Russia stopped exporting grain

In Russia from August 15 came into effect a ban on grain exports.

According to the decision of the Russian government "to impose a temporary ban on the export of certain agricultural goods from the territory of the Russian Federation" dated 5 August 2010 prohibition shall apply until 31 December 2010. Under her fall wheat and meslin, barley, rye, corn, wheat or wheat-rye flour.

The need for such a move Russian Prime Vladimir Putin explained that "we need to prevent a rise in domestic prices in Russia, keep livestock and build reserves of next year."

The ban is temporary, the situation after December will depend on the outcome of the harvesting campaign.

The first reaction to this decision was a sharp rise in world prices.

In a difficult situation may be, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, who bought Russian grain.

Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus Michael Brown do not see any problems for the country in connection with the decision adopted in Russia to suspend grain exports.

"There is no problem. This is an internal affair of state. Apparently, they felt like a rational use of available resources, saw the balance," — said on August 9 in interview to "Interfax" M.Rusy.

The minister said that the decision of the Russian side, "we did not have any problems with Russia and Russia — with us. Would not have any problems in the internal market", — said M.Rusy.

According to the National Statistics Committee, in 2009Belarus imported from Russia of 5.6 million tons of wheat at $ 1.3 million and 1.1 million tons of barley to 125,000 dollars.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is leaning to the fact that the Russian government will decide to resume exports of grain before the planned date.

"I would not have suspended the exports, I would have a little grain shipped. But absolutely the right decision was made by the Russian government, as primarily need to supply the domestic market. But this has led to a sharp sound vibrations in grain prices. "

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