Russian Defense Minister announced the development of a 2011 military police and explained the situation with the implementation of the state program of armaments

Russia's defense minister announced the creation in 2011 of the military police and explained the situation with the implementation of the state program of armaments

Anatoly Serdyukov on Thursday proanonsiroval creation to the end of this year, the military police, which will restore order in the army. Also at the request of the President he had to respond to charges of disrupting the defense procurement. The Minister acknowledged that the procurement of arms is not very active, but not as bad as they say "offended" by the critics.

Induce order

Already in 2011 in Russia will be created by military militia, said on Thursday, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. "We are updating this structure, and lately I'm ready to sign the corresponding document. It will be this year without fail completely accurate. Surovikin will be heading this direction "- was quoted as RIA" Novosti ".

At the current time, Lieutenant-General Sergey Surovikin headed headquarters of the Central Military neighborhood.

Recall the idea of administration in the Armed Forces military police for the first time voiced in 2006 by Vladimir Putin, who was then president of Russia. It open a discussion as one of the measures to combat bullying. In general, in fact, the Defense Ministry has decided to only upgrade an existing structure — the military commander, and not to introduce the latest. In 2009, the idea came back again, but in 2010 it was decided to postpone again.

It is understood that with the formation of the military police forces will be exempt from fulfilling a number of functions — namely, patrolling in military units, garrisons and towns of duty on guard duty on the defenses, and military units (bases, depots), etc. In the conduct of military police guardhouse and also give military commanders. It will have to contribute to restore not only the authorized personnel in the middle of the order, and prevent theft of their guns, ammunition, and military equipment.

On this day, military police institution exists in the armed forces of 40 countries.

"To the military police depart, first, the function of maintaining law and order. Namely, the fight against desertion — search, detention and escorting of persons willfully left the place of service, the fight against bullying, including ethnicity, which takes the form of the mass of the organized actions of the fighter and recruits from the North Caucasus ", — told the Gaze Director of the Center for Analysis of World Trade Igor Korotchenko tool.

The expert believes that the creation of a military police will allow improve the atmosphere in the military garrisons and enforce basic rules of military regulations.

According to the views of Korochenko, complementing the military police only need on a contract basis: "The police officers are required to have a distinctive exterior signs in uniform, should be tightened and equipped as firearms and non-lethal weapon such as electric and gas weapons" — says military the expert.

Another condition for the successful operation Military police Korochenko finds its output from the control of the district military authorities. In his view, the new body must be of the order of its consulate in the General Staff, and its control — the opportunity to own a particular release to the chief of the General Staff.

"International experience shows that in all the advanced countries of the world where the armies are on a good level, there is a military police. And it has established itself only with the best side "- summed Igor Korochenko.

The state program of armaments

Statement on the development of military police Anatoly Serdyukov on Thursday did not stop there. Minister had to beat off a kind of information attack, after which President Dmitry Medvedev instructed him to look into the situation with an estimated breakdown of the state defense order and punish the guilty, if any.

Recall that in the failure of the state armaments program director of the Defense Ministry accused the last Metropolitan Institute of Thermal Engineering, General Designer of strategic missiles, "Topol-M" and "Yars" Yuri Solomonov, who lost the post after the failure of a test of an intercontinental ballistic missile "Bulava".

"We have no fear that the state program of armaments will fail. I do not see any reason for panic statements "- said Serdyukov, commenting on the words of Solomon," Interfax ".

Serdyukov acknowledged that the allocation of funds for the purchase of advanced weapons is uneven, but explained that this unevenness is agreed upon by all concerned agencies. Moreover, the recent purchase of new weapons will not go so active, because many companies will DIC upgrade, they need to prepare for the large-scale mass production, besides the construction of new factories, for example, for Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" .

"We are at this time will form part of the military and, accordingly, we will begin to buy them armament"- Saw Serdyukov. According to him, during the formation of the funding schedule for the state program of armaments "were pretty harsh disputes," but the industrialists and the Ministry of Defence failed to reach a compromise.

The statement also Solomon Anatoly Serdyukov copied to a personal insult: "I do not really understand the comments of Solomon. I suspect that he has some resentment because he was removed from the post of director of MIT "- presented by Minister of Defence.

He again reiterated that the military is 100% ready to advance the enterprise, excellent performing their orders, but pay more for the product will not. With all of this, he cited the example of the same MIT. "In two batches of products — a" Topol "and" Yars "- we were asked to increment the cost of procurement," — said Serdyukov. The price rise was 3.9 billion rubles and 5.6 billion respectively.

As reported by the newspaper's gaze, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday reacted aggressively to the statements of some officials that the state defense order for 2011 year may be disrupted. The head of the country claimed by the Minister of Defense report on how things work in this area.

"Get familiar with the situation. If the information that the state defense thwarted — though necessary organizational conclusions with regard to those who are responsible for it, regardless of ranks and titles — Medvedev appealed to Serdyukov. — If the situation is different, it is necessary to deal with those who sow panic. You know, under the law of war as there were with the alarmists — shot "- reminded Medvedev Serdyukov. "You have permission to fire" — the president relented.

"In three days, waiting for the report," — claimed the head of the country.

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