Rocket man — Yves Rossy. On distillation of the B-17!

Rocket man — Yves Rossy, Swiss-born, known worldwide for its follies on the ground and in the sky, this time surpassed himself. Like the hero of American movies, which has in excess of powers, made its first flight over the territory of the United States, by distillation with the legendary B-17 bomber! Helped him achieve his goal jetpack.

In his black and yellow robes like a transformer extreme model has a top speed up to 305 kilometers per hour, demonstrating the possibility of jetpack told reporters gathered at the air show in Oshkosh, among whom were reporters of the American tabloid the Daily News. "I squeezed out of him to the limit — he told reporters, descended safely to the ground. — Up there I was overcome by a feeling of boundless, well, or practically unlimited, freedom. This is an incredible combination of emotions that can not be described by a single word. "

53-year-old daredevil has spent more than ten years for the design of the aircraft, which is powered by four jet engines. Wing installation width of two meters made of carbon material — Kevlar. It is controlled by a manual choke, which allows the pilot to set the direction of movement with his own body. "It can be compared to the way you manage skis when rapidly rushing to the snow-covered mountain slope, using sticks and the weight of his body, which is tilted at the right angle," — explained Yves Rossy.

Rocket man could climb to an altitude of 3.5 km above the ground, but mostly kept a distance of about 1.5 km, to be able to perform aerial maneuvers. In 2011, the year he won the Grand Canyon in Arizona, when hovered over him for eight minutes at a height of 60 meters. And his appearance at an air show in Oshkosh in the presence of a large number of spectators was the first public flight of the Swiss extremals in the United States.



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