Rice Terraces

Since ancient times, people were engaged in agriculture Philippine Islands. Most of them were grown Fig. So, a few thousand years ago, a tribe called the Ifugao created on the slopes of the mountains magnificent rice terraces. Today, they are considered a unique monument and an awesome place on the planet. After all, even though they are made by human hands, but without the use of machines.

So far on these rocky fields in 10360 square meters. km descendants of ancient tribes engaged in agriculture. No wonder the name "Ifugao" is translated as "people who live directly on the ground." Everyone who sees a gorgeous rice terraces, just amazed at the beauty and scale of these fields. They seem to form an elegant steps in the mountains and have completely different colors: green, light green, brown.

These expanses of rice in 1995 are protected by the UN. Just at the moment the terraces are necessary restoration work, because some of them are not used for agriculture and may be subject to erosion. Tourists who dream to see the rice terraces in the Philippines come to the small town of Banaue. Here in harmony with nature these natives live, and who are trying to care for the amazing multi-colored rice fields.


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