more and more crowded with Jews. In Nancy, for example, the tax collector, all the advisers prefecture — the Jews, the Attorney General — a Jew. If so you just can not do without the Jews, then assign them to more distant from the border departments, where less room for traitors. Do not forget about the machinations of the Jews who were "not having at hand that sell" sell Fatherland.

HECTOR DENNIS / 1842-1913 / French politician, member of the Royal Academy of Belgium. From a speech at the French Parliament in 1898

Alien and remained a stranger to the people / Jews / strive to win starting positions.

ALEXANDER III / 1845-1894 / Russian Emperor

In France, there is indeed a Jewish question. Great Rabbi Dreyfus, entering his duties, said that "the Jews should keep their traditions." Renan says, "Talmudic Jew, being indifferent to whatever the interest was often whip for the neighbors." The number of Jews is growing, they capture in their hands all of our credit facilities and railways. French Jewish question facing the same thing we see in Algeria, where public gatherings have expressly required the expulsion of this race, disgraced humanity's time to take steps to ensure that France would not ended up completely in the hands of the minority, are resistant to assimilation.

CLOVIS A 'SOUTH / 1851-1907 / French politician, member of parliament

The bill, which offered hereby will meet as necessary to hope, general praise, because he has in mind the national interest and public safety. The facts ascertained in recent decades / s to the third of / in all branches of the administration, show a steady strengthening of the Jewish, ie cosmopolitan element. And if nothing deter further invasions of those who set out to ruthlessly exploit France and make her prey of foreign powers, our country before the end of the twentieth century will disappear from the map of Europe.
A century ago a Jew is nothing of itself is not. Little by little, however, he began to occupy public positions, and statistics show that it is now one-third of officers — the Jews. A significant part of movable and immovable property in France belongs now to the Jews. Industry and Trade France is in complete dependence on them. Large companies controlled by them and in the end they flooded him our most precious heritage — the army.
Not to mention Panama — This large-scale fraud, which cost France 1, 400 million francs, they are responsible for all the financial collapse. Costs are only colonies to their enrichment and, finally, to top it off, one of them / Dreyfus / foreigners sold secrets of national defense, it is too favorable to the Jews come, giving them access to public office. These aliens can not feed your sincere love of the fatherland, which explains the issue of state secrets and discoveries, which are the enemies of France. It is time to put an end to the claims of those who want to make a second from France to Poland and on its ruins create all of the Jewish domination of the tribe.

Paul de Beauregard / 1853-1919 / count, writer, progressive Republican, member of French Parliament.

Only one country every effort to enter Rome suitable mode failed, with only one way people cope normal Romans failed: this country was Palestine, these people were Jews. Consider the sequence of the Jews tried almost every conceivable form of government and international relations — from friendly neutrality to gross militarism — and was finally brought to conviction of the need to destroy Jerusalem and evict residents from their homeland. In other words — a century of experience and the natural political wisdom not suggested otherwise Romans Jewish question than the one to which resorted once Shalmaneser and Nebuchadnezzar.

G.E.ZENGER / 1853-1915 / statesman RUSSIA Minister of Education, Senator, a corresponding member of the Imperial Academy nauk.Iz book "The Jewish question in ancient Rome", Warsaw, 1899.

The "Jew" comes a new "category". In Jew … no "grain" is not ours, not French, not German, not English. European anything and never will.
Jew san not only untalented, but — shockingly untalented: instead of all the talents has one large trunk, buttery, sweet, suck the soul and the gift of each of its neighbors, the city, the country …
All Jews — from Spinoza to Gruzenberg — can not deny that when you say the word "Jews" all around t feel suspicion, mistrust, bad WAIT, WAIT FOR ME … TROUBLES
… That, my dear Russian: a comprehensive distrust and from such ancient times — can not have a reason to him. And so the Jews in every way and do not enter into any relationship with them. If walking down the street, you will see a figure from a distance, "as if a Jew" — potupte eyes and thus not See the ITS. Glancing at each other with a Jew — you are no longer a few Russian and several obevreilis. Seeing a room / guest / where talking Jew, do not enter into it, and if where you sit — come Jew and start talking — conspiracy, third zasporte with someone that not only did not listen, but do not hear, take care of the mind the Jews! Protect your eyes and ears of the Jews.
Jews settled sprutoobrazno. Suck, because they have the tips of the legs, arms, head — with prisosochkami. And suck, to which they might be put. Suck, like breathing. Sucking to them as breathing. They can not be judged, condemn …
Of liquid at all sugary. They lick you, and you are pleased to be under their warm, wet tongue. You soak. And do not notice that you have started eating … So they ate, Egypt and Rome. On the right, with the fold and frivolous Europe and Russia, they have no value. They are only "pretending" to other nations. They give for "gold" and "the whole land of ours …"
Jews try to insist and make "real steps" to change our form of government. Meanwhile, we are not allowed to change at even a method of slaughter. Why the difference? Why do they have the right, and we have no right? No, gentlemen, "the collar-it" holds not a Russian Jew, a Jew of Russian. Is not forced mysterious hypnosis unhappy forget our homeland and Yaroslav the Wise, and Alexander Nevsky, and many others?
Now … in every edition sits a Frank, has a love Gurevich. They do not write little or write. But they control and direct. ..
Hebrews … is obviously easier to cease to be, rather than overturn this mass of evidence and proof …… Do you understand now that every honest and loving home and truly invincible Russian feels curse the Jews of Russia? Nations around them will forever rickety, pale, anemic and weak. As a person with a tapeworm …
Jews crucified Christ … They have been crucified, and crucified. Still-TO BE defeated they. Here's the thing. There will be the coming of the great and will cover all OMEGA.

VVRozanov / 1956-1919 / Russian writer, essayist, philosopher

This is the real enemy / Jews /, entering from the east …

George Bernard Shaw / 1856-1950 / English writer. From the newspaper "Morning Post" of December 3, 1925

Crimes committed by Jews for the most part offenses against property — they are thieves, arsonists, thieves, pickpockets. Although they practiced in all these types of crime, but pickpocketing is their favorite profession, rascals of all other nationalities recognize unanimously override ability of Jews in this art.
Lured beauties … girls promise lucrative income or marriage, and sell them to brothels — in Buenos Aires or in Africa. I know a Jew who married 120 times and sold all the 120 women in the brothels. In murders of Jews involved more as instigators.

Theodore Alfred Bingham / 1858-1934 / U.S. Brigadier General, the police commissioner of New York. Bingham from the report published in the journal «North American Review» August 1908

Zionists are not a direct threat to Turkey, but the Jews — is widespread plague, which we would like to be free.

WILHELM 11 / 1859-1941 / German emperor

Although we, Hungarians, demand for the country and its people more rights, in fact we are totally defeated nation that does not have anything that he could call his own. Jews took over Hungary and are the absolute masters, both in public and economic relations. Trade and industry in the hands of the Jews, as well as of the entire press. The same can be said of the banks, and half of doctors and lawyers — the Jews, etc. Absolutely impossible to prevent their activity, and the person who would have done it certainly would have been killed by man. But worst of all, the people are now no longer the same love of country and he says that we are to home when it's all in the hands of the Jews. Hungarian social democratic movement is a Jewish swindle, is headed by Jews.
I do not know the nature of the Finnish people, but I think it also has to fight against Jewish frauds honest and lawful means — and would have died. Have the same fate that befell us! If you are sure you want to open up their country for some alien tribe to you, then you will be much more profitable to invite our highway robbers, Gypsies than Jews. Of their attacks can be found in the protection of the law, but against the Jewish domination does not exist. Jews executing attacks under the protection of the law and the consequences are much worse than simple attacks of robbers.

BELA Vikor / 1859-1945 / ethnographer, a member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. From an interview with «Lahti» on April 12, 1910, № 34

Provide Judaism take over, incalculable power, financial gain — and you will be presented unmasked murderer, despot, Shylock, relentless and merciless as death itself.

Jacob Elon Conner / 1862 -? / Consul. From the book "Jesus was not a Jew," New York, 1936.

Wherever Jews went, followed him curse disgust other people. Jews as a race, have never loved, did not deny and most Orthodox Jew, although he explains it in his own way. . . Even in modern times, in civilized countries, under conditions that exclude the possibility of persecution, this dislike continues.
Does the Russian Jewish question? Undoubtedly, and with the acute form. Should it be allowed? Undoubtedly, and with the all the possible measures to pour they carried with them the light and healing. And yet, in the spirit of Russian Jewry has become so great force, which is absolutely enslaved Russian spirituality. Whether it is in Romania, Russia, Austria, Germany or in any place where the Jewish question was how to turn life's problems, the main reason for all of this to be found in the Jewish spirit quest for domination.
Everyone who is in the United States, or in any other country will try to do the Jewish question must be ready to hear the reproach of anti-Semitism or get scornful nickname "pogromist." He had nothing to expect any support from the public, either by the press. Every writer, publisher, or a person with an interest in Jewish affairs, is revered zhidonenavistnikom, is considered the only valid explanation of public discussion of the Jewish question.
The Jew believes that the world belongs to him alone on the right and he does not, in fact, nothing else but only collects the property. The shortest way to do this — is the destruction of the existing order by the coup. Jews owned by Russia. All there is in fact theirs.
International Jews and their supporters who are conscious enemies of all that we understand by the Anglo-Saxon culture, in fact more numerous than it seems frivolous mass of people, which protects all that makes a Jew, as she told that all Jewish leaders are doing, fine. Expose Control 50 more wealthy Jewish financiers, who are creating a war for their own profit — and the war will be abolished.

HENRY FORD / 1863-1947 / American avtopromyshlennik. From the newspaper «New-York Times», March 8, 1925

Our Jewish friends are always complaining that they are being treated like a very special race, and yet, they are trying to do everything possible to break away from the rest of society and highlight their interests. We were their friends, we defended them, preached tolerance and love for him, we discussed and decried gusts hate this race. Nevertheless, we must admit that at times we just make losing patience Jews excite the wrath of every nation, of which the lodge, his haughty condemnation of all the most sacred precepts, and his insistence, throughout the world, the desire to be a race within the race. They crucified only for one thing: for the Jews, for Jewish law for the protection of the Jews for Judaism. But in this country / America / there is no Jewish law, the Irish are no rules, no rights of the Japanese, there is only U.S. law.

FREDERICK (Henry) LYNCH / 1867-1934 / Protestant pastor. From preaching in 1908.

As a friend of the Jewish race, I want to state that if the American people possess the belief that the Jewish race and communism are identical, then a chance of mayhem in the U.S., compared with which the royal massacre will look small parade.

JAMES WATSON GERARD / 1867-1951 / U.S. Ambassador. From the newspaper «New-York Times», October 8 1988r.

The real threat to our country in the invisible government which like a giant octopus, spreads its tentacles over our city, state and nation. At the head of this octopus is a small group of banking houses, which are usually referred to as "international bankers." This small artery of powerful international bankers actually controls our government in their own selfish purposes.

JOHN F.HAYLAN / 1868-1936 / New York City mayor. From the speech of March 26, 1922

Bolshevism — is the desire of all the Jews of the world to the destruction of nations.

GEORGE SMITH WILSON / 1869-1934 / social activist U.S.

Every Jew is born into the world with God's ordained mission to be a Russian writer. Harder than the next day I believe in the great world mysterious destiny of my country, and I love her unrelenting Christian soul. But I want the Jews to have been removed from her mother's care. … For 5000 years, every step of the Jew was sent to one religion — from birth to death, in trouble, drinking, sleeping, hate and joy, the whisper of the mother of the child, in greetings and rituals. And everywhere elaborated irrevocable aversion to a goy. And because every Jew has no connection with me, nor land, nor language, nor nature, nor blood, nor love, nor even hate.
Goes, is a Jew to Zion, ever comes. Every cell of the body tends to Zion. What is a Jew in a foreign country to build their house, decorate a foreign land with flowers, to respect others' work, bread, water, customs and language? Everything will be a hundred times more beautiful there, in Zion. That is why he and his eternal wanderer vital natural contempt for our entire, earth. That is why he is physically dirty, because in all his creative work of a third-rate, because it is so brutally devastating forest, because he is indifferent to nature, other people's language and the fate of nations, because it is most often human commodities trader, a thief, a liar, a provocateur, a spy , remaining, however, pure Jew.
 AIKuprin / 1870-1938 / Russian writer

Because of the specific features of the Jewish people, only they are typical, it is not correct to look as a nation, but as pernicious to the state in terms of sect.
All of the most exalted ideas of humane, the most indisputable legal theory as applied to break this unfortunate people. Affects whether this curse for the innocent blood of Christ, or the peculiar historical conditions here are guilty, but the Jews undoubtedly endowed with all the qualities of infectious bacteria. Like them, the Jews have an amazing ability to reproduce and the poisoning of any living organism in which they are rooted. Hatred of the peoples of all times is the best proof that it is not a superstition.

VICTOR STROGANOV / 18? — 19? / From "Russkiy natsionalizm, his essence, istoriya and Challenges", St. Petersburg, 1912

Despite the considerable ability of the Jews to the device in the United States, there is anti-Semitism, which is just more pronounced in the higher strata of society. In many American cities, Jews were not accepted in the local community, in the universities, where the Jews are a large number of the students Americans exclude them from their environment.

Calvin Coolidge / 1872-1933 / President of the United States. From the book «Les Etats Unis puissance mondiale»

There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and genuine participation in the Russian revolution, international Jewish atheists. Moreover, the main inspiration and driving power comes from Jewish leaders. In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews more than amazing, and the main part in the conduct of terror established by the Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution, was carried out by Jews, and in some cases, Jewish. The same devilish reputation was achieved by Jews during the Terror, when the Hungarian rules Bela Kun.
It seems that the Gospel of Christ and the preaching of Antichrist were destined to be born in the depths of the same people, and that this mystic and mysterious race had been chosen for the highest manifestations of both the divine and the diabolical …. World-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of culture and remaking society on stopping progress, envious malice and unthinkable equality continued to grow steadily.
He was the mainspring of all subversive movements of the 19th century, and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities scum great cities of Europe and America, and grabbed his hair is in possession of the Russian people, effectively becoming the owner of the undivided vast empire. There is no need to exaggerate the role of these international and for the most part atheistic Jews in the creation of Bolshevism and in the conduct of the Russian Revolution. Their role is certainly very high, it is probably far outweighs the role of all the rest.

WINSTON CHURCHILL / 1874 — 1965 / Prime — Minister of the UK. From a speech in the House November 5, 1919

Jew always feeds on the blood of other people, he always needed the murder and the victim. The victory will come only when the whole world will be free of Jews.

Julius Streicher / 1885 — 1945 / German politician

Is there in the world even one unclean thing, though one shamelessness of any sort and was primarily in the cultural life of the people, which would not have been involved in at least one Jew? Like any abscess find a worm or maggot it, so any dirty stories certainly natolkneshsya on little Jew.

ADOLF HITLER / 1889-1945 / head of the German government, Chancellor, President. From the book «Mein Kampf».

Most of the indigenous population of the USSR consists of representatives of the three races (at Von Eickstedt): Eastern European, and Turanian tungidnoy. These three races, very mixed and closely akin to each other, share a number of psychological traits which determine the history and cultural face of Russia-Eurasia.
Meanwhile, the Jews did not belong to any of these races, and are for the Russia-Eurasia completely foreign body. Psychological traits characteristic of their race, are alien to the history and cultural make-up of Russia — Eurasia and have a corrosive effect on the native population. And therefore should be banned from the Jews in Russia — Eurasia what else posts and indigenous forbid to marry Jews or representatives of some other alien races of Eurasia, for example, blacks, Indians, etc. / as at crossing racial traits only split the Mendelian, but do not cease to exist as such /.

NS Trubetskoy / 1890-1938 / prince, linguist, founder of Eurasianism

Jews hate us, animals, before effective, full of such burning, concentrated passion that we are thrown alive into the fire fighting, sleeping, warped, torn apart earlier than have time to blink an eye … in great glory of Israel! For the Masonic ideals! In the name of vengeance small Zhidkov who lost their cushy jobs in Germany! The glory of the stock exchanges, shares and commerce …
If I were a dictator, I would have passed a law … Imagine that I know a good tool to instantly calm, clear the international atmosphere, you would see how raced to breath — what am I saying? — Do not blow, and the stormy winds, these cyclones peaceful assurances, through all the borders! Doves of peace so and fell from the sky …

Louis-Ferdinand Céline / 1894 — 1961 / pseudonym of Louis-Ferdinand Destatuza French writer, doctor

The doctrine of hatred, as part of the religion, still comes from the literal interpreters of the Torah, the Talmud in by the Revolutionary communism in ozhidovlennoy Palestine, and elsewhere, where they had built her nest in the Western capitals.
It seems to me that the Jews throughout the world are also beginning to understand harm revolutionary Zionism — the twin of another destructive movement of our time — and it is possible that by the end of this century, and they will come to a decision on the need to follow paths that are common to all mankind.

Douglas Reed / 1895 — 1976 / British journalist and writer. From the book "The Controversy of Zion."

Deeply flawed nature of Jewry represents a mortal danger to the non-Jewish people among whom it lives like a painful internal tumors, poisoning and saps their bodies. The people who want to live, to understand the depth of Jewish danger and realizing to take radical steps to address it.
Jews in contact with the surrounding non-Jewish world, and taking an active part in the cultural and socio-political life of the non-Jewish people, are still Jews, by all means keep the internal identity and its internal organization, remain a "state within a state" with all its attendant dangers. Moreover, they try to assimilate the surrounding non-Jewish environment itself, ie subordinate its own influence.
Changing religion and nationality, such as gloves, wandering through the world under a variety of masks, "professions" and nationalities, The Eternal Jew — no matter what "assimilation" — remains under all circumstances a Jew, that is, alien parasite on the body of a national body, unprincipled, groundless and treacherous adventurer and seducers.
Jew is strong and terrible only because of ignorance and gullibility of the goyim. He is strong his dishonesty, his virtuoso ability to mimic, lies and deception. Tear away the mask with a Jew and a look at his distorted face millennial great hatred — and you turn away with a shudder of revulsion and disgust.

A. Gomel ideologue Vlasov Army. From "At the root of the great hatred," 1942.

Did the Jews — the same people? Then the same can be said of robbers, murderers, child molesters of children, pimps. Jews — a parasitic nation which grows as putrid mold the culture of healthy people. Against it, there is only one way — to cut it and throw it away. Appropriate only not the ruthless cold cruelty! The fact that Jews still live among us, does not prove that it also applies to us. Similarly, the flea becomes a pet just because it lives in the house. If you like to have the power, these Jews would have to be destroyed someday, like rats. In Germany, we thank God already took care of it. I hope the world will follow our lead.
Jews is suiting that after the horrific crimes committed against humanity, humanity is now forbidden to even think about it.

Paul Joseph Goebbels / I897-1945 / propaganda minister of the Third Reich. From the magazine «Reich» diaries and March 14 and April 4, 1945

Jews — political assassins and thieves creeping, which penetrate the governments of other nations and toppled them from the inside to the Jewish world could not fix his bloody regime of Bolshevism.Dr. Johann von Leers / 1902 — 195? / Professor of History, University of Vienna, a German writer, politician and propagandist. German Foreign Ministry officials in the 20's

Jews currently
No less interesting view themselves Jews "Jewish question" is important is not the fact "samopokayaniya" and self-flagellation, stems from human hatred for the Jews. Especially valuable is that reveal this overripe boil and centuries of relentless hostility themselves Jews.
Jews are so crowded that they can not contain neither any country. That's why they live in, and most of it being the richest country in Europe and Asia, the land and on the islands.

Philo BIBLSKY / 64 — 141 / Jewish writer and translator

Known Jewish activist and a versatile scholar theologian, philosopher, Talmudist and Biblical exegete / theological expositor of biblical texts / seventeenth century Manasseh ben Ierael / about 1604 — 1657 /, trying to get Cromwell in 1655 permits Jews to settle in England / and what made / motivated its request that the "Messianic Jewish aspirations can be realized only on the distribution of scattering on the Jewish world."
In the great intellectual work of scientists, the best thinkers and poets Jews had no part. Looking for the secret Jew not in his religion — look for secrets of religion in the real core … the emancipation of the Jew is the emancipation of society from the Judaizers …
What is the secular basis of Judaism? Material needs, self-interest. What earthly worship a Jew? Haggling. Who are their earthly god? Money … Money — that the zealous god of Israel. The empirical nature of Jewry — the haggling.

KARL MARX / 1818 — 1883 / founder of scientific communism. From the paper "On the zhidah."

No other people, we do not see such an immediate entry into a panic, as the Jews. Cowardice always characterized them, especially if they are normally in a situation where there is no blood brothers.

JOSEPH Halevy / 1827 — 1917 / Jewish Semitist, orientalist

The one who put in the need to choose between his duty to the English, or the duty Jew must choose the latter.

JOSEPH KOH / 1850 -? / Rabbi and writer, «Jewish World» 4 November 1913.

A Jew can never assimilate, he would never accept the manners and customs of other nations, the Jew remains a Jew, in all circumstances, any assimilation always purely external.

LEOPOLD KOH / 1856 -? / Professor Breslavlskogo University. Speech on Zionism, St. Petersburg, June 30, 1901.

Jewish question still exists. To deny this is pointless. The Jewish question exists in all places where Jews live in a large number, Where it exists, it brings with it the Jews during his travels. It goes without saying that we moved there, where we are not persecuted, but our presence there is persecution.

Herzl / 1860 — 1904 / creator of the World Zionist Organization. From the book "The Jewish State."

From the fact that the enemies of the Jews belonged to the most diverse tribes, they lived in countries very distant from each other that they are subject to different laws and administered by opposite principles, that they did not have the same morals, nor the same customs, they were driven by distinct from one another psychologist, did not allow the same judge everything — follows the conclusion that the common causes of anti-Semitism has always had their roots in Israel, but not in those who fought with him.

BERNARD LAZAR / 1865 — 1903 / Jewish writer and social activist. From the book »L'Antisemitisme», Vol.1, p.42.

Judaism is — for the most anti-social element … I do not have people who have taken the Jews in their midst, it is necessary to find the cause of Jewish suffering, while the Jews themselves. Here — explaining the issue, where there is an eternal hatred of Jews.

Dr. Jacob FROMEYER / 1865 -? / Jewish writer

Closely related to each other, strictly closed to the outside world — so they live / Jews / in poludobrovolnom ghetto — no living member of the people, and an alien body in his body.

Walther Rathenau / 1867 — 1922 / industrialist, politician and publicist. From the book «Impressionen», Leipzig, 1902.

Now a Jew — in all the corners and all the steps of the government. Russian man sees him and led the ancient capital of Moscow, the head of the Neva and the city. He sees that the prospect St.Vladimir now bears the glorious name Nakhimson, historic Foundry Avenue renamed Avenue Volodarsky and Pavlovsk — Slutsk. Russian man now sees the Jew judge and executioner.

IM BIKERMAN / 1867 — 1941 / Journalist. Collection of articles "Russia and the Jews", Berlin, 1924

I always knew that a Jew can be a Jew only, openly and proudly proclaiming their affiliation to their race and faith.

Blum / 1872 — 1950 /, the Prime Minister of France. From an interview in June 1936 r.

Anti-Semitism, that is hatred of Jews opposed to the Jewish side of the great hatred of all non-Jewish. Just as we Jews know about every non-Jew, that he is somewhere, in some corner of his heart, is anti-Semitic, nor can they not be, and every Jew is in the innermost core of his heart just a hater Gentile …
If in your heart of every Christian the word "Jew" speaks something not quite safe, for every Jew, the term "non-Jew", "goy" — the expression itself is not offensive — means a clear, unequivocal distinction …
Nothing of me is not so vivid as the belief that if there is something uniting Jews around the world, it is "this great hatred.

H.TS. Kletsel. From the magazine "Janus», N 2, 1912.

Blood is the deepest power of the Jews … Race does not leave us never, and the blood is the deepest driving force of the soul.

Martin Buber / 1878 — 1965 / philosopher and theologian, "Three speeches about Judaism."

Jew is completely devoid of personality. This explains the Jewish arrogance and overbearing need to raise the value of their identity by the humiliation of another person. He flatly denied that inner nobility that comes from self-respect and respect for others' of 'I'. The so-called Jewish intelligence based on their judgment, vigilance and exceptional ability to adapt to all without distinction of external goals.

Otto Weininger / 1880 — 1903 / Jewish writer

Although we were born and naturalized here / in England / — we still are not really British.

Moritz Goldstein / 1880 -? / / Alias Michaela Austen Inkvayta / writer. «Kunstwart«, March 1912

We lost the state, but not our political system, we have saved it as a kind of mobile government, which allowed us to save and to dispel some kind of national autonomy.

«Der Jude», 1916

Jews are responsible not only to the Jewish, but also to other nations. They sin before the national structure of another cultural whole, fake its historical identity, its national soul through falsified Yid apostasy. They are doubly forgers. They blur the boundaries, because in their minds erased all boundaries … so sacred duty of all people — to guard the frontiers of their national identity.

Yakov KLATTSKIN / 1882 — 1948 / Jewish writer, philosopher, and Zionist. From the book "Problems of Contemporary Jewry", Berlin, 1930.

No, assimilation is not possible! It is impossible for the simple reason that a Jew can not change their national character, and he can not, even if it so wishes, to abandon himself, as this could not be done any other nation.

LUDWIG LEVINSON / 1882 — 1955 / novelist and critic, professor at Ohio University. From the book. "Israel", 1926

Financier Jew eyes: large, prominent, greedy, intelligent, alert, unscrupulous, predatory eyes. Under such a greedy predatory gaze, not ennobled of the ideas, all the high concept turned into nonsense, appeared tarnished, and ridicule.

Lion Feuchtwanger / 1884 — 1958 / Writer

Jew nothing knows measure. He is cunning, secretive, stubborn, vindictive, in his boundless cruelty.

OSCAR Maurus FONTANA / 1989-1969 / writer and journalist

Anti-Semitism is natural as blinking eyes. Meanwhile, we, the Jews, have I / RUSSIA / freedom and grand revenge enemies. Oh yes, it was worth the pogroms make! The government, once persecuted us helplessly writhing in the dust of oblivion. Where once we were oppressed and persecuted, where we are now — proud and ruthless persecutors.

SAMUEL ROTH journalist and writer. From the book «Now and forever» / Now and forever / 1925.

Contempt for the Jews came into use so that the name of the Jew finally received nominal value in the sense of all the dirty, ugly. So Kleomed, berating Epicurus for his poor style, said: "His language is taken from the very midst of the synagogue and crowding around her poor: there is something flat and zhidovskoe crawling on the ground like a reptile."
Other such evidence may be found in Ammianus Marcellinus. He says, "When the Emperor Marcus Aurelius was passing through Palestine, often there are abominable met him smelly and fussy Jews.
Constant causes of anti-Semitism, in our opinion, has been a feature of the Jewish people, as a result of which, having neither their territory nor their language and being scattered around the world, it is, nevertheless, / taking part in the life of their new home and certainly no one is getting isolated / remained nation-organism.
Any thinking and feeling person was interested in the question of the causes of this historical phenomenon / public antisemitism / extremely important, if only because of its long ago. For the author of this work, it was already certain that the cause of anti-Semitism lies in the Jews themselves, in other words, anti-Semitism — the phenomenon is not accidental, it is rooted in the difference between the spiritual image of the Jew and non-Jew. By introspection / author has the good fortune or misfortune to be the general view of all who know him, one of the most typical representatives of the Jewish race in all its relations strongly / study and others, I was able to come to certain views on the causes of anti-Semitism. I definitely adjoining to the same group of scientists who, based on at least one fact that wherever there are no Jews — flashes and anti-Semitism — it is concluded that anti-Semitism did not arise as a result of any temporary or accidental causes, and as a result of one or other properties, always soprisuschih Jewish people.

Solomon Lurie / 1891 — 1964 / Doctor of History and Philology, Professor. From the book "Anti-Semitism in the ancient world", Moscow, Leningrad, 1922

Concern for the preservation of any race mixing is observed in ancient times … The history of the Jews of the nation, in its biblical narrative, constantly insists on banning communicate with foreigners. In the early days of the Jewish fate, in the age of the patriarchs, for the Jews had already exists an obligation to take wives from their own tribe. In the time of Solomon's violation of this rule, the presence of foreign wives to bed lad overshadows the end of this glorious reign: and after the return from the Babylonian captivity, by order of Ezra and Nehemiah, is a rough, urgent, immediate expulsion of all the strange women, forced cleansing blood progenitor. And today, as well as thirty centuries ago, the vitality of this particularity is only amplified, measured rarity of mixed marriages between Jews and non-Jews.

Cadmium Isaac Cohen / 1892 — 1944 / writer and lawyer. From the book «Nomades» / Nomads / 1829

Necessary to distinguish between assimilation and assimilation in the accusative with the dative. It is necessary to distinguish between: Assimilate I myself, or myself. The first means suicide, the second — nothing more than life itself. Any growth is a continuous assimilation, continuous absorption. And Jews in all times assimilated / sibi — Personal / corresponding to its primordial essence elements of the world. The task of his teachers and leaders is to prevent assimilation of the Jews / se — himself / prevent its dissolution in the environment, ie danger, which, among outwardly so powerful and seductive world, threatening us all the time.

Dr. Ludwig TYPE / 1897 — 1933 / doctor and social activist, president of the German reyhskomiteta Jewish Youth Union.

From the article "The deepening of the internal Jewish" in "0rgane central association of German cast of the Jewish faith" of 10 February 1923. Of course we have to fear and even hate, if we continue to rake in all that makes us America, at the same time refusing to become Americans, as we have always refused to be Russian or Polish.
BERNARD J.. BROWN / 1908 — 1951 / Juris Doctor, a member of the Chicago Bar Association. From the book "From Pharaoh to Hitler. The Jews? ", 1933

Jews do not sow corn. Jews — people dashing.
Jews in the shops sell. These soldiers are bad.
Jews used to go bald. Ivan was fighting in the trenches.
Jews no longer steal. Abram is trading at rabkope …
No bargain even once,
Nor to steal even once,
Burden in itself, as the infection,
Damn this race.
Boris Slutsky / 1919 — 1986 / Soviet poet

A BRIEF HISTORY OF EXILE Jews from different countries PEACE:Tiberius / 42g. BC — 37g. BC / Roman emperor banished the Jews from Rome in the 19th goal. When Caesar Constantino 1 / about 285-337 years. /, The Roman emperor in 32 4-33 7 years alive were driven out of the Roman provinces for having crucified a Christian child on the cross on Good Friday.
In the Byzantine Emperor Justinian 1 Great / 483 — 565 / limited the available privileges Jews and removed them from all sorts of honors, positions, and equated them heretics.
At the beginning of VII century, Mohammed / 570 — 632 / expelled the Jews from Arabia. The first expulsion of Jews from Russia was under the rule of Vladimir 1, ST / 980 — 1015 /, the Grand Prince of Kiev.
Edward the Confessor / about 1003-1066 /, his edict declared the property of the crown estate Jews. The first expulsion of Jews from France was in 1080, after the ritual murder of the son of the Paris dealer.
Russian princes threw the Jews in 1113 / under Vladimir Monomakh / 1053-1125 /, who announced that the killing and robbing the Jews, the inalienable right of every Russian:
"Now, to send the Jews from the Russian land, with all their property and continue not to take them, but if they secretly enter, rather then kill them and loot."

W. H. TATISHEV / 1686 — 1750 /, "History of Russia from the most ancient times," Imperial Moscow University, 11, str.218, 1773.

Kiev, being irritated by the Jews for undermining and trickery in trade obdiratelstvo and secret relations with the Greeks, rushed at them furiously, carrying around murder and robbery.
Osipov YAROSHEVICH / 1793 — 1860 / Lithuanian historian, professor of Vilnius University. / The Jewish pogrom in Kiev in 1113 /.

In 1171 in Italy, the economic decline of the state was stopped after the country expelled all Jews.
During the reign of PHILIP AUGUST 11 / 1165-1223 /, the Jews were expelled from France for the killing of a child thrown into the water after them, and for such evil to Christians.
At the same time for the ritual murder of Christian young children, the Jews were mercilessly driven out g.Augsburga / Germany /.
In 1189, in England, on the day of the coronation RICHARD 1/1157 — 1199 / Lionheart, Duke of Aquitaine, appeared the first explosions of hatred for the Jews.
In the reign of Philip 1Y beautiful / 1268 — 1314 / hatred against Jews in France suffered its climax. Autumn of 1307 was declared a royal decree for the immediate and merciless expulsion of the Jews of Paris, and from the whole of France. Over one hundred thousand Jews were immediately expelled.
In 1287 in Bern / Switzerland / Jews guilty of infanticide, the wheel, and the rest were sent out of town.
In 1290, King Edward Longshanks 1/1239 — 1307 /, expelled the Jews from his kingdom by special edict. This happened after numerous revelations killing Christian children for ritual with Yids that have been registered:
in 1144 in Norwich,
in 1160 in Gloucester,
in 1181 scored in Bury St. Edmunds,
in 1192 and in 1232 in Winchester,
again in 1235 in Norwich,
goal in 1244 in London,
goal in 1255 in Lincoln,
in 1257 and again in 1276's in London,
in 1279 in Northampton and
in 1290 in Oxford.
Greatest poet Geoffrey Chaucer's medieval England / 1343 — 1400 / wrote in his "Canterbury tales" about the "Jewish ritual murder of Christian children", as generally known at that time, has repeatedly established fact, in particular the murder of eight-year-boy Hugo Yids in g.Linkolne in 1255, the church canonized a saint.
In the integrity of investigations made no reason to doubt: in 1144 due to the Bishop of Norwich led, in 1255 — he King Henry 111 / 1207-1272 /. Was driven more than sixteen thousand Jews living in England.
For killing Christian children Jews expelled from France in 1295, 1306, 1396, respectively. In 1391, Charles VI MAD / 1368 — 1422 / King of France expels Jews from France. In 1407 in Krakow / Poland / by King Vladislav II Jagiello / about 1348-1434 /, Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland, Jews ritually murdered child. Outraged people broke many Jews, burned their houses, and the survivors expelled from the city.
In 1492, the Spanish monarchs Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand V Catholics issued a decree to expel 400,000 Jews from Spain. Principal reasons for their teamwork with the Moors against the Christians and Jewish usury in the country has reached 600%!
The decree was decreed after conclusively established ritual murder boy Christopher of Toledo, later canonized as dead to him in Zaragoza in 1250, St. Dominic.
In 1493, Ferdinand V of Catholics / 1452 — 1515 /, King of Aragon, expelled all the Jews from the island of Sicily.
In 1493 King Charles goal V111 NICE / 1470-1498 /,
his edict banished zhidovskoe tribe from all of their possessions in Provence / France /.
In 1495 the Jews expelled Florence.
In 1497, all Jews were expelled from Portugal's King Manuel 1
/ 1469 — 1521 /, known as the Great or EMMANUIL happy.
In the fifteenth century, Jews were repeatedly izgonyaemy across Europe: France, Germany, Spain, Florence, Portugal … They were driving from different areas and regions, provinces and districts, land and cantons, provinces and districts, departments and counties …
Sooner or later, wherever people have sheltered this ungrateful tribe in their own land, any nation begins to realize who she warmed to her chest.
Expelled them from France and Carl V1, CARL V11, Ludovico X11 / 1462 — 1615 / Father of the people.
1510. Jews are expelled from England for committing ritual murder of Christian children.
1541. Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I / 1503 — 1564 / expelled the Jews from Austria "as dangerous and people Malefic", in particular, for spying for the Turks.
1570. Jews expelled from margraviate Brandenburg / Germany / porugatelstvo for over Holy Mysteries.
1580. Ivan the Terrible / 1530 — 1584 / expels Jews from Novgorod.
1591. New exile Jews from France.
1616. Jews expelled Basel / Switzerland /.
1629. PHILIP 1V / 1605 — 1665 /, the Spanish-Portuguese king again expels Jews from their holdings, following the path traced by Emanuel the Great.
1634. Jews expelled Zurich / Switzerland /.
"Gentle King" Alexey M. / 1629 — 1676 /, during his reign, in 1645 — 1676 years, repeatedly expelled the Jews from Moscow, and the expulsion from Mogilev ordered to confiscate all "Zhydivsky yards."
In 1655, a goal the Jews were expelled from Schaffhausen / Switzerland /.
In 1701, the drop was too much. May 12, 1665 in Vienna martyred Jews murdered woman he later found in the lake, cut up into pieces. Since such atrocities did not stop then, the Jews expelled from Vienna. Expulsion was decreed by a special decree of Emperor PHILIP V / 1683-1746 /, 1st Spanish Bourbon king.

"Deportation of Jews FROM RUSSIA:
This April, 20 days, Her Majesty said — the Jews, both male and female sex, which is found in the Ukraine and other Russian cities, all of those sent out from Russia abroad immediately, and continue them or under way in Russia not let and warn of all places firmly. And with the release of their watch-zh firmly, that they from Russia abroad, pure gold and silver coins are no Russian and Efimkov not taken out, but they bude CHervonnye and efimki or what will be the Russian coin, and for giving them onyya copper coins . Given in the Supreme Council. "
CATHERINE 1/1684 — 1727 /, the Russian Empress. Decree of 26 April 1727 Goals

In 1745, Teresa MAPIYA / 1717 — 1780 /, the Empress of Austria-Hungary, expelled the Jews from Prague because of usury and other "cases, avoidable decent people."
In 1750, Jews were tortured three Christian children in Kamenets-Podolsk, for which they were expelled from the city. In 1898 and 1899 the French Parliament debated a bill to limit the civil rights of the Jews. The bill comprises two articles:
Article 1. Persons of Jewish origin forbidden hold any public office, however.
Article 2. Every Frenchman, born of Jewish parents, is allowed only in the second generation in positions subordinate to the control of the state.
After H1V century imperial Russia refused to recognize equal rights for Jews, trying to protect the country from foreign domination.

German policy toward the Jews 1933 45g.
In Hitler's Germany's Jewish citizens could not participate in the elections, they were not allowed to hold public office, to teach in universities, to intermarry with the Germans. By 1939, more than 320,000 Jews left Germany. Leadership developed a plan of resettlement of all European Jews to Madagascar, which is shortly called "Final Solution." Some of the measures implemented by the German government:
1933 — official boycott of Jewish shops.
1935 — The law on the reorganization of the public service. The Nuremberg Laws on Citizenship and Race.
Reich Citizenship Law, the introduction of the terms "Jew" and "mishlinge" / Representative mixed race /; Aryan mandatory for admission to the civil service. Law on the Protection of German Blood, the prohibition of marriage between Aryans and Jews;
1937 — confiscation of Jewish property
1938 — Austrian Anschluss, the distribution of all of the anti-Jewish laws in Austria. Mandatory registration of all Jewish states and capitals. The third decree on registration of businesses owned by Jews. Required stamped with the letter «J» in the passport for the Jews. Exile 17,000 Polish Jews from Germany. Murder in Paris, a Polish Jew Herschel Gryunshpanom counselor of the German Embassy Ernst vom Rath — mass pogroms during the "Kristallnacht";
Thrown into concentration camps and prisons of over 20,000 Jews. The decrees of the exclusion of Jews from the economic life of the country and the payment of the damage as a result of damage to the pogroms of 12.5 million marks. Expulsion from school. Transfer into the hands of the Aryans all firms and companies belonging to the Jews;
1939 — confiscation of all Jewish values. Law of the lease providing for expulsion of the Jews in the so-called "Jewish home." Curfews, prohibiting Jews to be outside after dark. Confiscation of radios from the Jews.
1940 — The first mass deportation of Jews from Germany, mainly from Pomerania. Deportation of Jews from the territory of Alsace-Lorraine, the Saarland and Baden.

Jew Edward Hodos about Jews (the latest information — at large)


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