Sahara — the most powerful power of the Earth!

Not one article published on the development of alternative energy sources. A variety of projects, including the giant floating cities on the solar-powered, hotels, as well as the generators that produce electricity in the ocean. Here is another one of the one in which mankind will come in handy one of the most sparsely populated areas of the Earth: The Sahara Desert. The German magazine Der Spiegel published an article in which he proposes that the entire population of our planet's electricity, using only 1% of the area of the desert! So what's the problem, you ask. Why it has not been done? It's simple: the fact is that as long as the powers that be profitable to sell oil, gas and nuclear power to produce such a grandiose plan is unlikely to be translated into reality. But I think with him it is necessary to meet you.

In the published article, clearly displayed the ability to provide electricity to the entire population of the Earth, using only 1% of the Sahara desert. For this purpose the use Solar thermal power plants. In the picture with the image of three red squares perfectly clear what territory desolate Sahara need to use to power in Germany (small square), Europe (mean square) and the Earth (the big square).

According to the authors of the project, the Sahara desert was made for the use of its rich potential for solar power generation. The only problem at this stage — the selection area with the least amount of blowing sand and moderate winds. In other respects, the conditions for gelitermalnyh power almost perfect.

Choosing gelitermalnyh power for operation in the Sahara based on the principle of action. Power plants of this type use the sun's energy to heat fluid that turns water into steam to drive a turbine generator. The efficiency of such plants currently higher than that of solar panels on the solar cells, and the production technology and the construction of the complex as a whole is much easier and long-tweaked in the construction of traditional power supply facilities.

An additional benefit of the project can be modified and the ecosystem of the region, through the creation of the shadow of huge areas and reduce the temperature of the earth, that would increase the number of species of flora and fauna in the region.



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