Robot — crab MorpHex dances rolled into a sphere, catching horror

December 15, 2011 17:40

The practice shows that the development of unusual humanoids, automation designs and other precursors of the robot apocalypse, are not only the largest car manufacturers. For example, a Kare Halvorsen (Kare Halvorsen), yet little-known genius from the world of robotics, demonstrated the device MorpHex, more reminiscent of the robot from the legendary Japanese comics, cartoons and games Ghost in the Shell.

To our happiness with you, the robot is not able to move and work independently — the design is subject to commands from the remote control tricked Mr. Halvorsen. Machine guns and lasers robot has failed too. However, all this does not prevent the device attracts the eye with its extraordinary plasticity. Construction MorpHex — the so-called hexapod, robot with six legs in the form of fragments of the sphere.

MorpHex limbs mounted on manipulators who are pushing the sphere when the signal and act as the legs — a robot able to move in a horizontal plane, and even perform a kind of shamanic dance. Non-operating design beautifully composed in the form of a ball, but, alas, still does not know how to ask yourself the momentum and move in the right direction, as it did Droydeki (Droideka) of you know what a franchise.

View fascinating demonstration video:

Advised to pay particular attention to how to accomplish the robot — that will prevent people fight machines as analogues MorpHex obzavedutsya Kevlar shields instead of polycarbonate and receive artificial intelligence.

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