Residents threaten Russia eye disease

70% of Russia is threatened by diseases of the eye, RIA Novosti reported on the visit of the day open FSI IRTC "Eye Microsurgery" named Fedorov.

"With the vision is a disaster," — said General Director of Complex "Eye Microsurgery" Hristo Tahchidi. By its nature, a person must spend on the near angle not more than 20% of vision. The remaining time is available for the eye muscles. However, urban environment with blizkostoyaschimi houses, small apartment, computer, TV and books require at least 90%-s costs. This leads to a strain on the eye muscles and, as a result, problems with vision.

Today in Russia 2.5 million people suffer from cataracts. Every year this number increases by 370,000 patients. Another 1.5 million of our citizens have a diagnosis of "glaucoma". Moreover, according to experts, an eye disease in Russia promptly younger. Glaucoma is detected in people over 40 years.

October 13 Russia celebrates World Sight Day. Some 37 million people are blind and 124 million are classified as impaired. Is a high risk that by 2020 the number of people who are blind will increase to 75 million.

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