Reporters without borders: the pressure on the media intensified


The pressure on the Belarusian media increases with the approach of the presidential election. This is said in a statement, "Reporters Without Borders" that the organization has extended on August 17.

It is primarily on the prevention, tax audits and police raids, which, according to "Reporters without Borders", suggest that the freedom of speech in Belarus was in danger.

"After receiving several warnings from the Ministry of Information of the two leading opposition newspapers -" Narodnaya Volya "and" Nasha Niva "- may be covered by Article 51 of the Law" On Mass Media ", which allows the authorities to initiate the closure even after two warnings" — note the "Reporters "And remember that on account of both papers, there are already three such sanctions.

The organization cites the chief editor of "NN" Andrei Skurko, which regards these warnings, as well as unscheduled tax audit of the editorial board, as an attempt to intimidate journalists.

"Reporters without Borders" warned that all those alarms, Now that comes to the media, paving the way for a new government ban on the eve of the presidential campaign. "

"Reporters" also recall the police "visits" to the editor "People's Will" in the winter and spring of this year, when the journalists publications seized computers, and then interrogated many times as part of the investigation into the defamation of the intelligence officer.

"After three years of exclusion from the public distribution system, which is fully controlled by the government," Narodnaya Volya "and" Nasha Niva "Again began to circulate through it in 2008 as a result of agreements between Belarus and the European Union." Reporters without Borders "warned that all those alarms that are now coming to the media, paving the way for a new government ban on the eve of the presidential campaign," — said in a statement.

The organization is concerned and other problems faced by Belarusian journalists — that the prohibition on cooperation with foreign media without accreditation, and the effective recognition of the illegal activities of freelancers. ("Reporters" mention here the recent warning Gomel journalist Tatiana Bublikava).

Anxiety, "Reporters Without Borders" and causes pressure on journalists by the police — for example, the creation of obstacles in the work of correspondents "ERB", "Nasha Niva"Radio Svoboda, who covered the street action activists of the campaign" Tell the Truth "on August 12.

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