Russian artist Viktor Vasnetsov convicted posthumously under Art. 282 UkrFA

Finally, the "long arm" contraventional system held up to the point. Came into force the decision of Lenin district court of Kirov on the recognition of Viktor Vasnetsov, Russian, 1848 p., Artist-extremist. Posthumously.

Reason — The outcome for his film "The meeting with Oleg magician" produced by the master at the request of the investigating authorities unidentified person in Moscow in … 1899.

Fair to say that the most famous illustrator of Russian fairy tales again went down in history by accident, he found himself at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

"Magician" put on the cover of the brochure, "The Magi," the writer Alexei Dobrovolsky, alias "Dobroslav." Creative union of writer with an artist (ie, actually gang), it turns out, was engaged in that aroused public "national, racial or religious hatred," humiliated "national dignity" and advocated "exclusivity, superiority or inferiority of citizens on the basis of their religion, nationality or race "(Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

There are proofs of the above atrocities. Because the artist can not hurt each. "Qualified" and "retrained" experts (all of them — employees of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Kirov Institute of Professional Development and Retraining of Education) opened its conclusion criminal plans, "the defendant" Victor Vasnetsov.

Read carefully: "Signs of the manipulative psychological impact found in the brochure" The Wise Men ", used verbal (word, speech) and nonverbal (non-verbal) funds. By nonverbal manipulative influences include cover art "Magi", which depicts an old man, indicating the direction of the detachment of soldiers. The elder dressed in simple clothes: a long shirt, shoes, it came out of the woods. In the description of the image of the old man read Gentile. Pointing hand gesture with respect to the elder warriors demonstrates his povelevanii, possessing a certain power over them. Based on the position that the cover of the book expresses its key idea, we can conclude that the author's desire to povelevaniyu, power over other people, focus on the fight. "

Expert opinion confirms yet witness (status can be reclassified) Alexander Pushkin. After all, "the old man in the image of the Gentiles" was talking to his prophetic Oleg:

As now sbiraetsya Oleg the Wise
Avenged unreasonable Khazars. (According to the Criminal Code — "humiliation on a national basis")
Their villages and fields of exuberant foray
He condemned swords and fire. (Article 353: "Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression")

But as the old man calls with state officials:

The wise men are not afraid of the mighty rulers,
A princely gift of no use to them;
Truth and freedom their prophetic language
And with the will of heaven friendly.

It is clearly seen neglect to Prince Oleg (Article 319: "Insulting a representative government"), which is exacerbated by a prediction: "You take you from your horse's death" (Article 320: "The disclosure of information about the security measures applicable to official") .

The old man actually "commanded" — forced the prince to kill his own horse ("Cruelty to animals" to the heap.) That, however, did not save the "chief" of a snake bite (a deliberate attempt?).

So it was right "Leninist-Kirov" district court, listening to the "expert opinion." By the way, all the material recognized Themis "extremist" to be destroyed. The artist Vasnetsov is no exception — the stove it!

It's time to clear through our humanitarian ships Mother Russia from the "hateful" garbage. For the "sacred fire" food enough. Here Dostoevsky, extremist prophesied: "So be it, if it continues, if the people did not come to his senses, and the intelligentsia will not help him. If you do not come to his senses, the whole, entirely, in the very short time found himself in the hands of all kinds of liquid … Jews drink the blood of the people, and eat debauchery and humiliation of the people … ". And Gogol, with his main agent of national and religious hatred — Taras Bulba. And so many artists can be brought under the 282-th article, if properly chosen experts!

Away with the classics — and get to contemporaries. Here Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev in his article "Russia, forward!" Wrote about "the age-old corruption, from time immemorial deplete Russia." Do not demean the dignity of a national of an entire people, as citizens of the experts?

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