Russian Defense Ministry plans to raise university to carry out research in the defense programs

Russian Defense Ministry is planning to bring universities to carry out research work in the defense programs

Defense Russia plans to attract Russian universities to carry out research in the defense programs. As previously reported, early October Defense Russia announced the start of the 1st All-Russian competition of research for the armed forces. The main goal — to bring the country's intellectual elite, regardless of age to the development of advanced technologies aimed at strengthening the country's defense.

At the current time, representatives Defense embarked on a series of meetings with management, academics and students of the leading technical universities in Russia. One of the first such event was held at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (STU). The main goal — assessment of the scientific potential of the institution to carry out research for the Russian military.

As said korr.ARMS-TASS information about the competition, scientists STU submitted 20 projects that could form the basis of future research for the Ministry of Defence. Namely, it is the development of automated software systems, advanced communications and radio monitoring hardware components of modern electronics, sensors and devices for recording the physical characteristics of the facilities, environmental and medical technologies, modern construction materials and others.

According to the views of pro-rector for scientific work SPbSPU Dmitry Raychuk, such meetings are important for the development and refinement of the lines of research at the institute.

In turn, the head of the Research Center "Bureau of defense decisions" (SRC "BOR") Defense Minister Anton Tyurin praised the prospects presented by a number of developments that are coming can be used in the interests of the armed forces. Besides, he said, some of the projects may be submitted in competition, organized by the Ministry of Defence.

Competition programm contains 5 main areas: information and telecommunication systems, promising types of weapons, military and special equipment, transportation and gallakticheskie system, the science of life support, energy efficiency.

Participants in the contest can be as students, graduates and post-graduates of universities and scientific, Innovative or production teams capable of solving large-scale scientific and engineering tasks.

The creators of the projects concerned ministries of defense, will have the opportunity to put their ideas into practice in monetary support the military. Also, the winners and winners may be invited to take part in the implementation of projects within the research groups or even to lead this work. In addition, regardless of the occupied space, competitors may be made offers of employment to specialized units Defense Russia.

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