Russian Defense Ministry has decided to establish the Arctic tractor

Russian Defense Ministry has decided to develop the Arctic tractor

Defense Russia plans include in defense procurement on 2013 year development of the tractor to equip Arctic brigades said in a Sun journalists Chief of Land Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin.

"The main traffic load in the Arctic brigade will be on the uniform two-tier units because of the forthcoming development of the structure of the municipal defense order 2013 , it is planned include developmental work "Arktika", "- he said.

The Commander in Chief highlighted that the Arctic brigades are created to protect the economic interests of the Russian Federation in the Arctic, given the vast amount of hydrocarbons in the interior of the region. "In the development of these mineral resources are not only interested only Arctic country and the United States, and even China and other countries that are trying to infiltrate every possible way there" — says Chirkin.

He added that Defense refused to place the solutions Arctic brigade in the Murmansk region. According to him, the Defense Ministry has not taken certain decisions on Fri deployment of such teams.

"At the moment there is no solution. Fully may be that we will use military camps in Pechenga, Kandalaksha (Leningrad region), the Yamal-Nenets autonomous environment or in Yakutia," — said the general.

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