RUSSIAN — one of the purebred PEOPLE IN EURASIA

Genetic studies have shown that the Russian — one of the most thoroughbred nations in Eurasia. Recent joint study of Russian, British and Estonian geneticists and put a big fat cross on obihozhem Russophobe myth decades root in the consciousness of people? they say, "Scratch the Russian and Tatar sure to find."

The results of a large-scale experiment, published in the scientific journal «The American Journal of Human Genetics» [1] quite clearly say that "in spite of the popular opinion of the strong Tatar and Mongol admixture in Russian blood, inherited by their ancestors in the time of the Mongol invasion, haplogroup Turkic peoples and other Asian ethnic groups left little trace on the population in the current north-western, central and southern regions. "

That's it. This longstanding dispute can safely put a point and consider further discussions on this issue is simply not appropriate.

We are not Tatars. Tatars are not we. No effect on the so-called Russian genes "Mongol-Tatar yoke" had no.
No mixture of Turkish "Horde Blood" we, Russian, no and no.

Moreover, geneticists, summarizing their research, claim almost complete identity of genotypes Russian, Ukrainians and Belarusians, thus proving that we were and are one people, "the genetic variation of Y-chromosome population center and south of Old Russia were almost identical to those of the Ukrainians and Belarusians. "

One of the leaders of the project, the Russian geneticist Oleg Balanovsky admitted in an interview with Gazeta that Russian people are almost monolithic from the genetic point of view, breaking another myth: "all mixed up, purely Russian anymore." Other way around? Russian and Russian were there. One people, one nation, monolithic nationality with a distinct special genotype.

Furthermore, exploring the remains of the oldest materials graves, the researchers found that "the Slavic tribes have mastered the lands (Central and Southern Russia) before the mass migration to them in VII-IX centuries the main part of the old Russian." That is the land of Central and Southern Russia were inhabited by Russian (Rusichi) has, at least in the first centuries AD If you have not before.

This allows you to debunk yet another myth Russophobic? that Moscow and the surrounding region, ostensibly, have been inhabited since ancient times Finno-Finnish and Russian tribes there — the "newcomers." We, as proven genetics? aliens, but a completely autochthonous inhabitants of central Russia, where ancient Russians lived from time immemorial. "Despite the fact that this area was inhabited even before the last glaciation of the planet around 20,000 years ago, the evidence points directly to the existence of any" native "peoples who lived in the area, no?" the report said. That is, there is no evidence before us that in our land lived what that other tribes, which had supposedly replaced or assimilated. So to speak? we live here since the creation of the world.

Scientists have identified and long border habitat of our ancestors, "the analysis of skeletal remains indicates that the main area of contact with people of Caucasoid Mongoloid type was on the territory of Western Siberia." And given that archaeologists have unearthed an ancient burial place of the 1st millennium BC in the Altai, found there remains distinct Caucasians (not to mention the world famous Arkaim)? then the conclusion is obvious. Our ancestors (ancient ancient Russians, Proto)? originally resided in the entire territory of modern Russia, including Siberia, and it is quite possible, and the Far East. So hike Ermak Timofeyevich his comrades to the Urals, from this point of view was a legitimate return previously lost territories.

That's it, folks. Modern science destroys Russophobe stereotypes and myths, cutting the ground from under the feet of our "friends" liberals.

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