Revealing the secret of the origin of life on Earth. Online

This film provides perhaps the most compelling and comprehensive facts that contradict the theory of evolution. Using cutting-edge computer technology, the filmmakers to the stunning three-dimensional models demonstrate the failure of Darwin's theory. At the very core of life, where everything is run by molecules and cells, scientists have found sophisticated mechanisms, molecular machines, the complexity of which Charles Darwin could not even imagine.

Scientists from several reputable university study analyzed the bacterial cells for compliance with the theory of natural selection. In the second part of the film scholars analyze the origin of the proteins and amino acids in the DNA molecules.
Biology professor Dean Kenyon being an avid evolutionist Darwinists radically changed his opinion about the appearance of life on earth after the studies, but not before he released his theory in a book "Biochemical Predefined" which is fundamentally flawed (as he also admitted later), other Evolutionary words "lost" support in Biology and Genetics.

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