Russia will arm the new large-caliber grenade

Russia will arm the new large-caliber grenade

Our homeland arm with new automatic grenade launcher AGS-40 «Balkan» caliber 40 mm. It is reported by ITAR-TASS quoted the CEO of «instrument» Oleg Chizhevskogo.

At the moment, «the Balkans» held municipal tests. «During the year, work should be completed, and we will begin to create a» Balkan » coupled with the «Izhmash», «- said Chizhevskii.

According Chizhevskogo, who presented «Balkan» on international arms exhibition IDEX-2013 UAE, the new launcher easier and more efficient zabugornyh analogues. By weight of «Balkan» is actually equal to 30-millimeter grenade launcher AGS-17 «Flame», were armed with the Defense Ministry.

Achieve advantages «Balkan» over similar grenade launchers, said General Director of «Device» has permitted a new principle — the so-called mortar round with a flying sleeve. «This no one. This principle allows almost doubling the introduction of mass of the explosive and thus increment shrapnel through denser projectile assembly. So Makar, provided a significant reduction in weight and increase in power weapons «- told Chizhevskii.

According Chizhevskogo mass of explosive shells in a «Balkan» brought to 90 grams instead of 40 grams. New grenade launcher firing range increment of up to 2.5 kilometers instead of 1.7 kilometers from the AGS-17.

The first time grenade «Balkan» showed four years to reverse the IDEX-2009 exhibition. As reported, «Balkan» was developed on the basis of an experienced 40-millimeter grenade TKB-0134 «Goat» made in the 1980s. Rate grenade is 400 shots per minute, weight — about 32 kg. In addition, the «Balkan» nominally equipped with a telescopic sight.

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