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A quarter of a century ago in the village pond Schall meteorite fell

June evening in 1980 remembered by the inhabitants of the village of Sala (Sverdlovsk region) for life. They still remember with nothing comparable whistle razovavshy sky and forced the rear of the head. Above them flew a large dark object that crashed into a small pond in the center of the village. The object obviously was very hot — water started to boil and the whole floodplain backwaters that are near the coast and hills covered with thick fog, very humid, warm and heavy. Half an hour later, when the fog lifted, shalintsy were surprised to find a strange rusty film floating on the water surface. Soon she, too, was gone …
The study of this phenomenon in a few years engaged in local ufologist Sergey Kolmogorov. Tested the bottom of a shallow pond spear through and through, he found a large crater in the place where the fallen object. The presence of unusual magnetic anomaly, with clear contours, and confirmed the team of researchers from Moscow, who visited this place in November 2003.
In Chalet strange events began to occur.
SM Kolmogorov:
"Four years ago, hovered over the pond to the unusual form. It was a strange structure, tall, cylindrical shape and is very large. Having estimated the distance to it, and decided that it was across several tens of meters. Shone silver-matte color. From the bottom to the surface of the pond came straight shaft of blinding bright light that is not scattered. On the circumference was located five go six moving spotlights that "fumbled" on the ground and the surface of the pond. "They" are obviously looking for something. "
Such stories in the kitty any ufologist hundreds, check them virtually impossible if it were not for one thing. Over the past five years, near the village of Sala on the video were filmed three times the unidentified flying objects. First encounter with a UFO took place June 26, 1999. Three kid accidentally caught in the frame of a "flying saucer" of the classical form. The object is rapidly swept over the forest and disappeared into the sky. Analysis of the film was held in Yekaterinburg in the first film studio "Pro" director Vasily Goloschapova, and subsequently with the Japanese film documentalists channel «TNT» (Tokyo). The conclusion is simple — do not fake.
Three years later, June 3, 2002 by the same operator — Vladislav Lukanin — again encountered a UFO. Gorgeous two-minute video of the "black ball", made from a distance of less than two hundred meters, has puzzled many researchers and experts. Particularly struck by the unusual motion of the object, which is like a rocking in the magnetic fields of the earth, making abrupt maneuvers that contradict the laws of inertia. The possibility of forgery tested in many ways up to run on a thin fishing line meter rubber balloon filled with helium. To do this, place the shooting was checking out a specially assembled team of experts, which got the author of this article. They came from the Japanese «TNT», issued a rental fall 2002 documentary about the Ural anomalies, which had great success in Tokyo.
In October 2002 — the third shot on a professional digital camera. A disc-shaped object hanging over the edge of the forest, slightly swaying up and down sharply and swiftly flies starts …
In addition to the video at the Chalet has been made about a dozen photographs anomalinyh objects of various shapes and sizes. Provided by authors negatives are currently undergoing examination.
Why so interested in aliens from outer space small Ural town? Are they still trying to find the wreckage of his space ship crashed here 24 years ago?
But there is another side of reality. After gathering all the data on sightings of UFOs in the Shali district of the researchers caused the trajectory flown at stake. It turned out that the unidentified objects are moving in the same "corridor", which coincides with the location of some secret military unit stationed near Shali. Yes, and the Shali "meteorite" recalls the unsuccessful launch of a ballistic missile. So it's — new models of equipment or all of the same "little green men" who are interested in the local flora and fauna? This question remains to be answered. And while Schall Russian might well be called "Zone 51".

Nikolay Subbotin (RUFORS)


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