Russian Defense Ministry denies the publication of the newspaper Izvestia of Tipo a failed reform of military education

Russian Defense Ministry denies the publication of the newspaper "Izvestia" allegedly bungled the reform of military education

In number 164 of the newspaper "Izvestia" on 3.09.2012, the material is placed Mikhailov under the title "Defense failed education reform", in which reported that the Tipo "Defense Ministry has decided to abandon the departmental system of military education, for which three years back naikrupneyshaya has been started in the history of the reform of military schools. "

We inform you that the world of creation in a number of ways to improve the system of military education does not reflect the real state of affairs indicates incompetence in this matter and once again introduces readers astray.

The article was based on unverified and distorted disk imaging, with reference to some sources in the Defense Ministry.

War Department to September 1, 2011 launched a new system Professor of Education officers.

At its base were laid following approaches:

— receipt within 5 years of the fundamental highest Professor of Education and a full military-specific training, which gives the officer an opportunity to hold positions at the tactical level of management, making a base for the upcoming improving prof knowledge also provides social protection for dismissal from military service;

— training of officers in the supplementary Professor of Education 10-month programs when the highest military operational and tactical and strategic learning;

— increase training or retraining for specific Prof. Short-term courses at intervals no less frequently 1st time in three years, and before the newest destination on the post.

With all this the Defense Ministry did not plan, as noted in the article, "shorten the training programs when higher Professor of Education from 5 to 2.3 years, "to teach troops on the" unified municipal standard, "and even more so" only those subjects that they need to work in the army. "

Information for the creator, such as the concept of "one city standard" does not exist.

Training of military personnel in each specialty higher Professor of Education carried out on the basis of the respective federal municipal educational standard of higher Professor of Education (Further — GEF).

In accordance with the Rules of the development of the GEF approved by the Decree of the Government of Russian Federation on February 24, 2009 number 142, all of the standards approved by order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and are registered at the Ministry of Justice of Russia. At the current time in military universities on the basis of the third generation of GEF significantly updated: organization, content and methods of teaching.

Does not correspond to reality, and the idea that "instead of 2-years of study at the academy for senior officers made six-month course." Creator superficially versed in the subject and confuses the order of training of senior officers in the higher military schools and courses within the additional prof training.

Ends with a promise of material that the "head of the Defense Ministry of Education Catherine Priezzheva declined to comment", which in fact was not, because there are no appeals to the address it has been reported.

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