Ryazan. Locked pages of history watch online

Ryazan.  Locked pages of history watch online
The movie is dedicated to the catastrophic events in the history of the Ryazan and the people affected by the years of communist terror, ignorant of the peasant uprisings in the province in 1918, the Institute of Russian hostages, the mass arrests and executions of the "bourgeoisie" and "anti-Soviet parts" in the first revolutionary years.
Highlights the punitive action Ryazan gubChK and the Revolutionary Tribunal. Carefully enough film tells of the Ryazan camp of the 1920s and its convicts. On the Poles interned in Ryazan NKVD camp in the years 1946-1947. About the secret places of burial of executed during the "Great Terror" in the Lazarev and Skorbyaschinskogo cemeteries Ryazan …

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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