Russian Defense Ministry is planning to sign contracts by October all the state defense order for 2013

Russian Defense Ministry is planning to sign contracts by October all the state defense order for 2013

Secretary of Defense RF Anatoly Serdyukov commented on the media situation associated with the formation of the municipal defense order (SDO) for 2013 year.

As the head of the military department, contracting under the SDO will begin in May and is scheduled for completion at the end of October 2012.

In his assessment of 2011 year compared with 2010 in terms of contracting, "went well and 2012 will be the first rather quietly."

In determining the extent this is justified by the implementation of new approaches to the relationship with the military department of defense-industrial complex (MIC). First, they are focused on overcoming the inertia of processes in the practice of contracting and timely signing.

Anatoly Serdyukov also highlighted that in the current time in the state defense order and weapons programs from before 2020 (GWP) is defined list of military purpose, the ready which is strictly regulated by the number, type, year of manufacture, etc. As a result of work carried out by the situation in cooperation with the defense in the medium and long term and will balance out the planned features of the SDO and SAP.

With all this, it was noted that in the short term it is not excluded cases of non-compliance with certain defense companies planned production schedules.

Such situations can arise for various reasons: price terms, conditions, strict requirements and probable sanctions for unavailability of products. All current issues are solved by a differentiated approach when accelerating implementation contracts in the highest degree of readiness, and on projects that have differences, we provide additional negotiations on deliveries.

In general, the Minister of Defence RF, evaluating the results of working with defense companies, said: — "I feel that we have all the good moves, and there is already a very great achievements."

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