Rest of the world America?

Not so long ago, Barack Obama, South American president, said (more precisely, read) inaugural speech. This speech, you see, was quite unusual. The fact is that Mr. Obama is a measure denied former American values: incriminate, murder, rape, capture, conquer, otymat, to share, to establish, to command, to suppress, to pump and export — in the name of all this festive aid people seeking to democracy. In general, if we look at the spoken president, Washington would do the same thing, only without the "command" — transactions more expensive and geopolitically challenging. Will also have to kill less for one another and glued together tightly enough firmly connected. As for the share, then this weary of the "Arab Spring" governments and peoples themselves, without the U.S. President, his Secretary of State and the Pentagon chief.

Rest of the world America?

In his inaugural speech, Barack Obama said that a decade of war coming to an end. So said. Poor guy had eaten all shtatovskih budget for years and years to come, and war means no more — this is the first idea of the first as an analyst. Economists promise that the monetary crisis in the world will rage for another 20 years, but why waste the taxpayers' money to help the "opposition", fighting in Syria in the name of Islamic standards of the "Arab Spring", something not in hand. And without that whole Web swamped with pictures of Obama's Muslim beard, a used AK-47 and slogans touting global sharia best South American standard.

The military budget, an embarrassed Congress referred to "defense", Obama has decided to reduce over the coming decade by as much as 500 billion dollars — approximately $ 50 billion. each year. In 2014, the troops will be withdrawn from Afghanistan, other than the relatively small (but armed to the teeth) contingent that might remain there to protect from the Taliban poppy hectares. In Russia, a wise man once said that all these burgeoning field, if desired, could be bulldozed to plow, but NATO members are doing their job in Afghanistan in February honestly declared by the mouth of Robert pshel, Director of the NATO Information Office in Moscow that it is not their task — fight against drug trafficking. Naturally, not blocked. Nobody argues. Their task — to trade.

Obama also in some measure concerned that South American men who fight for freedom and democracy in Iraq or Afghanistan, the same, entire teams have become an inveterate drunkard. Marines drink, inflated to the darkening of reason pilots, filled to the very waterline sailors. Many vpribavok uses drugs: Afghanistan and it is easy to get them.

The collapse drunkenness in the U.S. military have gained Straseni scales. According to the report of the medical institute of the State Academy of the United States, about 20% of all U.S. military personnel are often not just a drink, but abuse. Almost half of the personnel of the Armed Forces and the Navy are often inflated alcohol. During one visit Marines and sailors, which showed special attention to the doctors, drink more than 5 bottles of beer or 5 shots of hard liquor. A visit is not one … The bulk of drinkers used in army units and marines in Iraqi and Afghan units. In the middle of the Marines in particular a lot of alcoholics: their number is closer to 60%.

According to others, "Heavy drinking" is typical for 20 percent of all fighter Army, the State Guard and Reserve. In the terminology of U.S. drug treatment, "heavy" drinkers drink at least 200 grams of hard liquor every day. Binge drinking also increased in the U.S. military over the past 10 years from 35 to 47%. With all of this from 20 to 35% of the U.S. military fighter not only abuse alcohol, and taking drugs and psychotropic substances.

Philip Cave, a military lawyer from Washington, DC, notes that this is the problem in the U.S. military has long been, and increases as the role of the military in combat. 10 years of continuous wars waged by America, has created a lot of stress. According to him, all who suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome — bitter zapivohi.

A similar view is held by South American psychologists. They are convinced that the military drunkard — a product of the Afghan and Iraqi "post-traumatic stress syndrome." According to statistics, the number of U.S. military contractors who have applied to neuvvyazkami to doctors and psychologists, grown from 2003 to 2010. 56%.

According to the newspaper «International Herald Tribune», about a third of all the atrocities committed by U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq — a direct result of alcohol or drug intoxication.

You can continue this list and the fact that in recent years, get up the South American soldiers and officers in the Japanese Okinawa: drunk fights, violence, fights and tricks like jumping out of windows. Incidentally, the war yet, and post-traumatic syndrome take nowhere. Is it that it was imported from Iraq.

It seems that for four years with an excessive government "great country" to something Obama has reached. You need to imagine the president has carved out a spare moment from telepozirovaniya, consumption of honey ale with his wife and mother-in and absurd arguments with Republican Senators, and with anguish began to think about how it will look "world policeman" in 20 years when he grows a new generation of war-born drunken fighters for democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan. How much will you need doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, antidepressants and insurance programs, so treat not only the warriors of the past, and the completion of a youthful, rifles in hand is shaking suspiciously? In the budget of the U.S. is no money.

Out of the current situation is sad, however, one way that invented themselves soldiers and officers and which great help to Obama and Senate to preserve veterans' budget program notes.

In 2012, the number of permanent U.S. military fighter, suicides (177 persons) exceeded Number soldier killed in combat zones (176 people). The tendency to suicide is observed as in all kinds of U.S. troops, and in the middle of military supplies. In total, the 2012 suicide drove 349 troops (in battle during this time killed 295 people). According to the official statistics of the veteran, last year committed suicide 6.5 million ex-servicemen. To the light in America to voluntarily push off one by one veteran every 80 minutes.

Maybe so sad news also became one of the causes for which Obama has decided to end indicate the world how to live it right — with the help of missiles, bombs and drones. Damn it, this stupid world, figured Mr. President, let him be incorrect. But my men will remain alive and well.

The idea of praise, but it is very clear, that Obama, who graduated from a couple of popular institutions, it took more than four years in office, so to reach it. It is also unclear that he is so in a moment regretted losing themselves into drinking and podsevshih heroin fighter. Pacifist Obama never realize what war is. To do this, serve in the army. Take the path that took place sometime in 1967, Sergeant Chuck Hagel, who was awarded with 2 "Purple Heart", and now a candidate for minister of defense. Well, maybe so Obama pushes Hagel and the Pentagon that he start to reach something. At least from hearsay. At least through the cool statistics. We will assign that to a Harvard slowpoke, not so
long ago in the United States have counted 50 seven states, four years — not so much. Bush Jr., another Harvard graduate, wipe trousers in a white house for eight years, was thinking much slower.

The premise on which Barack Obama changed his mind about U.S. foreign policy, and it can be a natural desire to work out the Nobel Peace Prize, received an advance. If by 2016 the Muslim world, scorched the "Arab Spring" in 2011, will cut, shoot and burn up itself, without people on the Middle East and North Africa comes a long-awaited peace. The South American oil producers, in full accordance with the doctrine of State Hillary Clinton on cheap energy to the homeland, there will be able to calmly drill, produce and export. And no complicated shale technologies.

On the Sublime tone inaugural speech Obama German journalist Michael Sturmer knows as follows:

"Political ceremony for Oaths marks the transition from catching votes to perform the functions of the municipal leader, also asked the president to become a priest and municipal poet. His speech allows you to find out about wanting the most powerful man in the world to keep their country — after a traumatic decade in Asia — is conflict and war, the American men to return home, put the globe on autopilot, and if it can be to bring peace on earth, but the people — well pleased. "

Where's that tone from grace?

We often look for in a huge huge affairs and assumptions. It is far not always correct. Yes, the U.S. cut spending thrifty, yes, winning the war in Iraq and Afghanistan can not be called (in general, the vice-president Joe Biden at the last conference in Munich came to that presented the war against Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya as a great success, and even referred to them models for future campaigns), yes, the U.S. Army becomes an inveterate drunkard, and veterans are loonies in droves to send yourself the best the world. But all this does not seem to raise as many assists tone of the presidents, and the tone of their speeches.

The mood of the President, reading the inaugural speech (as well as all other speech), is equal to … the mood of his speechwriter. Less or more. The text for the inauguration of Obama, wrote Jon Favreau — the one the young creator, that has worked closely with Obama back in the time of the last senatorial. First speech he wrote to him in '23, we can say the student.

And, although David Axelrod, chief strategist Obama campaign, claims, that Favreau as no one knows how to convey the thinking of the president, and the head of the country's co-operation and Favreau remembers working musicians on the same piece of art, something we are aware of whose "thinking" on the web is in its essence.

Sublime tone in a festive inaugural address might appear as Jon Favreau was invited to experience the power in Hollywood — and, of course, overjoyed. End of boring chore with Obama, the end accursed hated bureaucracy, longish texts a packed "values", "democracy", "aspirations of the South American people," and a monotonous heresy! Next to Zemeckis!

Saying goodbye to Favreau, Mr. Axelrod said, "Favreau can write comedy, historical works, drama, suspense, its arsenal a full range of genres."

And with such and such talents languish on a low salary in a white house? And with such a capability in the shadows?

No, Mr. Favreau deserved more. He moved to sunny California. And Obama got a warm, full of glee about. Hence the lofty tone, and "grace", and even in a certain tolerance for the kind of people who inhabit other countries. Not to mention the sudden peacefulness, USA favorites at all times is characterized by strong enough.

Since then, Obama's speech will come up with Cody Keenan. Already at this point the man is working on an appeal to the President to both Houses of Congress. By the way, Keenan became famous for the ability to write speeches for various catastrophic events. To what catastrophic incidents preparing Washington, the South American press did not elaborate. But lately, we probably will witness very sad speeches of the president.

We venture to name the source of sorrow. Apparently, half of it will go to the heart of Professor "tragedian" Keenan. The second half will be a particularly from Obama, who will add to the speech interjections, ellipses and exclamation symbol. What is sad is the president of the United States? And the fact that it is shameful that profukal new world order, more precisely, novus ordo seclorum, which was told by one-dollar pieces of paper.

Hegemon senile. No more of that America, which has the right to tell people of the world how to live. And failure: this was not specifically America under Obama. Bush, this angry religious hawk, without intermediaries to talk to God about Iraq, even tried to do something in the name of the saints of old slogans and Obama just wish imitate their predecessors. Even the killing of bin Laden — and that in fact turned out to lime. No, Obama did not personally povinet: we just ran out of funds hegemon. Obama was in the wrong place at the wrong time. And it is necessary, by the way, a lot of courage to admit it — and change speechwriter for Cody Keenan which has already begun to play the role of Pierrot in the play "The White House and begins to lose."

In conclusion, we have to say about that, in that threatens to develop into a "new world order" without the United States. More precisely, with a limited presence therein USA. With pared-down, down, sequestered presence.

The main forces of whitewashed house in the Asia-Pacific focus. There Japan and China there, and there because of the other debaters island shelf, rich in energy resources. At the same time with Washington against China will act and allied Yankees Western Europe — for example, that the best interests Celestial Empire in Africa. In the coming years, the U.S. will try not to let China become the first on the planet according to economic indicators. For, as Beijing will break forth, the United States will have to admit defeat is the scale of the globe. And this is not for you any Iraq or Libya, which Biden took so declared victory, and he was in the German hotel fluid applauded. (They say, Comrade Lavrov did not slap).

Middle East and North Africa, where he tirelessly fights the Muslim world — for Sharia law and against this — Obama give yourself to yourself. If the goal of Washington — to kill Islam, the U.S. president at some point realized that there need only bring a match, and blow on the powder does not need. In Syria killed more than forty thousand people (on all sides), and war comes almost two years. The opposition is ready to wage war for a penny (just would not work) — and such an approach a lot less full of the NATO operation against Syria, which specifically Pentagon deployed now will not. In addition, there is on the world map of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. A huge part of the contribution they make, not knowing what they do and how it all will end as planned white houses. They say that Washington supported nedavneshnee days of bombing Israel Syria, but it is only a rumor. Obama is in no hurry to support Netanyahu and the Iranian "question", well and generally makes the last to the first far from standard.

As for the Russian Federation, it is forecast meteorologist, between Moscow and Washington should expect subsequent geopolitical cold — right before the restoration of the "Iron Curtain", which has already started to build a companion Onishchenko, prohibiting south american ractopamine. In truth, that we, the Brazilian meat is not enough? And in the worst case, and will raise his own.

quot;New World Order" will develop as a result of the formation of the current decade multipolar world — with regional centers in the Asia-Pacific region, Russia, Western Europe, the U.S. and Latin America. Perhaps a strong place in a new world and take Turkey. Petrodollar of major currencies will roll up to the usual convertible bucks; posodeystvuyut to Iran, Rosia and China, and later with the Qataris and the Saudis, to which ever comes the sad truth overseas. In the near future, the "sublime tone" in geopolitics will change daily. The main topics will be the world's economic, not military. At least, at this very place hunt. Very hunt to believe in the fact that Obama has hired Keenan is not in order to mourn the loss of a war with China.

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