Residents Lyudinovo pursue flotilla UFO




Recently, residents Lyudinovo repeatedly observed strange objects that hovered over the city in different places. According to the newspaper "Lyudinovskiy worker", one of the unidentified flying objects recently watched the whole night Lyudinovskiy family — husband, wife and two school-age children.
Son Andrew, fond of astronomy, and looked at the sky and was stunned: above him hung the nine circles resembling plates (three small and six large on the sides of the circle). They shone with unusual silvery-blue light.
The family was returning home, and the alien "flotilla" followed, with round steel plates take the form of an ellipse. UFO accompanied the family to the house.
Entering the apartment, the family went to the balcony. UFO slowly drifted over the roof of a neighboring house, hovered above the tall chimney city baths, for a time, emitting a white light, and then suddenly disappeared.


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